Sharktopus vs Cheep Cheep

Suggested by Sonic I like a good Cheep Cheep and they can turn giant. That said, they don’t have much in the way of attacks while the Sharktopus can stab away at anyone who even gets close. There aren’t many options for the fish in this fight except for a quick escape. If anything his size will just make him a bigger target here since it’s not like he can do a whole lot to escape this upcoming onslaught. Sharktopus wins.

Cheep Cheep vs Gloomba

Suggested by Sonic Gloomba always seemed like an underused Mario villain to me. There’s a whole lot you can do with the concept of an evil Goomba. The normal ones seem innocent enough while these guys pack a punch. That being said, I’d give Cheep Cheep the edge. They can keep slamming into Gloomba and the huge ones are quite large. They could very well swallow the Gloomba whole. Nothing the minion can do against a technique like that. Cheep Cheep wins.

Cheep Cheep vs Fludd

Suggested by Destroyer Fludd has some powerful nozzle modes, but they won’t be able to do any real damage to this Cheep Cheep. Cheep Cheep has grown to a pretty big size in the past and by ramming his opponents he ensures that they won’t stand a chance here. Fludd is is a tough fighter but he can’t really move so once this fish gets closer it is all over. Water also isn’t the best element to use against this beast so it makes the struggle even more futile. Cheep Cheep wins.

Kairi vs Cheep Cheep

With Kingdom Hearts III over the horizon it’s time for Kairi to finally earn her first win. She is a quality character after all and shouldn’t be lumped together with the iconic minion known as Cheep Cheep. For the record, I do think Cheep Cheeps have some of the most underrated designs out of all the classic Nintendo minions. These guys are hype! That’s not enough to win though. Kairi wins.

Cheep Cheep vs Anguirus

Cheep Cheep has come to face off against a powerful Kaiju! Anguirus has been on a roll as of late, but this will be his final battle for the day. This means that he must make it count and there is no fish that can stop him now! Cheep Cheeps make for fun enemies in the Mario titles and they are very resourceful, but I don’t believe that one of them would be a match for Anguirus. A swarm of them is another story…. Anguirus wins.

Cheep Cheep vs Nights

Cheep Cheep is back! Too bad he’s not too much of a fighter. Nights can fly and knows how to land a solid blow! You really shouldn’t underestimate Nights. Cheep Cheep drops down the ranks with this loss, but maybe one day he’ll be back! Still Nights took the win and moves up the ranks. Nights wins.