Frenda vs Misaka

Frenda has her explosive abilities which are pretty handy in some matchups but I don’t think they’ll be very good here. Misaka showed in the past that her electricity is the perfect counter to the explosives since she can effectively short charge them instantly. You can’t have explosives without electricity after all so this means Frenda is basically powerless here. It’s to be expected when taking on one of the legendary Level 5 Espers though. Misaka wins this with very low difficulty. Misaka wins.

Jason Lee Scott vs Misaka

This is a tribute to the Power Rangers film. Jason didn’t look all that good in this movie as he made quite a lot of mistakes and never really came off as a sympathetic guy. You just couldn’t feel all that bad for him since he really created the situations that he got himself into. He has some decent super strength and speed, but nothing that Misaka hasn’t dealt with before. She will be able to overwhelm him with ease. No Ranger can handle an electromaster. Misaka wins.

Combustion Man vs Misaka

The Combustion Man is a powerful fighter. He has a lot of raw strength in addition to his mastery over fire. That being said, Misaka is quite fast and she has mastered all applications of her electric abilities. Her Railgun is stronger than any of Combustion Man’s attacks and she will be able to zap away at his health in small chunks or keep going for finishing blows. Her supply of electricity will last long enough for victory to be guaranteed. Misaka wins.

Misaka vs Accelerator

Accelerator is one of the strongest characters in the Index franchise and I would say that he really is the best fighter there. Misaka had a big fight against him back in the day and even her legendary Level 5 abilities were no match against his power. Accelerator’s control over vectors has become very precise and he can level a city with ease. A rematch wouldn’t go any better than their first fight. Accelerator wins.

Therestina vs Misaka

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun S - 22 - Large 09
Terestina is no match for the boundless might of Misaka. One Railgun attack would take Terestina down for the count. She just wouldn’t be able to cope with Misaka’s long range abilities and she would lose rather quickly. Therestina is just not a really good fighter and Misaka is basically made for combat. The power disadvantage is just too great. Misaka wins.

Erii Haruue vs Misaka

Erii Haruue was an addition to the Railgun series that I didn’t care for. She really didn’t add anything to the show. She’s not a downright unlikable character, but she feels like filler and that instinctively makes me avoid her during the episodes. She’s not a fighter and Misaka could win this battle with a single bolt of lightning. After all, Level 5 Espers are not to be trifled with! Misaka wins.

Shinobu vs Misaka

Shinobu is a character who gets a little too confident in the heat of battle. She lands a few good hits on Misaka, but it’s only because the Level 5 Esper was not really fighting back. This isn’t a fair fight by any means and Misaka would crush Shinobu. Shinobu’s arrogance really helps me to dislike her and I can’t say that I ever warmed up to the character. Maybe she’ll get a power up someday to help turn the tides. Misaka wins.

Shirai Kuroko vs Misaka

Shirai Kuroko is a skilled fighter with her teleporting skills and she is more skilled in combat than she lets on. Against another opponent, Kuroko’s hit and run tactics would do very well. It’s just not an efficient strategy when your opponent can emit electric sparks and zap anyone who gets near her. That really takes away any strategy that Kuroko could think up, which ends the match. Misaka wins.

Misaka vs Asuna

Asuna is pretty skilled with a sword, but she’s definitely outranked against Misaka. Misaka can use her electricity in many different ways, which gives her an edge in this fight. Misaka can fire off a powerful Railgun blast or just use the electricity to make a barrier around herself. Either way, Asuna will have a tough time trying to land a solid hit on her. Misaka wins.

Alice vs Misaka

Resident Evil tribute 3! Alice is back, but she wont be able to take the win in this round and she’s up against the Railgun! The Electromaster! Academy City’s Third Ranked Level 5! Misaka Mikoto! It’s a pretty long introduction, but I couldn’t help myself since it’s pretty catchy. Alice doesn’t really have any titles so she’s pretty outmatched and one laser should be enough to defeat her. Misaka wins.