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Katniss vs Nausicaä

Suggested by JHG195 It’s time for a battle of heroines. Neither one of these fighters actually likes combat, but they can hold their own when necessary. Nausicaä has good melee capabilities and a good gun at the ready. That gives her the long range edge as Katniss has her bow and arrow which isn’t quite as effective. Katniss is a great shot, but ultimately that still won’t be fast enough to help her and in a hand to hand battle my money would be on Nausicaä. Nausicaä wins.

Battles, Nausicaä Battles, Rey Battles

Nausicaä vs Rey

Suggested by JHG195 Nausicaä appears to be a reasonable fighter who may not like combat but excels at it when necessary. What will hold her back here is a lack of supernatural abilities to contend with Rey’s Force mastery. Perhaps she could hold her own in hand to hand combat, but Rey’s lightsaber would slice through anything at Nausicaä’s disposal. Rey has the better equipment and the better powers to getting through all of that will be nearly impossible. Rey wins.