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Mio Takamiya vs Naruto

Suggested by Anonymous Mio Takamiya has some surprisingly powerful abilities at her disposal. She can fire off energy blasts that are difficult to evade due to their speed. That being said, her physical abilities aren’t quite up to snuff here. Naruto will be able to block her attacks with his chakra cloak and at that point she is out of luck. Naruto’s got a lot of experience in combat as well so he’ll be prepared for anything she throws at him. Naruto wins.

345 thoughts on “Mio Takamiya vs Naruto”

  1. I do want to remind you that Madara had killed Naruto and Sasuke before they had Six Paths.
    To add on to that Madara was on a different caliber then Naruto and Sasuke. And again, plot armor. Naruto NEEDED plot armor to defeat Madara and the same thing goes for Pain.

    1. How do you use a single target based attack on an Omni-Directional attack that one-shots on touch? I do need to note that Naruto does in fact have a weakness and you’re just saying “WILLPOWERRRRRRRRRRRR HURRRR DUDRRRTTFFVFRICHRFFR” to compensate for his weaknesses. You are overestimating Naruto’s capabilities here.

    2. ?????????? Planetary =/= Multiversal It’s REALLY not that hard to comprehend that.

    3. “Mio not having any physical attack.”


    1. You make some compelling points here, but it doesn’t equate to a loss for Naruto. Put it this way, plot armor or not Naruto still ended up winning the battle. How do you explain this? It shows that Naruto’s skills are really out of this world.

      The omni directional move is impressive but it loses a bit of kick because of how spread out it is. Think about it, a single attack that is focused from the start will naturally be way better than one that is trying to hit everywhere. It just makes sense and that’s going to be what causes Mio’s defeat in the end.

      2. Planetary can beat multiversal. There’s no reason why it can’t.

      3. Spirits can fight physically but that doesn’t mean they can do much beyond normal punches. All I’m saying is that Mio isn’t the most impressive physical fighter I’ve seen

  2. This still continues? … Chico already showed you that Naruto can lose with a hax like the infinite Tsukuyomi … Mio has physical powers and abilities to destroy a multiverse. to say that Naruto wins here is fanboy

    1. Not trying to be a fanboy here or anything, but Naruto is incredibly powerful. This won’t be nearly as easy as you guys seem to think. Naruto’s always been able to hold his own and I don’t see that changing here

      1. incredibly powerful in his verse but not in another dimention. he cant even escaped in kaguya’s dimention how can he possibly beat a a omnipotent being that said its capable of erasing everything with just a mere thought? hax is absolute in an extent yes but it can harm naruto or even destroy him with just a tiny speck of her power. how can naruto block a omniversal attack its like your saying that bubbles can lift a boulder…

      2. Bubbles from DBZ or Powerpuff Girls could lift a boulder.

        Naruto is really strong for his verse and his verse just so happens to be one of the strongest out there so it really works out well. Naruto can use his Rasengan to break through the dimensions. Kaguya was difficult but Naruto was weakened and had been fighting all day so it makes sense that he was a little sluggish

  3. Im talking about a real bubble :/ made of soap and water😬😂 myghosh hahaha

    Weakened?can break her dimention??lol hahahaha now your making you’re own information. naruto cant even defeat kaguya alone hahahaha… Your so funny 🙂

    1. Ah, in that case a real bubble would definitely have a tough time of things!

      Yeah, Naruto had been fighting for eons at that point. He took on Madara, Obito, the 10 Tails, etc. Naruto was running on fumes by the time he fought Kaguya. Mark my words, had Naruto been fighting at full power he would have won a lot easier

    1. Why couldn’t it destroy dimensions? Rasengan is a ball of concentrated energy and we’ve seen moves like the Kamehameha destroy dimensions. Why would the Rasengan be any different? Way I see it, that would end things pretty nicely

      1. Kamehameha =/= Rasengan.

        Just because it’s a ball of concentrated energy that doesn’t mean that it could rip through dimensions with it. Nowhere in the anime or manga have I ever seen Naruto use a RASENGAN to destroy a higher-dimension that isn’t even on his level.

      2. I’d say it depends on how impressive you consider ripping through dimensions. Would you put that above planetary or below it? Naruto’s certainly shown that his attacks can take down planets as seen when a punch made a crater in the moon. Just imagine what he could have done there if he was using a Rasengan

    1. Think of it this way. A normal person isn’t strong enough to beat a giant in a straight up power brawl, but if he focuses all of his power on the leg or something like that then he’s still got a pretty good shot at dealing some damage. It’s the same concept here, Naruto would be using a focused blast while Mio is using a general one. I’ll take focused any day

      1. It’s possible though. Black Holes are impressive, but they aren’t absolute. If you channel enough power into the punch then anything is possible

      2. You’re little to no research is demonstrated at the top of this page. Analytical standpoints that are somehow being challenged by the most terrible and half-assed argument I’ve ever drawn my eyes upon actually hurts me. The fact that you are defending the latter statement that a planet can destroy a multiverse really pisses me off to an extent that is incomprehensible.

      3. You should see the One Above All vs Goku battle!

        I did a ton of research on this one though. The facts just don’t lie, Mio seems to have the edge here when it comes to cosmic stuff, but Naruto would win in a fight

      1. This sounds pretty promising. How did she generate the spacequake? Did she strike the ground, use some sort of weapon, or just emit power outwards? The whole half a year thing seems like a bit of a stretch but certainly a good feat

      2. I’ll look into it further, but I’ve already read all the sections on Mio and I haven’t been impressed with her physical abilities. She seems to rely on abstract abilities as a crutch

      1. ” Sped up. ”

        At least Relativistic+ (Tohka can react at Mukuro’s beam of light who move at the speed of light) | At least Relativistic+ | At least Relativistic+, possibly higher (Much faster than before, could fight on par with a held back Mukuro) | At least Relativistic+ | At least FTL (Could keep up with Mio Takamiya) | At least FTL

      2. I dunno, if the Mio’s FTL feat is being able to keep up with herself then I’m not sure if that’s going to be reliable intel. That being said she certainly does sound very fast. Are there any animated fights where she gets to show off such speed?

      1. i wonder our dreager dude will deny fact mio can defeat Naruto with willpower hahaha.Such Fanboy spout nonsense

    1. i think do know who will winning this battle basic abilities those two have.For what i know as Fanboy Naruto and also lover lightnovel reader i will choose mio

      1. It’s a pretty solid fight for sure. I’d give Naruto the edge for more consistent combat feats as well as a plethora of powerful abilities

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