Rangiku vs Nights

Suggested by Sonic Rangiku is a pretty powerful Bleach character. While she never got close to Captain class, her smoke based sword will be quite effective here. Nights will not be able to keep up with Rangiku’s speed or her swordplay. This will result in a very quick victory for Rangiku. You really just can’t overlook the speed difference here since that will completely make the difference in this fight. Attack power doesn’t matter if you can’t hit your opponent. Rangiku wins.

Cheep Cheep vs Nights

Cheep Cheep is back! Too bad he’s not too much of a fighter. Nights can fly and knows how to land a solid blow! You really shouldn’t underestimate Nights. Cheep Cheep drops down the ranks with this loss, but maybe one day he’ll be back! Still Nights took the win and moves up the ranks. Nights wins.