Optimus Primal vs Nights

Suggested Sonic Nights can fly around and try to keep Primal at a distance but ultimately Primal’s going to win this one. His sensors are good enough where he could keep up with Nights’ speed and land some counter blows. The energy hits will take their toll as Nights’ durability is only okay. Nights will not have any easy way to land counter attacks and so this will mean defeat in the end. Primal has every advantage here. Optimus Primal wins.

3 thoughts on “Optimus Primal vs Nights

    • Hopefully the new Transformers film coming up will do the Maximals justice. I can’t say I have high hopes after the way the Bay films started to play out but I’m definitely hoping it’s good

      • I’ve got high hopes for the new Transformers film. Wasn’t that keen on the Bay movies so fingers crossed this time the Transformers will be done justice on the big screen at last!

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