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Dio Brando vs Ghost Rider

Suggested by iKnowledge It’s time for Dio Brando to take the stage once more. His super speed is quite impressive and really balances out his time/ice abilities. Ghost Rider is very strong and at his best he is considered to be one of Marvel’s heavy weights. Still, his speed isn’t great enough to match up against Brando. If the Rider was a little more durable than perhaps he would stand a chance, but even then it would be a very rough fight. Dio won’t let his guard down either so there’s no chance of a sneak attack. Dio Brando wins.

4 thoughts on “Dio Brando vs Ghost Rider”

    1. True, the Penance Stare would cause a lot of damage but between Dio’s insanity and reveling in his opponent’s pain I think he would handle it pretty well. Ghost Rider would also have a tough time keeping up with Dio to land the glances

      1. I know that The Penance Stare has failed to work on Deadpool and Madcap, two Marvel Comics characters who are more morally white than Dio, but, reveling in pain is no way to survive that, as well as lacking remorse.

      2. I think for Deadpool the logic seemed to be that he was too crazy to really feel its effects which hints that it is more of a spiritual based attack than a physical one although it seems to vary. In that case if the characters really don’t care about what they have done they may have a better resistance. It is conjecture though and either way I think the speed difference is the big part here though

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