Kairi vs Rey

Suggested by JordyPresto0418 Kairi has finally obtained mastery over her Keyblade. I expect this will lead her to using quite a lot of advanced abilities in the near future. That said, the games haven’t had a real chance to show off much of her skill yet. Meanwhile Rey had a whole trilogy to temper her abilities with a Lightsaber. Right now the difference in their combat abilities is key. Rey would quickly take Kairi down in a battle of blades and her Force abilities further extend the advantage to Rey. Rey wins.

Frosty The Snowman vs Kairi

Suggested by Sonic Frosty The Snowman is a nice guy who is always around to help those in need. His weakness is that he melts pretty easily and his physical stats aren’t amazing. A long time ago he may have been able to stand up to Kairi, but she has grown to be a very talented Keyblade wielder in her own right. She will be able to quickly dispatch Frosty with a few swings. Once she learns the Firaga spell she can beat him in an instant. Kairi wins.

Kairi vs Cheep Cheep

With Kingdom Hearts III over the horizon it’s time for Kairi to finally earn her first win. She is a quality character after all and shouldn’t be lumped together with the iconic minion known as Cheep Cheep. For the record, I do think Cheep Cheeps have some of the most underrated designs out of all the classic Nintendo minions. These guys are hype! That’s not enough to win though. Kairi wins.

Kairi vs Wonder Woman

Suggested by iKnowledge Wonder Woman is back and now she is up against a future Keyblade Master! Kairi’s Keyblade skills will at least allow her to put up a fight, but she hasn’t had time to unlock most of its abilities. Kingdom Hearts III will likely help her case quite a bit, but in the mean time I definitely don’t think she would be able to keep up with Wonder Woman’s speed or her raw power. The difference in ability is simply too great. Wonder Woman wins.

Kairi vs Jeri

Kairi is back, but this time she’s facing an opponent who’s even stronger than her (for now) Kairi has a keyblade, but hasn’t learned many abilities with it yet. Jeri has Leomon and while he’s not the strongest digimon around he’s still a good fighter and his speed is impressive. Kairi may take a loss, but she’ll be back. Jeri wins.