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Abby Anderson vs Alice

This is a tribute to Resident Evil: Extinction. While the film may have been a pretty bad way to end off, I thought Alice looked pretty good in her appearances. She is still ready to slay all of the demons and that’s even more impressive now that she doesn’t have her powers. Even if Abby has a pretty powerful golf club that’s not going to be enough to stop Alice. Alice has better speed feats and is a much stronger fighter in general. I expect that she will take this round rather easily and continues her pretty impressive run on the blog. Alice wins.

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Maximum vs Alice

This is a tribute to Resident Evil: Retribution. Alice may have lost her powers, but she certainly didn’t lose her will to keep on fighting. She definitely goes through quite a lot in these adventures, but never gives up. Meanwhile Maximum tends to lose her way a lot and gets distracted rather easily. She’s not even close to having Alice’s levels of mental fortitude and in a straight fight she would get clobbered very quickly. Demon hunters tend to outrank bird fighters. Alice wins.

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Katniss vs Alice

Katniss may have done well to survive the hunger games, but I don’t believe she would have had as much luck trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. Alice has done that time and time again during her zombie adventures even when she didn’t have super powers. I’d argue that even powerless she could take down Katniss quite easily. She’s simply the better trained warrior and has more combat experience to pull from. Alice wins.

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Tris vs Alice

This is a tribute to Allegiant. Unfortunately Tris did not look so good here. She lost a lot of her spark and got tricked by everybody a little too easily. Alice certainly wouldn’t have fallen for these tricks. While Tris is a great shot and she has her drones, they won’t be able to do much against Alice. Alice’s superhuman abilities will allow her to dodge the shots with ease and end this with a few blows. Tris is about as tough as a human can get, but that isn’t tough enough. Alice wins.

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Bravenwolf vs Alice

TENKAI!!! I have to admit that the soundtrack in Tenkai Knights is amazing. Whenever the characters transform, then things get real. This may be a tribute to the fourth Resident Evil film, but Alice won’t be taking the win this time. Bravenwolf is just too powerful and one good energy blast will end things once and for all! Bravenwolf wins.

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Alice vs Misaka

Resident Evil tribute 3! Alice is back, but she wont be able to take the win in this round and she’s up against the Railgun! The Electromaster! Academy City’s Third Ranked Level 5! Misaka Mikoto! It’s a pretty long introduction, but I couldn’t help myself since it’s pretty catchy. Alice doesn’t really have any titles so she’s pretty outmatched and one laser should be enough to defeat her. Misaka wins.

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Alice vs Tomb Raider

Resident Evil tribute 2! This time Alice realized her true power and managed to take many of her opponents down with ease. She is strong enough to surpass the legendary Tomb Raider and that is no easy feat! Yes, that is Tomb Raider and not Katniss, although they are pretty evenly matched. Alice has the edge thanks to her super abilities and she is a professional fighter. Alice wins.

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Samus vs Alice

Resident Evil tribute 1! The main character was not herself for most of the film, but that will not excuse her from a loss. She will have to go up against the legendary hunter known as Samus. One good blast should end things and not even Alice’s heightened speed will be enough to evade. Samus has the edge in speed and power. Samus wins.