Mio Takamiya vs Naruto

Suggested by Anonymous Mio Takamiya has some surprisingly powerful abilities at her disposal. She can fire off energy blasts that are difficult to evade due to their speed. That being said, her physical abilities aren’t quite up to snuff here. Naruto will be able to block her attacks with his chakra cloak and at that point she is out of luck. Naruto’s got a lot of experience in combat as well so he’ll be prepared for anything she throws at him. Naruto wins.


37 thoughts on “Mio Takamiya vs Naruto

  1. Can naruto break her barrier that can tank planet buster? Can naruto resist the second angel of mio(AIN SOPH) when she summon it? It stated that “no matter how powerful the opponent is no one can resist the power of ain soph”, can naruto resist the reality warp and erasure of existence? No he only has raw power and agility at his disposal but not hax. Then mio win without sweat.

    • I think I’d say yes to all of that. Naruto’s shown a lot of raw power over the years and speed to match. It’s hard to imagine Mio being able to keep up with him. Mio has a lot of talent and skill, but Naruto continues to get stronger and stronger

      • He has speed, raw power but that wont do a thing coz shes on different level compared to naruto. when she release her second angel (ain soph) it surround the landscape with monochromic design and she can manipulate the law and create a law.she can trap him in a dimention and put a law where he cant get out and even cut off his chakra power and nine tails just like what she did on tohka when shes starting to regain her spirit power but mio create a law where they’re power will vanish. No matter how powerful naruto right now he cant resist the angel of paradise. Even if naruto try to attack the angel it will just get back at him just like mokuro hoshimiya shes a planet buster but when she tried to lock(one of her abilities that can lock anything except mio’s angels which is by far superior to any spirit) the angel the keys on her staff goes back on her throat and pierce right throught it. Her trump card which erasure of existence even tho he has ninetails cloak the angel will just resist the durability of his ability. By the way shes a universal level 🙂

      • Trapping Naruto in the first place will be really difficult though. The laws are a good way to keep him at bay for a little while, but it would really just delay the inevitable. Eventually Naruto would break out and then she would really be in trouble. It seems to me like she mainly relies on her laws to win the fights, but in a close quarters brawl she wouldn’t last all that long here. So the question is whether or not her laws would be able to stop Naruto and I’m thinking they wouldn’t be able to. Even if she makes a law that he can’t attack or something like that he would ultimately defy it since breaking the rules is what Naruto does best. It’s one of those abilities that is great in concept, but its limits would soon show

      • If naruto can counter her hax especially her trump card(ain)then i guess naruto win but if not then i guess goodbye naruto because your out of EXISTENCE.

      • Dont get me wrong i love naruto aswell it is my childhood favorite anime but i dont see the potential of defeating mio takamiya in his raw power and agility even tho he has the power of kurama.

  2. You still dont get it do you? With just one word she can just erase him from existence no matter how durable naruto is. Her manipulation law can trap him into a dimention and put a law where he cant get out forever unless she take down the law that she put. Naruto is double country wrecker but mio is on different level comapre to him coz she is a universal lever+. Even if they fight in close quarter she has her weapon at her disposal which is anaph( branch of tree that serve as a sharpened blade) and her dress that can pierce through an astral dress( astral dress its a spirit dress that can protect the wielder by creating a powerful barrier) she fought tohka,yoshino and yamai sister who are great at close quarter battle but defeated them in a second. And she is so fast that she can keep up with kurumi without using her 20% power. Even if naruto already wearing his kurama cloak she can just disperse it since she can manipulate the law and everything that is surrounded by ain soph. Since she has all the other sephira she can time travel, rewrite everything at her whim, control the wind, ice and water manipulation, energy manipulation, mind control, light manipulation, time travel, open up wormholes, unlock and lock anything(emotion,abilities etc) can summon meteorites, can summon her clones(endlessly),fire manipulation and can create a powerful barrier. No matter how strong naruto is he cant resist being erase from existence coz she’s a god!

    • The erasure ability just won’t work on someone like Naruto though. His 9 Tails cloak is far too dense for that and his Will of Fire is strong. The dimension ability could trap him temporarily, but the law part won’t fly. Naruto will definitely bust out of there with a Biju bomb. Really, the main argument here is that she could erase him with a gesture or a law, but I’ve never subscribed to those kinds of abilities. As long as you have a lot of will power and a strong mind you will definitely be able to not only defend against that kind of attack, but even overpower it so I don’t think Naruto is going down anytime soon here

  3. Or just simply use her michael(can lock and unlock things even emotion or abilities) to lock his chakra and where his source of power come. Breaking the rules doesnt mean that he can defy being erase no matter how durable when he is in tail beast form. She can use her time devouring castle that no one can step in even if he has kuramas power only the spirit has the durability to step in and suck his life span or kill him when he was a baby(time travel baby😉) accept the fact that he is out of league compare to mio who is universal level.

    • Time travel is definitely a good option although it wouldn’t work as per blog rules. Otherwise you could always just go back to before the fight started and try again or go for the baby approach. As for the rules, if you’re strong enough you can bend all of the rules. That’s where Naruto’s raw power comes in. He was able to slice into the moon after all, I think he can break any law that comes his way

  4. Her erasure existence can resist all the durability of anykind of power until the opponent is completely vanish into the world. It doesnt matter how strong his will is he cant resist being erase. This is where your part is wrong no matter how many bijuu bomb he make he cant escape the dimention that she make its her law and shes the only one who can undone the law that she make no raw power nor hax can defy her rules once the law is given he cant get out no matter how powerful the bijuu is its like your walking in an endless desert without getting near to the border.she can make his power vanish in an instant. No matter how dense the cloak or durable it is it can resist by the power of her angel. His screwed when she unleash her trump card. He has strong will and raw power aswell but that wont do unless he has hax up in his sleeves but no only raw power thats where he screwed her attack power is universal her speed is ftl. By the way he’s not the one who slice the moon it was toneri he just use kuramas power to defend against it. Her dimention can literally erase all the cosmos and even her own dimention at her whim. By the way does he has defense against for spacequake? Her first spacequake destroyed china and Mongolia that result of killing 150million people in a second? Even bijuus power is not enought to destroy china in a single blast or mongolia maybe some of the mountains he can destroy but not a large continent in a single attack.

    • Erasure just isn’t as all powerful as it appears to be. It certainly won’t be scaring off someone like Naruto. He’s been around the block quite a few times in his day and let me tell you that he always overcomes the challenges. All these kinds of erasing abilities and laws have limits even if they aren’t shown in their series. It just means that the characters never quite faced someone quite as powerful as Naruto. He could certainly take down China with a single attack. By the end of the series I would actually say that Naruto is probably a planet buster if we scale it all properly. He’s only gonna keep on getting stronger from here as well. His lightning fast speed will also help him dodge Mio’s attacks so he won’t even need to worry about taking them head on. All of these factors mean that Naruto should have a relatively smooth victory. Her hax are good, but at the end of the day physical feats will always beat hax.

  5. If your strong enough and had resistance against time (immune to time) manipulation and law manipulation, reality warping, erasure ofexistence maybe he can win but no thats where he totally screwed she can just use her time travel to kill him when he was a baby and goes back in time without being affected by it coz she has the power to change everything and alter everything. He cant bend the law with his will its like turning a balloon to a fruit. Raw power its not the same as hax power dont let your mind be mix up. Your making him fight to a god that he has no chance to win no matter how raw power he has. Dont compare this to GOW(god of war) coz they are only country level just like naruto.

    • If we go outside the blog rules then sure, her time travel would be a way where she can win. Time travelers in general can’t really lose since they can just go back in time at any point. Ignoring that, there’s no way she can stop Naruto. Raw power is better than Hax power. No worries, I’ll keep God of War out of this since those guys are pretty weak tbh. Naruto has the 6 Paths power and 9 Tails mode, there isn’t much that he can’t do at this point.

  6. Those who can rival her is ywatch from bleach, kaguya otsutsuki(maybe), and those who has the power to surpass god but i dont see naruto can fight her at his level (low tier) even if he has the power of god but doesnt have hax then he still screwed. 🙂

    • Well, I do agree that Ywach would destroy her pretty quick. That guy’s incredibly powerful though. I’d put Kaguya under Naruto to be honest, but she was a pretty impressive fighter. I need to re-read her fight again

      • Ywatch isnt even that strong tho…she can just spam her spacequake to turn him into a dust. Spirits can see and detect unknown being whether they are far away or invisible. Her mana is infinite she can redo everything even the galaxy until she desire it. Kaguya otsutsuki isnt even that strong tho even madara can kill her instantly.

      • Eh, well Bleach in general is a far stronger verse than Naruto. The guys in the Espada arc could take down Naruto’s strongest fighters which is impressive. I would also agree that Madara can beat Kaguya

  7. Ain soph aur can it is an instant DEATH it ignore the durability of the opponent unless he has a powerful barrier can deflect it but the summoner will not be affected by it.

    Ain soph can ignore the durability of his power and disperse his power at her whim coz shes the embodiment of energy whether she close it or let it flow and can alter everything at her whim coz it is her dimention no one or even the angel can defy it.

    Ain can ignore the durability aswell until the opponent or cosmos is erase.

    • That attack would need to hit Naruto though and with his speed that won’t be an easy feat. Naruto is really in a league of his own at this point. His skills are quite literally out of this world and he continues to get stronger and stronger. Often times the only real defense against him is simply to not even fight at all. Ignoring durability is a pretty good skill so the question will also be if it can actually punch through Naruto’s attacks. I’m a little skeptical of that myself, but I won’t say that it is impossible

  8. If he can defy the law or rules why cant he defy the dimention that kaguya made( gravity dimention where they cant stand up straight) if he has a strong will he can defy it and attack her without any problem. he has the power of 9 tailed beast and the power of sealing kaguya but struggle to walk and kill her in her own dimention that doesnt seem right to bend the law at his will 😉 which he doesnt have anyway.

    • The gravity was just pretty tough for him. Even Kaguya was having some difficulty. It wasn’t so much a law that he couldn’t bend, but it was just how the verse was. Also, Kaguya was impressively powerful and was basically fighting Naruto on even ground. She’s not an easy opponent for anyone to defeat.

      • See?!his will power is useless against those who had via hax at their disposal. Even mio takamiya can alter the gravity without affecting her and kill him without getting sweat. She can just shut his power with her michael(lock and unlock) without killing him and thats where hes screwed all the way to the cosmos. Ain soph doesnt have limit she can reality warp everything and anything and even alter everything endlessly(infinite).no matter how fast he is even he evade raikage’s lightning attack and madara’s lightning beam(i guess 😅) No need to evade AIN(doesnt have limit too) coz he cant escape anyway. As far as i know he can only destroy mountains but not an entire continent which mio can tank her spacequake endlessly and destroy the cosmos with a single word(ain).

      • I wouldn’t say that it was powerless, more that Kaguya’s will was greater than his. The lock part sounds good, but with the 9 Tails Fox inside of Naruto it’ll be very hard to actually seal his abilities. Naruto is just in a league of his own. As for AIN being unable to be dodged, that’s because it’s a classic reality warp skill right? Naruto will be able to react to any such changes in the atmosphere around him and that’s bad news for Mio. Changing things ultimately isn’t quite as useful as breaking them so in that sense she will really be playing catch up to Naruto. He’ll be the one to score the winning blow.

  9. Ain isnt a reality warping its erasure of existence permanently he cant escape being erase no matter how durable naruto is. Her michael can lock and unlock things even power or energy source without problem and even the earth rotation. Naruto doesnt have hax to defend against such as strong hax even if he can react to it that doesnt mean he can evade it. Ain its like a passive skill it doesnt need to be hit by it,it only need to be command by the holder. Mio takamiya can erase all the cosmos including naruto if she wants to or spam her spacequake endlessly(she doesnt have limit on how much she use her spacequake or her other abilities). Kaguya is not that much of a fighter she always rely on her dimention to trap them but doesnt have total control on her own dimention(gravity)

    • True, but Kaguya did have that one moment where Naruto tried hitting her with a combo and she blocked all of the attacks. While she doesn’t usually fight close quarters, she definitely has the skills as needed. Naruto doesn’t have hax, but he’s defeated opponents with such skills in the past and he can do so again. Mio is not going to be doing anything to such a powerful opponent. She can’t count on erasure to win and will have to get up close. I can’t overemphasize how dangerous a tactic that would be since Naruto is basically lightspeed at this point.

  10. Lightspeed meant nothing once you are trap in her own dimention or use zaphkiel to decelerate him and accelerate herself. she can make him weak and blitz him. Tohka, origami, yamai sister and yoshino who is good at close quarter but get defeated easily and blitzes the yamai sister ( hurricane sister) whose faster than tohka and yoshino but she out classes them in terms of speed, raw power and hax aswell. Her dimention her own rules no power shall escape in her dimention. Tohka who has a strong “will” to fight for the other but get erased in an instant. Kaguya sure is strong but not strong enought to fight mio who is capable of destroying every universe. With just one word if she desire it to happen. Since she’s the originator of every spirit she has access to other spirits power like accelerate herself with the help of zaphkiel, use raphael to accelerate her even more using the wind and metatron to gave her speed and michael’s lightspeed ability and stopping the earth rotation and kill all the living being in the planet with michaels power and devour every life span using zaphkiel’s ability or time stop which naruto cannot resist and break molecular bond and intangibility.. Etc. Naruto sure is screwed when she spam her spacequake.

    • Right, but getting trapped in the first place will be difficult when Naruto is so fast. He can get himself in and out of tight spots in the blink of an eye. It’s what he has been doing since day 1. I also still say he is probably strong enough to bust a hole in the dimension before anyone even thinks to get any funny ideas. Mio’s powers are good, but again it does come down to the will power. Tohka’s will just wasn’t strong enough I suppose. At the end of the day the hax abilities are only as good as the opponent allows them to be. So long as you fight back then victory is 100% guaranteed.

  11. How can he escape to her dimention when the world is already under her dimention? Her original world(spirit world) she can place it into the earth and surround the world with monochromic design. He cant even get out of kaguya’s dimention how can he possibly get out of mio’s own dimention? No need to put him into her dimention coz she can bring the dimention into him whether he likes it or not :). Theres no guaranteed in winning when you only have raw power when the opponent has an insane hax. 🙂

    • If she brings the dimension to him then Naruto will charge through and break to the surface. His power would let him stop any obstacle that stands in his way and I don’t think even Mio would want a piece of that action. His Sage powers mixed in with his 9 Tails chakra just make Naruto unbeatable. Hax is still not as good as raw power although it certainly has its uses. That’s why I just can’t see her managing to take down Naruto here

  12. I dont think naruto has the potential against an ominipotent opponent that has resistance against all power who can erase and has universal manipulation. With just one word the universe will get erase in a blink of an eye. your underestimating an opponent who can single handedly erase everything at her will. How can naruto destroy her own dimention when no one can even touch it nor destroy it, it will simply goes back to the attcaker their attack :/ seems kinda weird tho.

    • Well, omnipotent abilities like that don’t really cut the mustard. She can’t make the whole universe get erased as long as Naruto’s still in it. I mean, I guess they’d be fighting in an empty void at that point which wouldn’t even be space since it would all be gone. In an aerial fight it would get a little more dicey for Naruto I suppose since his specialty is definitely ground based combat. Naruto just needs to be in the general area of the universe and he can break it. One thing I definitely don’t doubt is Naruto’s raw power when it’s crunch time.

  13. Lol your overestimating naruto so much when he cant even do that in reality 😉😂. He cant even resist the power of kaguya how can he be able to resist the power of mio? 😂. So? your saying is naruto is unkillable? Even thanos can kill him in an instant with a “snap” hahahaha. All of naruto has been fought is not even in the level of mio(universal buster). 😉 mio can accelerate his age’s until his dead, he is not even immune in time hax nor her energy manipulation.

  14. Lets say even if they fight in the void for eternity naruto is just a human being he ages, limited stamina, need water, food, sleep and he dies while mio has infinite stamina, doesnt need to sleep, food, water, and she doesnt age’s aswell(immortality). While they are killing each other mio decided to leave him in the void and goes to her own dimention to let the time decide his faith.

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