Lightning McQueen vs All Might

Suggested by Destroyer If you thought Lightning was doomed last time then he’s really doomed here. All Might’s abilities at their prime were pretty crazy. Just by stomping on the ground he could take out a city block so Lightning can’t even afford to get in range. No matter how you slice it, McQueen just doesn’t stand a chance here. He’s simply outmatched and outgunned in this fight. If only he got some extra powers. All Might wins.

Endeavor vs All Might

All Might was the #1 hero in his world for a good reason. His abilities are completely off the charts. Endeavor really has no chance in a straight fight. Not only is All Might able to endure his flames but his speed and power means he never has to be hit. He can use wind pressure to keep the flames off of him and then dispatch Endeavor right away. In his prime All Might is just leagues beyond anything his fellow heroes can do. All Might wins.

All Might vs Rappa

Both of these guys really prefer to settle their fights in fisticuffs. That said, there is a huge difference in power between these two. All Might in his prime could blow away buildings with his punches and could probably level a city. Rappa’s hits deal a lot of damage but on a far smaller scale. It’s also hard to see them doing enough meaningful damage to stop All Might before he loses consciousness. Rappa’s definitely a great character but he isn’t quite strong enough to win here. All Might wins.

Combustion Man vs All Might

Suggested by Sonic All Might is the symbol of peace. He’s a hero who has worked quite hard to make it all the way up the ranks and his power is the real deal. Combustion Man is known as a pretty strong fire bender and is also feared because his physical attacks are powerful as well. He’s just not in the same league here and would easily get swept by All Might. Combustion Man is unlikely to be able to withstand a single hit from this hero. All Might wins.

Darth Zannah vs All Might

All Might returns for another win. This time he’s up against Darth Zannah. The trouble for Force users is they can’t manipulate objects that are more powerful than them or ones that are too heavy. Just try restraining a powerful hulk like All Might. His strength would simply be too vast and he would completely destroy anything trying to bind him. That’s the dilemma that Zannah faces here and I don’t think it’s one that she will be able to break free from. All Might is just too powerful. All Might wins.

Kyp Durron vs All Might

All Might is the symbol of Peace and you have to be incredibly powerful to live up to such a title. All Might never faltered in this role and shows that true peace was possible. Kyp is a reasonable fighter in his own right but we’ve seen some small instances of All Might around his peak and it’s insan. A single punch would absolutely take Kyp down and the young man won’t be getting up from such a hit. All Might wins.

All Might vs Bass

All Might is the symbol of peace and a very strong character in general. That being said, he isn’t even in Bass’ weight class. Bass could take down All Might with a single punch. Bass has gone toe to toe with Megaman and even surpasses that navi’s strength. Bass has limitless speed as well and this makes him an impossible foe to deal with. There just isn’t really anything that All Might can do to try and stop him. Bass is simply on a completely different level. Bass wins.

All Might vs Melkor

Suggested by iKnowledge All Might is the symbol of peace and one of those characters who has nearly unfathomable super strength. His abilities are in a class of their own and I believe he would crush Melkor without much difficulty. Melkor may be able to grow to a huge size and has a lot going for him, but he really can’t keep up with All Might. He’d be speedblitzed and would eventually go down. Melkor doesn’t have enough power to stop this guy. All Might wins.