Mio Takamiya vs Naruto

Suggested by Anonymous Mio Takamiya has some surprisingly powerful abilities at her disposal. She can fire off energy blasts that are difficult to evade due to their speed. That being said, her physical abilities aren’t quite up to snuff here. Naruto will be able to block her attacks with his chakra cloak and at that point she is out of luck. Naruto’s got a lot of experience in combat as well so he’ll be prepared for anything she throws at him. Naruto wins.


385 thoughts on “Mio Takamiya vs Naruto

  1. I do want to remind you that Madara had killed Naruto and Sasuke before they had Six Paths.
    To add on to that Madara was on a different caliber then Naruto and Sasuke. And again, plot armor. Naruto NEEDED plot armor to defeat Madara and the same thing goes for Pain.

    1. How do you use a single target based attack on an Omni-Directional attack that one-shots on touch? I do need to note that Naruto does in fact have a weakness and you’re just saying “WILLPOWERRRRRRRRRRRR HURRRR DUDRRRTTFFVFRICHRFFR” to compensate for his weaknesses. You are overestimating Naruto’s capabilities here.

    2. ?????????? Planetary =/= Multiversal It’s REALLY not that hard to comprehend that.

    3. “Mio not having any physical attack.”


    • You make some compelling points here, but it doesn’t equate to a loss for Naruto. Put it this way, plot armor or not Naruto still ended up winning the battle. How do you explain this? It shows that Naruto’s skills are really out of this world.

      The omni directional move is impressive but it loses a bit of kick because of how spread out it is. Think about it, a single attack that is focused from the start will naturally be way better than one that is trying to hit everywhere. It just makes sense and that’s going to be what causes Mio’s defeat in the end.

      2. Planetary can beat multiversal. There’s no reason why it can’t.

      3. Spirits can fight physically but that doesn’t mean they can do much beyond normal punches. All I’m saying is that Mio isn’t the most impressive physical fighter I’ve seen

  2. This still continues? … Chico already showed you that Naruto can lose with a hax like the infinite Tsukuyomi … Mio has physical powers and abilities to destroy a multiverse. to say that Naruto wins here is fanboy

    • Not trying to be a fanboy here or anything, but Naruto is incredibly powerful. This won’t be nearly as easy as you guys seem to think. Naruto’s always been able to hold his own and I don’t see that changing here

      • incredibly powerful in his verse but not in another dimention. he cant even escaped in kaguya’s dimention how can he possibly beat a a omnipotent being that said its capable of erasing everything with just a mere thought? hax is absolute in an extent yes but it can harm naruto or even destroy him with just a tiny speck of her power. how can naruto block a omniversal attack its like your saying that bubbles can lift a boulder…

      • Bubbles from DBZ or Powerpuff Girls could lift a boulder.

        Naruto is really strong for his verse and his verse just so happens to be one of the strongest out there so it really works out well. Naruto can use his Rasengan to break through the dimensions. Kaguya was difficult but Naruto was weakened and had been fighting all day so it makes sense that he was a little sluggish

  3. Im talking about a real bubble :/ made of soap and water😬😂 myghosh hahaha

    Weakened?can break her dimention??lol hahahaha now your making you’re own information. naruto cant even defeat kaguya alone hahahaha… Your so funny 🙂

    • Ah, in that case a real bubble would definitely have a tough time of things!

      Yeah, Naruto had been fighting for eons at that point. He took on Madara, Obito, the 10 Tails, etc. Naruto was running on fumes by the time he fought Kaguya. Mark my words, had Naruto been fighting at full power he would have won a lot easier

    • Why couldn’t it destroy dimensions? Rasengan is a ball of concentrated energy and we’ve seen moves like the Kamehameha destroy dimensions. Why would the Rasengan be any different? Way I see it, that would end things pretty nicely

      • Kamehameha =/= Rasengan.

        Just because it’s a ball of concentrated energy that doesn’t mean that it could rip through dimensions with it. Nowhere in the anime or manga have I ever seen Naruto use a RASENGAN to destroy a higher-dimension that isn’t even on his level.

      • I’d say it depends on how impressive you consider ripping through dimensions. Would you put that above planetary or below it? Naruto’s certainly shown that his attacks can take down planets as seen when a punch made a crater in the moon. Just imagine what he could have done there if he was using a Rasengan

    • Think of it this way. A normal person isn’t strong enough to beat a giant in a straight up power brawl, but if he focuses all of his power on the leg or something like that then he’s still got a pretty good shot at dealing some damage. It’s the same concept here, Naruto would be using a focused blast while Mio is using a general one. I’ll take focused any day

      • It’s possible though. Black Holes are impressive, but they aren’t absolute. If you channel enough power into the punch then anything is possible

      • You’re little to no research is demonstrated at the top of this page. Analytical standpoints that are somehow being challenged by the most terrible and half-assed argument I’ve ever drawn my eyes upon actually hurts me. The fact that you are defending the latter statement that a planet can destroy a multiverse really pisses me off to an extent that is incomprehensible.

      • You should see the One Above All vs Goku battle!

        I did a ton of research on this one though. The facts just don’t lie, Mio seems to have the edge here when it comes to cosmic stuff, but Naruto would win in a fight

      • A cataclysmic spacequake that destroyed the entirety of Eurasia that warped the fabric of space-time. As well as others that happened to be seen across the globe. Lasted for half a year. Over 1,500,000 casualties sustained.

      • This sounds pretty promising. How did she generate the spacequake? Did she strike the ground, use some sort of weapon, or just emit power outwards? The whole half a year thing seems like a bit of a stretch but certainly a good feat

      • It seems as if you haven’t done any form of research about what a spirit has in their arsenal. That’s something you’ll have to find out on your own now since I’ve pretty much explained it in this thread about 10 times.

      • I’ll look into it further, but I’ve already read all the sections on Mio and I haven’t been impressed with her physical abilities. She seems to rely on abstract abilities as a crutch

  4. Why is this argument still going on? Also, something that’s worth mentioning is that in the 4th shinobi war, Naruto got the nine tails extracted from him by Madara and it immediately killed him. I don’t see “willpower” saving him except for the plot armor of Hagoromo Otsutsuki reviving both Naruto and Sasuke (both main protagonist and antagonist and gave them six paths just to have an advantage over Madara because Itachi died, and he was the only person that could actually beat Madara.)

    • I dunno, but it’s definitely pretty impressive that it’s been going on for so long. It’s true that the Willpower didn’t seem to help him much there but at the same time in Boruto Naruto’s seemingly able to handle the effects a little better this time around. At this rate he’s actually got a chance to go the distance. If he was already above Mio before then now it’s a real stomp when we take the most recent form into consideration. How could anyone hope to stop that mode?

      • Who said Naruto was above Mio? In his own universe he struggled to fight against his own gods. He needed support from Team 7 and his peers to even get past them. The only reason he had an edge is because they kept constantly buffing Naruto, Sasuke, and hell even his own son to have at least some advantage against them. I never really stuck with Boruto mainly because it’s lost my interest. It’s not the same as the original Naruto series.

        ” It’s a pretty solid fight for sure. I’d give Naruto the edge for more consistent combat feats as well as a plethora of powerful abilities ”

        Straight from Ratatoskr’s Spirit Data Mio is shown to have the highest stat in consistency, as well as a plethora of other abilities that were passed down to her own creations also known as the spirits. I believe most of those abilities were conceptual and abstract. Say for example, sealing and erasing the concept of the Nine Tailed Fox? Which would automatically kill Naruto on the spot. Her Astral Dress would either repel or stop attacks from happening before they even get close to her.

      • I’ve been saying Naruto was above Mio since day 1. Naruto did need some help for his final fights but those guys were also incredibly stacked. Boruto has some cool powers but Naruto would still be able to rock him in an instant. You can’t really compare the two in terms of combat ability.

        Mio’s conceptual and abstract abilities are interesting but won’t really help her in a fight. It’s a lot easier to try and erase the concept than to actually do it. I’d have my doubts on her being able to just remove the Fox like that. He’s sentient enough where he could just resist that and Naruto’s also able to keep his hold on Kurama rather tightly. The Astral Dress is the main obstacle here but I can see Naruto being able to power through it. She won’t be able to purely rely on the dress and once she gets into close quarters combat she won’t be able to last for long against him. Between Naruto’s close quarters speed and his ability to sense energy he’ll be able to reliably dodge her attacks

      • CQC wouldn’t even be a factor once he even gets close to her. As I’ve said before you’re saying that as if Mio cannot use close quarters combat and she can. With her high stat and strength and speed. As I’ve said before, Existence Erasure is something that Naruto wouldn’t be able to avoid, especially when it’s absolute. ” I’d have my doubts on her being able to just remove the Fox like that. ” – . Her Astral Dress can produce bands of light which can instantly remove the Sephira Crystal from any Spirit they pierce without causing injury. – Those bands of light can just separate Kurama from him. And lets not forget that it specifically states that she can erase the concept of abstract things with one of her Angels that she passed down to Mukuro which is . Literally just erase the concept of the tailed beast and call it a day. Doesn’t matter if “he can hold onto Kurama tightly.”

        ” He’s sentient enough where he could just resist that ” Where was it ever stated that he was able to resist Existence Erasure?

        “She won’t be able to purely rely on the dress and once she gets into close quarters combat she won’t be able to last for long against him.” She doesn’t need to rely on the dress to beat Naruto, she has as plethora of other options.

        “I’ve been saying Naruto was above Mio since day 1.” The opposing team literally stated that Naruto would be no match for Mio either way. And you put your own votes in to make up for that. “somehow managing to defeat a primordial, nigh-omniscient, reality warping, immortal being, who wiped out the entirety of Eurasia with one spacequake that was suppose to cover the entire earth, and split the boundaries between China and Mongolia while producing other spacequakes around the entire earth that lasted half a year.” You see, despite Naruto being the main character, and anime protagonist there’s a limit to which they can go. He could be powerful in one universe but whose to say that in another? Spirits are known to be able to drive the entirety of humanity underground transforming the entire planet into a giant wasteland of rubbish and debris, while wiping out every lifeform that could possibly be on the planet earth. They aren’t to be underestimated especially in their Demon Kings one of them being an evil counterpart of Mio and in which wiped out an entire timeline leaving nothing but a black abyss of nothingness.

        Are you 100% sure that you aren’t high balling Naruto right now? Because if it was another universe that he would be going against with high-dimensional deities, then he really wouldn’t win, and that’s coming from a Naruto fan themselves.
        I would encourage you to actually surf the Date A Live wiki.

      • Her hand to hand skills and high stats are good but she typically relies on her other more high tier abilities so she hasn’t had the same kind of experience that that Naruto possesses. As for removing crystals from spirits, that’s not how Kurama works. He’s really a part of Naruto and their chakra can blend together to increase their fusion rate and really prevent anything from happening to him.

        For resisting erasure, any sentient being can do that to the extent where instant destruction through reality warping and such doesn’t work. The only way to really take an opponent out is to do it physically and that’s certainly not an easy task at this stage in the game.

        No high balling Naruto here but he just continues to improve further and further. He can take out plenty if not all high dimensional deities. Those guys typically can’t fight. For example Naruto could beat the Beyonder from Marvel or Zeno from Dragon Ball Super. These guys have reality abilities similar to Mio but it won’t be of much use against Naruto. These fighters always have a plan until they take a direct punch. At that point it becomes anyone’s game and my money would be on Naruto. Keep in mind that last month in Boruto he unlocked a new stage of power and once the chapter comes out this month he’s likely going to be cleaning shop and getting a ton of new feats to rise even higher up the charts

      • True but all 3 of those guys were top tier villains. There aren’t a great many fighters who could have done much of anything against those guys.

      • Concepts are made to be surpassed. Additionally Naruto has taken the power for his own so at this point it’s no longer a vague concept and Naruto has ascended to the next level

      • Willpower alone isn’t enough to score victories but it does block out things like reality warping and erasing someone from existence. Naruto’s physical abilities handle the rest

      • I would honestly like to see proof that Naruto resisted existence erasure or proof that is even close to that . It’s possible to completely restrict the nine tails and remove it from Naruto’s body. “Willpower alone isn’t enough to score victories. ” But you legit said that “wiiLlpower can beat mioooo” despite us saying it wouldn’t. Willpower does not cancel out reality warping and erasing someone from existence. ” For resisting erasure, any sentient being can do that to the extent where instant destruction through reality warping and such doesn’t work. The only way to really take an opponent out is to do it physically and that’s certainly not an easy task at this stage in the game.” Naruto would lose in hand in hand combat with Madara. The way the reality warping works is when the user controls the very existential state of anything depending on their proficiency, regardless of whether not the entity in question is an object or subject, among so many or most others depending on their power scale. “Concepts are made to be surpassed. Additionally Naruto has taken the power for his own so at this point it’s no longer a vague concept and Naruto has ascended to the next level.” But who said that those concepts can be surpassed by Naruto? Naruto doesn’t have conceptual anchoring and no where in the series or data book ever stated that. It doesn’t have to be a vague concept for it to be locked or removed. Life-force or Chakra is spiritual energy. Decomposing pure spiritual energy that includes Kurama’s as well doesn’t matter how much he has. It also decomposes molecules.

        “She hasn’t had the same kind of experience that that Naruto possesses.”

        ” Mio has also displayed an otherworldly level of intelligence. ” She’s a nigh-omniscient being who could read through Naruto’s attacks like a book unironically. I’m pretty sure being an primordial immortal being she would have a lot of fighting experience.

        ” He can take out plenty if not all high dimensional deities. Those guys typically can’t fight. For example Naruto could beat the Beyonder from Marvel or Zeno from Dragon Ball Super. ” I don’t think you understand what dimensionality is to be honest, and there’s a flaw in your argument. There’s no high dimensional entity out there who can’t fight physically. As I’ve stated, Naruto wouldn’t be as good as you think he would in other universes. There’s a lot of characters who aren’t Naruto or Mio (who have the latter and other powers listed here) that can fight physically. Also if you wanna talk victories there was an argument on youtube about how Mio can beat the Sage of Six Paths and she ended up winning.

        “He’s really a part of Naruto and their chakra can blend together to increase their fusion rate and really prevent anything from happening to him.” —> Nine-tails was extracted from Naruto during the fourth Shinobi World war by Madara Uchiha. Naruto would’ve died when this happened. Pretty sure Madara used a method of ejecting tailed beasts from jinchuriki’s. Oh yeah I’m pretty sure that Naruto used KCM 2 sage mode during the war O_O.

        Anything that comes in contact with the energy beam will instantly die regardless of any defense.

      • Naruto’s never had to resist it personally but it’s all about strength of will. Erasure and concepts only go so far in theory but in practice you have to actually be able to override the character to do that. At that point so long as the character has a strong sense of will then it won’t work. he’s just too powerful. It’s not that willpower ends everything but it does prevent just about every instance of what I would call “hax” abilities that bypass durability.

        As an omniscient being like that Mio likely has virtually 0 combat experience. Outside of the occasional scuffle she is not likely to go around duking it out with people. That’s what really holds her back here. Naruto has had to fight tooth to tooth every step of the way. He has to put his life and career on the line each time and only then does he have a narrow margin of victory. That’s why Mio won’t be able to win here. She has just not had to do such things.

        See, I would buy Mio beating the Sage of 6 Paths. That guy couldn’t fight for beans and never got to have a flashback to dispute this. That was his big error so Mio would definitely beat him. He’s nowhere near as powerful as Naruto though.

        Naruto’s gotten even more in sync with the Fox since then as seen in Boruto. They wouldn’t be able to extract him so easily now. Naruto will be ready for anything they can possibly try here. As for the energy blast Henet, it will depend on if that can get past Naruto’s Rasengan which has been shown to block attacks before. It’s very concentrated energy so it’ll be tough to punch through if he tries to go at the attack head on.

  5. ” THAT DUDE COULDN’T FIGHT FOR BEANS. ” Dude. The sage of six paths in his prime is what helped stopped the Ten Tails from ultimately destroying the shinobi world before Naruto was even born. In fact, without the Sage of Six Paths Naruto wouldn’t even be a thought? He was the one who had to divide the Ten Tails, the same tailed beast that Naruto and Sasuke STRUGGLED to fight against during the 4th shinobi war. Prime Hagoromo defeated Prime Kaguya who was the ten tails jin at the time (the ten tails being in it’s absolute pinnacle and prime). The same being who IS very well capable of destroying not only other dimensions and astral planes in the Naruto universe, but the entire universe itself. Quote on Quote, ” The equivalent of the final truth seeking orbs, comprised of all five elements and yin-yang it had the power to obliterate the world and return it to nothing. It cannot be compared to the dimensions of the truth seeking orbs of Naruto when using SIX PATHS SAGE MODE. ” He is on a higher level on both Naruto AND Sasuke if you even know what you are talking about in which this case you don’t? And without his help he wouldn’t have been able to defeat neither six paths Madara OR Kaguya.

    ” As an omniscient being like that Mio likely has virtually 0 combat experience. ” Do you even know what omniscience is, what primordial means, and what it actually means? It is a state of intelligence and knowledge that none of us humans could wish to achieve when just using 2% of our brain each day. It’s the point where you know and understand everything especially when you were existing at or from the beginning of time. And with this knowledge of combat she would fight both the Spirits, the AST, and Isaac himself. Having practically ZERO knowledge of combat experience you wouldn’t even be able to lift a punch or use any ability. In this case, she does. I still believe that you haven’t even done research at all on the Date A Live series.

    I have a friend who knows about higher-dimensional entities and has watched the Digimon Series. Case in point? Those DIGIMON who were HIGHER DIMENSIONAL ENTITES COULD FIGHT PHYSICALLY.

    Rasengan is a ball of condensed wind with chakra applied to it. The hell is that going to do to an energy beam that ignores and disintegrates anything it comes into contact with it?

    That’s the thing Naruto never had to resist it because there was nothing in the anime that could actually give evidence that he was actually able to resist it. More likely, because it never happened. That’s not what willpower does and at this point your highballing Naruto, and pulling shit out of your ass. Just because Naruto and Kurama have good synergy doesn’t mean that good synergy cannot be destroyed. Even those with “indomitable will” they can be broken. Willpower doesn’t resist Existence Erasure. Willpower does not overcome Reality Warping. I cannot believe your even nerfing the father of Six Paths himself just to highball Naruto, not even my friends who were invested into the series would ever do that.

    • The Sage has a lot of hype to be sure but the problem is that we never got to see him fight. So the legends and such don’t actually transfer into physical combat feats. Because of that I would easily take Naruto in a fight against him. It’s the same issue with a lot of characters who are from previous eras or things of that nature. As powerful as they may have been, we didn’t get to see it and so it doesn’t end up helping them all that much. Meanwhile Naruto has proven himself quite a bit. It may have been 6 Paths ability before but now it’s Naruto so he’s still got a solid win over Madara and Kaguya. While he did need help, that was before his latest power ups. Naruto would now legitimately be one fo the strongest characters in his series, probably literally the strongest.

      Well for the Digimon, most of them do actually fight so I’d say they’re on the level. For the dimensional guys I’m talking about those who never actually fight and just talk tough. Zeno from DBZ, One Above All from Marvel, guys like that. All they have going for them is lore. With Digimon you have a lot of good fighters. I’d say that the strongest Digimon of all is likely Shine Burst Greymon but there are a lot of power hitters.

      For Mio’s omniscience, that’s still no substitute for actual training and combat. Put it this way, I could know everything there is to know about a sport but until I play it, it’s not quite the same. Date A Live sounded pretty cool from what I read, but a lot of the feats started to get pretty meta as opposed to physical.

      The chakra itself will be the big factor here. It’s sort of like Ki where you can use it to block any opposing force that you need to. The Rasengan is heavily condensed like you said, so it’s not going to break very easily. You’d need an incredible amount of power to push through it and even then Naruto can create dozens of them. It’s very hard to punch through that kind of energy. Not saying that Mio can’t do it, but it would be a difficult task for sure.

      Right, Naruto never had a chance but it makes sense. Willpower is always enough to block against things like that. I’m sure if in universe it were to happen they might have Naruto just get blown up. Those abilities tend to look really good in the adventures but I wouldn’t be able to put my money on that. Throughout his career Naruto has surpassed all expectations and defenses time and time again. There are no fighters who can really hope to stop him without getting up close and personal or blowing up the planet.

      I’m not highballing Naruto or nerfing Six Paths, I’m just saying that the former has proven himself and the latter has not. That’s really the big difference between the two and it really holds the Sage back. No matter what he does he’ll end up playing second fiddle here and that’s the tough part for him

      • Chakra, Ki, and Spirit Energy. They are all forms of spiritual energy. Although Spirit Energy is not Ki or Chakra. Mio couldn’t even be harmed unless a spirit was able to use forms of spiritual energy that came from her. Remember when I said spirit physiology is extraordinary in it’s own right. Despite there being a certain meta in the Date A Live timeline in which I cannot argue with you on that there are spirits who can fight physically. Tohka is able to do that. Anyone can. Mio shows herself to have a high stat in both strength speed and combat. SSS+ To be exact which is extremely dangerous on DAL standards.

        While you say that the Rasengan is a heavily condensed ball of chakra and you can apply wind to it as well, there were ways to ultimately counter it. Madara was able to use the Rinnegan to completely nullify Rasengan or during the Shinobi Alliance vs Madara thing when Kabuto was there if iirc. Astral Dresses can be manipulated and shaped to a point where that could possibly happen. Mio’s spiritual aura also isn’t something to be underestimated either. It’s immense. The same way Naruto can Mio can just make multiple clones of herself.

        ” There are no fighters who can really hope to stop him without getting up close and personal or blowing up the planet. ” That’s in his own universe. That argument would be most likely inaccurate if it was in any other universe.

      • Yeah spirit energy takes a lot of different forms but at the same time it always tends to follow the same kinds of logic in-universe. Energy is solid enough where you can punch through it if needed or use it to defend yourself. So Mio being able to fight physically definitely is useful when going up against these kinds of odds.

        There are ways to counter the Rasengan but it’s not easy. You really need to have abilities that are just stronger than it so you could punch through with something like a Kamehameha or transport it to another dimension. It’s still a very useful tool to force the opponent to show their hand. So it can be used to deflect another energy blast. Now if Mio is able to punch through because her power is superior to his concentrated area then that’s certainly possible. It’s just difficult because of how strong he is and the fact that he can spam this move too.

        Yeah it’s a bit hyperbolic, of course someone like Goku could take him out from mid range with precision Kamehameha blasts but it takes that kind of power to really have the upper hand against him

  6. To Be Accurate And To Telll The Truth Nio Can Just Wipe All Of The Universe Wit All Of The Anime Character Inside the Same Universe And Can Easily Beat Nearly All Of The Characters In Naruto She Can Easily Manipulate All The Laws Of World And Win, She is Also Immortal , Mio Can Also Use The Law’s of world to make her strong And Exceed All The Things That Harm’s Her So sadly For Naruto Fan Mio Can Beat All Naruto Character in a blink of an eye.

    • I don’t know about that one. Mio is incredibly powerful but taking out a whole universe like that? Keep in mind that Naruto is one of the most powerful guys out there

      • Mio,will just eat Naruto for breakfast.
        First you talk alot about Naruto “Willpower”,but one think Tohka as much willpower as Naruto,since in that battle she was fighting to keep the love of her life from being erased by Mio,but that didn’t stop Mio from deleting her with Ain.
        Also Mio have immunity to physical attacks thanks to her Astral Dress,unless they are powered by her own power like Tohka Sandalphon,Naruto has no access to Mio Renryoku,so his physical attacks are pretty useless.
        Mio it’s faster than Speed of Light,and faster than Kurumi using time manipulation(with Aleph Kurumi gets faster than her Shadow aka faster than,Speed of Light) to make herself faster,without breaking a sweet,so Naruto can’t simply blitz Mio
        So Naruto only hope is Chakra attacks,but one thing Mio can so is simply use Ain Soph Aur and impose death to Naruto attack,she did to all Spirits(with some of them could give Naruto a run for his money like Kurumi,Tohka or Origami)attacks,also she can easily separate Kurama from Naruto,Akatsuki it’s capable of doing with some prep time,Mio can do it instantly like she did with spirits separating them from their Sephira Crystal and them killing them instantly with Ain Soph Aur.
        Also one mistake that my DAL friends said was that enough Renryoku protects from Ain Soph Aur,it merely protects from instant death,contact with the enough “polen” from Ain Soph Aur will just kill them,so Mio just has to use some Angel like per example Ain Soph,Zafkiel,Gabriel or even Metatron to trap Naruto for some seconds to make die from Anaph or Henet
        Also if you said that Naruto have superior,do you think if they are fighting and Mio just decides spam a Spacequake of the size of China,what would Naruto do,she only has to raise her hand and BOOM.

      • Okay, so I get what you’re saying about Mio’s willpower but I still don’t think that’s enough to match Naruto. He had to endure the full power of the Leaf as a child since everyone was bullying him all the time. Naruto also had to endure his best friend running off and not letting that break him.

        As for Mio’s physical immunity, I would call it a high defense but not true immunity since you can’t really block everything like that. Now granted, it will still help her in the fight but ultimately Naruto is still going to be landing a lot of crazy blows. Mio’s speed is pretty great for sure but Naruto’s no stranger to light speed either and has been shown to move at this speed for a good amount of time.

        Imposing death to chakra attacks itself would be tricky. If she can do it then it would be a battle of stamina and Naruto’s chakra is almost unlimited. I’d really be backing him up in any kind of endurance battle.

        Naruto should be able to block any kind of country sized blast with Bijuu bombs of his own. Ultimately I see his speed and durability being enough to defeat Mio even if they have similar speed and strength stats. He has more attack options

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