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Dio Brando vs Spectre

Suggested by iKnowledge This one’s a pretty close fight. The Spectre was able to take a hit from Superman and remain relatively unharmed. It may be safe to say that his durability is even greater than that of Dio’s. Still, it will be quite difficult for him to react to Dio’s attacks. Ice and Time make for a rather solid combo and with his Stand activated Dio’s raw power is quite high as well. I think he has enough power and skill to claim the win in this fight. Dio Brando wins.

2 thoughts on “Dio Brando vs Spectre”

  1. Again, I think this would go the same as the Ghost Rider battle. Even if the Spectre has been beaten by Black Adam, what’s to stop him from throwing Dio into the sun, since Vampires hate that celestial body, or even bathing him in Holy Water, which should have a similar effect?

    1. I’m not sure if Spectre would be strong enough to throw Dio like that. His defensive skills are really his forte and Dio can break through them. Holy Water would be effective but Dio could probably evade or maybe even freeze it with his ice. Spectre is very strong as far as cosmic beings go, but I think he is still outmatched

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