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Captain Answer vs Lightning McQueen

Suggested by Sonic Captain Answer is a talented cardfighter who’s got a lot of cards up his sleeve. All McQueen’s got going for him is a Need for Speed and a whole lot of track to cover. He’s a very fast car to be sure, but that’s really not going to cut it against someone like Captain Answer. Answer is also a monster himself so he is able to fight even without cards. McQueen can drive around, but ultimately he won’t escape here. He will be struck down all while questioning whether he ever really had a chance. Captain Answer wins.

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Lightning McQueen vs One Above All

This is a tribute to Cars 3. Lightning McQueen has done it again folks! He has managed to act like a seasoned veteran in this final film to close out the trilogy. He’s definitely a solid main character and his driving skills aren’t half bad either. I think it is fair to say that he would defeat the One Above All since he can extend his tires which allows him to punch people. TOAA would have a hard time dodging those punches. Lightning McQueen wins.

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Lightning McQueen vs Nemo

This is a tribute to Cars. Lightning McQueen is definitely a fun race car and I can see why he has a lot of fans. He isn’t lacking in confidence and can definitely run a good race. Nemo is his polar opposite as the fish doesn’t have much confidence at all and isn’t very fast. At a glance you can probably tell who will win this fight. Nemo will just have a hard time dealing any damage here. Lightning McQueen wins.

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Lightning McQueen vs Iron Giant

This is a tribute to The Iron Giant. The Iron Giant is definitely a powerful robot who can really fight when necessary. He makes the tough calls when the situation is bleak and as such, he will give this fight everything he’s got. I don’t really think Lightning McQueen would be able to keep up. He’s up against a giant of a fighter after all and pulling off some cool car tricks won’t be enough to slow this guy down. Iron Giant wins.