Combustion Man vs All Might

Suggested by Sonic All Might is the symbol of peace. He’s a hero who has worked quite hard to make it all the way up the ranks and his power is the real deal. Combustion Man is known as a pretty strong fire bender and is also feared because his physical attacks are powerful as well. He’s just not in the same league here and would easily get swept by All Might. Combustion Man is unlikely to be able to withstand a single hit from this hero. All Might wins.

Combustion Man vs Misaka

The Combustion Man is a powerful fighter. He has a lot of raw strength in addition to his mastery over fire. That being said, Misaka is quite fast and she has mastered all applications of her electric abilities. Her Railgun is stronger than any of Combustion Man’s attacks and she will be able to zap away at his health in small chunks or keep going for finishing blows. Her supply of electricity will last long enough for victory to be guaranteed. Misaka wins.

P’Li vs Combustion Man

Suggested by Eric This is definitely a pretty tough fight. Both of these combatants have the same abilities. P’Li is able to control her fire blasts though and alter their trajectory. Combustion Man can’t do this, but his durability and strength are at a far greater level than P’Li’s. He would likely need 1 strike to take the win while she would have to hit him several times. Her increased versatility should help with that, but I do believe Combustion Man would be able to get his hit in. The guy’s a pro. Combustion Man wins.