Kyp Durron vs All Might

All Might is the symbol of Peace and you have to be incredibly powerful to live up to such a title. All Might never faltered in this role and shows that true peace was possible. Kyp is a reasonable fighter in his own right but we’ve seen some small instances of All Might around his peak and it’s insan. A single punch would absolutely take Kyp down and the young man won’t be getting up from such a hit. All Might wins.

Kyp Durron vs Darth Sion

Suggested by iKnowledge Darth Sion is a pretty tricky Sith Lord because he is immortal and can keep coming back to life as long as he feels rage. Immortality can be a bit of a weakness though as getting struck down over and over again can be disheartening. Kyp’s skills as a Jedi and as a Sith are better than Sion’s. He may not be immortal, but Kyp would keep slashing away at Sion until the latter lost his will to fight and regenerate. Ultimately superior skills will almost always be superior to regeneration. Kyp Durron wins.