Cheep Cheep vs Fludd

Suggested by Destroyer Fludd has some powerful nozzle modes, but they won’t be able to do any real damage to this Cheep Cheep. Cheep Cheep has grown to a pretty big size in the past and by ramming his opponents he ensures that they won’t stand a chance here. Fludd is is a tough fighter but he can’t really move so once this fish gets closer it is all over. Water also isn’t the best element to use against this beast so it makes the struggle even more futile. Cheep Cheep wins.

Fludd vs Nemo

Suggested by Destroyer I like Nemo to an extent. He means well and really knows how to fish. That being said, I think Fludd may actually have the edge here. Sure, he isn’t the most mobile of fighters and I have always wondered just how strong his water blasts are, but they should at least be able to blast Nemo away. Nemo just isn’t ready for this kind of power and has no real attacks of his own. Fludd wins.

Fludd vs Lapras

Fludd is finally back to fight on the blog, but can he really win this round? Lapras has a lot of attacks at his disposal and I’d say that he wins this round. Fludd has some mild water abilities, but in the end they won’t be enough to win. Lapras rises up the ranks in this round. Lapras wins.

Mario vs Fludd

Fludd is a pretty useful weapon when Mario’s up against fire or mysterious goop. Of course Fludd was never quite as skilled or as powerful as Mario. Mario has a lot more power ups at his disposal and could take Fludd down pretty easily thanks to them. Fludd was good, but Mario was better. Mario wins.