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Tris vs Alice

This is a tribute to Allegiant. Unfortunately Tris did not look so good here. She lost a lot of her spark and got tricked by everybody a little too easily. Alice certainly wouldn’t have fallen for these tricks. While Tris is a great shot and she has her drones, they won’t be able to do much against Alice. Alice’s superhuman abilities will allow her to dodge the shots with ease and end this with a few blows. Tris is about as tough as a human can get, but that isn’t tough enough. Alice wins.

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Thomas (Maze Runner) vs Tris

This is a tribute to Insurgent. Tris continued to make the right choices at the right times here and shows the tactical leadership that Thomas doesn’t quite have. Thomas is a decent fighter and planner, but he’s not quite at Tris’ level yet. I have my doubts on if he could even beat her in a straight fight, but no way he beats her in a gun match. Tris has the overwhelming edge in skill here and will definitely take him down for the count. Tris wins.

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Tris vs Katniss

This is a tribute to Divergent. Tris did a good job of adapting to the situation and getting right into the center of the action. She may not be amazing at close quarters combat, but in this round that won’t matter. Katniss has her arrows and Tris has her gun skills, but the big deciding factor here are the drones that Tris got by the end of the third film. She can block Katniss’ arrows with ease and then counter with a game ending gun shot. Katniss has no defense against her. Tris wins.