Eijiro Kirishima vs Rangiku

Suggested by iKnowledge Kirishima’s very proud of his iron defense and it has come through for him many times in the past. The issue here is that it can be chipped and broken with repeated attacks. Rangiku’s strength isn’t enough where she can do this immediately but with her speed and flurry of blows she will break through. In the meantime Kirishima isn’t nearly fast enough to do much of anything about this and will end up being completely overwhelmed with no way to fight back. Rangiku wins.

3 thoughts on “Eijiro Kirishima vs Rangiku

  1. I have to agree. Kirishima is a tough durable fighter and with his quirk, he can have a good offense and defense. However, Rangiku is equipped with her Zanpakuto and she knows some hado that can neutralize him.

      • Yeah Kirishima can take a beating, but we’ll see if he can hold himself against a Soul Reaper. Besides her sword’s ability to turn into ash, she is skilled in hado. Rangiku is a skill Soul Reaper.

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