Darth Momin vs Dark Vader

Darth Momin had a pretty good fight with Vader back in the day. It was definitely a close battle although Vader did win in the end. Additionally, Vader had already been weakened at the time. At full strength he’d likely win this match fairly quick since while they are both highly skilled fighters, Vader is just more experienced and powerful with The Force. There are very few Sith who could hope to beat him. Dark Vader wins.

Darth Momin vs Rey

Suggested by iKnowledge Rey ended up looking pretty good in the Star War films as she took down her share of opponents. By the end it is safe to say that she has really gained a solid mastery over the Force. However, I don’t believe she is quite ready to take someone like Darth Momin down. He is powerful enough to be able to resurrect himself through the use of his dark mask and he did give Vader a good fight as well even if he was ultimately destroyed. In pure swordplay he is more experienced and his force abilities are stronger. This will be a close battle but still a decisive win for Momin. Darth Momin wins.