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Darth Traya vs Grimmjow

Darth Traya may be a powerful Sith lord, but that doesn’t mean she will be able to stand up to the matchless power of Grimmjow. Grimmjow’s speed and power are completely out of this world. Traya won’t be able to fully focus on the Force as she will have her hands full just staying alive here. Once Grimmjow enters his released form this will all be over. There really isn’t anything that Traya can do to stop him at that point. Grimmjow wins.

Battles, Darth Traya Battles, Rey Battles

Darth Traya vs Rey

Suggested by iKnowledge Darth Traya is a powerful Sith lord/Jedi Master who has a ton of solid Force techniques. Perhaps Rey will be able to catch up to her at some point, but Traya is so experienced in the force that she could use 3 lightsabers at the same time. Rey would be completely overwhelmed by this level of ability and her inexperience in the Force would show. Darth Traya wins.