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Darth Traya vs Rey

Suggested by iKnowledge Darth Traya is a powerful Sith lord/Jedi Master who has a ton of solid Force techniques. Perhaps Rey will be able to catch up to her at some point, but Traya is so experienced in the force that she could use 3 lightsabers at the same time. Rey would be completely overwhelmed by this level of ability and her inexperience in the Force would show. Darth Traya wins.

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Nausicaä vs Rey

Suggested by JHG195 Nausicaä appears to be a reasonable fighter who may not like combat but excels at it when necessary. What will hold her back here is a lack of supernatural abilities to contend with Rey’s Force mastery. Perhaps she could hold her own in hand to hand combat, but Rey’s lightsaber would slice through anything at Nausicaä’s disposal. Rey has the better equipment and the better powers to getting through all of that will be nearly impossible. Rey wins.

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Rey vs Captain Kirk

This is a tribute to The Last Jedi. Rey has always been a strong heroine and she looked very good in the latest film as well. Her determination will take her far and her Force Abilities make her a threat to any opponent. While Captain Kirk has his phaser set to stun, she can easily deflect the blast with The Force. Kirk won’t be getting anywhere near her. Rey wins.

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Tahiri Veila vs Rey

Both of these heroines are good fighters, but who can win here. Tahiri’s really been rolling and Rey isn’t enough to stop her momentum. Tahiri has been an experienced Force user for a while now and her abilities are quite impressive. Her Force Lightning will distract Rey long enough for Tahiri to take her out with a quick Lightsaber slash. Rey can choose to try and block the blow while suffering the blast or block the blast and get slammed with the saber. Either way, Rey’s not quite strong enough to win this battle yet. Tahiri Veila wins.

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Rey vs Thomas (Maze Runner)

It’s time for a double tribute match as we get 2 new characters in the blog. You may have wondered “Where’s Rey” up until now, but you can wonder no longer! Rey was a fun main character in the Star Wars film and it’s safe to say that she utterly wrecks Thomas in a fight. Thomas is good at sliding and saying cryptic things, but when it comes to a fight, he’s certainly doomed. Thomas doesn’t have any fancy super powers or lightsabers, but that’s okay. I’m not saying that Rey does either…..but Rey’s an experienced hand to hand fighter who can take care of herself! Either way, it’s game over for Thomas. Rey wins.