Eijiro Kirishima vs Rangiku

Suggested by iKnowledge Kirishima’s very proud of his iron defense and it has come through for him many times in the past. The issue here is that it can be chipped and broken with repeated attacks. Rangiku’s strength isn’t enough where she can do this immediately but with her speed and flurry of blows she will break through. In the meantime Kirishima isn’t nearly fast enough to do much of anything about this and will end up being completely overwhelmed with no way to fight back. Rangiku wins.

Vetto vs Rangiku

Suggested by iKnowledge Rangiku is fast but what she has always lacked is offensive power. That’s something Vetto has a whole lot of. While she could possibly speedblitz him a little at first (And that’s a maybe) he has the durability to take those hits and then counter. One really clean shot from his side would likely end the match so Rangiku wouldn’t be able to do a whole lot in this position. She has no way to put Vetto down for the count. Vetto wins.

Nacht Faust vs Rangiku

Suggested by iKnowledge Rangiku returns but she won’t fare better in this round. While Nacht isn’t quite as strong as Zenon, he still has a great deal of speed and durability. Rangiku will have a hard time getting past his durability and wouldn’t last long against his punishing attacks. Nacht will likely only grow stronger from here while Rangiku seems to have reached the limits of her abilities at this point. She would need a true Bleach sequel to try and overturn this. Nacht Faust wins.

Zenon (Black Clover) vs Rangiku

Suggested by iKnowledge Rangiku is a skilled fighter, you have to be good to get to the vice captain spot. That said, she definitely doesn’t seem to have as much ambition as many of the other vice captains we’ve seen like Rukia and Renji. I would go as far as to say she may be the weakest one with an ability that is best suited for support. She has no way to keep up with Zenon’s speed or his relentless assault of attacks. Ultimately she will certainly go down in this fight. Zenon (Black Clover) wins.

Rangiku vs Nights

Suggested by Sonic Rangiku is a pretty powerful Bleach character. While she never got close to Captain class, her smoke based sword will be quite effective here. Nights will not be able to keep up with Rangiku’s speed or her swordplay. This will result in a very quick victory for Rangiku. You really just can’t overlook the speed difference here since that will completely make the difference in this fight. Attack power doesn’t matter if you can’t hit your opponent. Rangiku wins.

Fabian Cortez vs Rangiku

Fabian Cortez is a bold fighter, but he’s mostly all talk. He tries to be head honcho, but in the end he won’t be able to beat Rangiku. She’s not exactly the strongest fighter, but in the end her speed is much greater than Fabian Cortez’s. Fabian Cortez drops down the ranks with this loss. Rangiku wins.

Ikkaku vs Rangiku

Rangiku has her smoke sword, but it’s not good enough too take down Ikkaku. Ikkaku is a being of brute force and knows how too deal some damage. Rangiku may be quick, but she can’t win this. Ikkaku’s bankai is too powerful. Rangiku drops down the rankings, but maybe she’ll be back. Ikkaku wins.