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Tahiri Veila vs Rey

Both of these heroines are good fighters, but who can win here. Tahiri’s really been rolling and Rey isn’t enough to stop her momentum. Tahiri has been an experienced Force user for a while now and her abilities are quite impressive. Her Force Lightning will distract Rey long enough for Tahiri to take her out with a quick Lightsaber slash. Rey can choose to try and block the blow while suffering the blast or block the blast and get slammed with the saber. Either way, Rey’s not quite strong enough to win this battle yet. Tahiri Veila wins.

15 thoughts on “Tahiri Veila vs Rey”

    1. Some sources to help you know about her: Wookiepedia, The New Jedi Order series of Books, Young Jedi Knights. You can find the latter in a used bookstore or so, that’s how I got mine.

  1. Rey wins! Rey had no training to be a jedi and kicked Kylo Ren’s trash. AND THE OTHER GIRL TRAINED! Rey wins no question.

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