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Dio Brando vs Vegeta

Dio Brando is very powerful and he can fight at high speeds. His mastery over time helps make this illusion even stronger and there aren’t many fighters who can stand up to him. Of course, Vegeta happens to be one of those fighters and one Big Bang Attack would certainly bring an end to this match. Dio Brando just doesn’t have the physical abilities needed to keep up with a Super Saiyan like Vegeta. The match is as good as over before it has truly begun. Vegeta wins.

15 thoughts on “Dio Brando vs Vegeta”

      1. Don’t forget Final Flash! I will admit that Dio is one tough baddie since he does come back stronger in the third arc “Stardust Crusaders”.

      2. Absolutely, Gallick Gun as well. That was probably my favorite one since I’m a big fan of the color purple, but he never really used it again after the first shot. Dio’s time mastery does make him very powerful and JoJo is certainly a series that sounds like a lot of fun to read.

      3. I noticed that too. He stopped using after fighting Goku. I didn’t know you like purple, it’s a nice color. I still haven’t finished JoJo but I know that Dio is no pushover.

      4. Purple just strikes me as a “hardcore” color. All of my favorite characters (Bass, Bly, Sasuke, Vegeta, and maybe Broly) have used the color before and it’s just so awesome. I never get tired of it.

      5. Ginyu’s ability was great and he almost snared Vegeta with it as well. I don’t care for the character myself, but his ability was really unique and the only character to have something like that in DBZ.

      6. It’s definitely something to think about. I’m going to say that I think it’s his real body just because he really fits in with the others, but it would definitely make sense if he had swapped bodies before since it’s his big technique.

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