Therestina vs Mugino

Terestina is back, but she still wont be able to claim victory here. Mugino can fire intense energy blasts with enough destructive power to punch through walls. Mugino also has a lot of combat experience and I don’t think Terestina is prepared for such a fight. It’s time for her second loss of the day. Mugino wins.

Therestina vs Misaka

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun S - 22 - Large 09
Terestina is no match for the boundless might of Misaka. One Railgun attack would take Terestina down for the count. She just wouldn’t be able to cope with Misaka’s long range abilities and she would lose rather quickly. Therestina is just not a really good fighter and Misaka is basically made for combat. The power disadvantage is just too great. Misaka wins.