Elder God Demonbane vs Man of Miracles

Suggested by DarkLK Elder God Demonbane is supposedly one of the strongest robots of all time. It may not even be accurate to refer to him purely as a robot if we’re being honest. That being said, he is up against the Man of Miracles who is supposed to be as far above other characters as Bass is above him. Both of these characters have a lot of hype, but Demonbane has shown that he can actually fight before. That means he has lived up to the hype at least a little. Elder God Demonbane wins.

Bass vs Man of Miracles

The Man of Miracles may seem like it would be a guy, but is actually an it. The MAN of Miracles is above gender and stuff…he still can’t beat Bass though! Bass just needs a solid punch to knock the fight out of the Man of Miracles. Maybe he’ll be back to fight again someday. Bass wins.