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Thomas (Maze Runner) vs Tris

This is a tribute to Insurgent. Tris continued to make the right choices at the right times here and shows the tactical leadership that Thomas doesn’t quite have. Thomas is a decent fighter and planner, but he’s not quite at Tris’ level yet. I have my doubts on if he could even beat her in a straight fight, but no way he beats her in a gun match. Tris has the overwhelming edge in skill here and will definitely take him down for the count. Tris wins.

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Rey vs Thomas (Maze Runner)

It’s time for a double tribute match as we get 2 new characters in the blog. You may have wondered “Where’s Rey” up until now, but you can wonder no longer! Rey was a fun main character in the Star Wars film and it’s safe to say that she utterly wrecks Thomas in a fight. Thomas is good at sliding and saying cryptic things, but when it comes to a fight, he’s certainly doomed. Thomas doesn’t have any fancy super powers or lightsabers, but that’s okay. I’m not saying that Rey does either…..but Rey’s an experienced hand to hand fighter who can take care of herself! Either way, it’s game over for Thomas. Rey wins.