Dio Brando vs Frieza

Suggested by Random Dio Brando will be too busy catching Frieza’s combos to actually use any of his typical tricks. To say that he is outmatched here would be a considerable understatement. Frieza is far faster and stronger than Dio can hope to be. A single blast can take out the solar system as well which means Game Over. Frieza wins.


Dio Brando vs Asura

Suggested by Random Dio Brando is pretty skilled and he has certainly generated some intense memes over the years. That being said, he won’t be able to deal with Asura’s incredible speed and strength. Asura can break whole planets with ease and a little ice certainly won’t stop him. Asura even went toe to toe with Ryu which is no easy feat. I don’t expect Dio could do the same. Asura wins.

Dio Brando vs Akuma

Now this is a battle that certainly has the potential to change once I read JoJo, but from what I’ve seen/heard, Akuma is just a lot more impressive physically. He’s insanely powerful and that was before he got to appear in Asura’s Wrath. That upped his power levels exponentially and he also has a number of projectiles at his disposal as well. Dio Brando simply won’t be able to keep up with Akuma and he will be overwhelmed by the sheer savagery and hand to hand combos that Akuma has at his disposal. Akuma wins.

Dio Brando vs Piccolo

Much like with the Vegeta battle, Dio Brando is simply outclassed here. Piccolo can easily overpower or outspeed Dio Brando. Brando’s abilities won’t be potent enough for him to survive a Special Beam Cannon attack or a quick combo from Piccolo. Piccolo can move at insane speeds so he will be able to land some hits on Dio before the guy even knows what’s happening. That is the true power of a Z fighter! Piccolo wins.

Dio Brando vs Vegeta

Dio Brando is very powerful and he can fight at high speeds. His mastery over time helps make this illusion even stronger and there aren’t many fighters who can stand up to him. Of course, Vegeta happens to be one of those fighters and one Big Bang Attack would certainly bring an end to this match. Dio Brando just doesn’t have the physical abilities needed to keep up with a Super Saiyan like Vegeta. The match is as good as over before it has truly begun. Vegeta wins.

Dio Brando vs Kars

This was a pretty close battle and both of these fighters are extremely powerful. Dio Brando has the edge in their initial forms and his “The World” Stand is very powerful so Kars wouldn’t have had a chance if not for his ultimate mode. In that form, his regeneration can stand up against Dio Brando’s and more importantly, his speed surpasses that of Dio’s. With his bright sword swings, Kars will be able to take the lead as one slash can be fatal. A prolonged battle would work to Dio’s favor, but I believe that Kars will be able to end the match before it takes too long. Kars wins.

Dio Brando vs Dracula

Dio Brando is back and now he’s up against Count Dracula! Dracula is a pretty tough individual and he usually comes equipped with some basic super strength and healing abilities. That won’t be enough to impress Dio Brando. Dio Brando is much, much, much stronger than Dracula physically and one connecting punch should be able to end the match. Brando is a feared individual and he’s earned this throughout his many battles. Dio Brando wins.

Dio Brando vs Thor

Dio Brando is a pretty tough opponent and he has a lot of physical power. Thor will definitely have a really tough time fighting him and Mighty Mjolnir just won’t be enough this time. Thor won’t be able to keep up with Dio Brando’s speed and while his power may be about on par with Dio’s, Thor just doesn’t have the lethal abilities that Dio Brando has at his disposal. Dio Brando wins.

Dio Brando vs Sonic

Sonic has the edge in speed and he’s obtained many power ups over the years. He has the 7 Chaos Emeralds and he can also transform into Darkspine Sonic. I don’t want to underestimate Dio Brando, but he just won’t have enough skills to win this round. Sonic massively speed blitzes him for the win and Dio Brando just won’t have any defense against him. Sonic is just far too skilled to lose this round. Sonic wins.

Dio Brando vs Shadow

Shadow has abilities that are beyond most people’s comprehension and his speed is immense. Dio Brando’s been on a roll, but he’s finally met his match. Dio Brando has some pretty high levels of super strength and his ice abilities are good as well, but Shadow’s raw speed will be the deciding factor in this round. Dio Brando has taken his first loss in this battle. Shadow wins.