Frenda vs Misaka

Frenda has her explosive abilities which are pretty handy in some matchups but I don’t think they’ll be very good here. Misaka showed in the past that her electricity is the perfect counter to the explosives since she can effectively short charge them instantly. You can’t have explosives without electricity after all so this means Frenda is basically powerless here. It’s to be expected when taking on one of the legendary Level 5 Espers though. Misaka wins this with very low difficulty. Misaka wins.

Saten Ruiko vs Frenda

Saten is one of those characters in Index who appears a lot but rarely gets to contribute all that much because she lacks any real super abilities. Perhaps one day she will awaken them and become a true threat but until then she’s out of luck here. Frenda is an explosives expert who can use her stuffed animals to deal a whole lot of damage. Additionally as an assassin Frenda has some pretty good hand to hand abilities up her sleeve as well. Saten won’t really be able to keep up with her for very long. These two are just on different levels at this point. Saten’s best bet here would be to try and retreat but ultimately that will only buy some time. Frenda wins.