Mio Takamiya vs Naruto

Suggested by Anonymous Mio Takamiya has some surprisingly powerful abilities at her disposal. She can fire off energy blasts that are difficult to evade due to their speed. That being said, her physical abilities aren’t quite up to snuff here. Naruto will be able to block her attacks with his chakra cloak and at that point she is out of luck. Naruto’s got a lot of experience in combat as well so he’ll be prepared for anything she throws at him. Naruto wins.

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  1. Can naruto break her barrier that can tank planet buster? Can naruto resist the second angel of mio(AIN SOPH) when she summon it? It stated that “no matter how powerful the opponent is no one can resist the power of ain soph”, can naruto resist the reality warp and erasure of existence? No he only has raw power and agility at his disposal but not hax. Then mio win without sweat.

    • I think I’d say yes to all of that. Naruto’s shown a lot of raw power over the years and speed to match. It’s hard to imagine Mio being able to keep up with him. Mio has a lot of talent and skill, but Naruto continues to get stronger and stronger

      • He has speed, raw power but that wont do a thing coz shes on different level compared to naruto. when she release her second angel (ain soph) it surround the landscape with monochromic design and she can manipulate the law and create a law.she can trap him in a dimention and put a law where he cant get out and even cut off his chakra power and nine tails just like what she did on tohka when shes starting to regain her spirit power but mio create a law where they’re power will vanish. No matter how powerful naruto right now he cant resist the angel of paradise. Even if naruto try to attack the angel it will just get back at him just like mokuro hoshimiya shes a planet buster but when she tried to lock(one of her abilities that can lock anything except mio’s angels which is by far superior to any spirit) the angel the keys on her staff goes back on her throat and pierce right throught it. Her trump card which erasure of existence even tho he has ninetails cloak the angel will just resist the durability of his ability. By the way shes a universal level ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Trapping Naruto in the first place will be really difficult though. The laws are a good way to keep him at bay for a little while, but it would really just delay the inevitable. Eventually Naruto would break out and then she would really be in trouble. It seems to me like she mainly relies on her laws to win the fights, but in a close quarters brawl she wouldn’t last all that long here. So the question is whether or not her laws would be able to stop Naruto and I’m thinking they wouldn’t be able to. Even if she makes a law that he can’t attack or something like that he would ultimately defy it since breaking the rules is what Naruto does best. It’s one of those abilities that is great in concept, but its limits would soon show

      • If naruto can counter her hax especially her trump card(ain)then i guess naruto win but if not then i guess goodbye naruto because your out of EXISTENCE.

      • Dont get me wrong i love naruto aswell it is my childhood favorite anime but i dont see the potential of defeating mio takamiya in his raw power and agility even tho he has the power of kurama.

  2. You still dont get it do you? With just one word she can just erase him from existence no matter how durable naruto is. Her manipulation law can trap him into a dimention and put a law where he cant get out forever unless she take down the law that she put. Naruto is double country wrecker but mio is on different level comapre to him coz she is a universal lever+. Even if they fight in close quarter she has her weapon at her disposal which is anaph( branch of tree that serve as a sharpened blade) and her dress that can pierce through an astral dress( astral dress its a spirit dress that can protect the wielder by creating a powerful barrier) she fought tohka,yoshino and yamai sister who are great at close quarter battle but defeated them in a second. And she is so fast that she can keep up with kurumi without using her 20% power. Even if naruto already wearing his kurama cloak she can just disperse it since she can manipulate the law and everything that is surrounded by ain soph. Since she has all the other sephira she can time travel, rewrite everything at her whim, control the wind, ice and water manipulation, energy manipulation, mind control, light manipulation, time travel, open up wormholes, unlock and lock anything(emotion,abilities etc) can summon meteorites, can summon her clones(endlessly),fire manipulation and can create a powerful barrier. No matter how strong naruto is he cant resist being erase from existence coz she’s a god!

    • The erasure ability just won’t work on someone like Naruto though. His 9 Tails cloak is far too dense for that and his Will of Fire is strong. The dimension ability could trap him temporarily, but the law part won’t fly. Naruto will definitely bust out of there with a Biju bomb. Really, the main argument here is that she could erase him with a gesture or a law, but I’ve never subscribed to those kinds of abilities. As long as you have a lot of will power and a strong mind you will definitely be able to not only defend against that kind of attack, but even overpower it so I don’t think Naruto is going down anytime soon here

  3. Or just simply use her michael(can lock and unlock things even emotion or abilities) to lock his chakra and where his source of power come. Breaking the rules doesnt mean that he can defy being erase no matter how durable when he is in tail beast form. She can use her time devouring castle that no one can step in even if he has kuramas power only the spirit has the durability to step in and suck his life span or kill him when he was a baby(time travel baby๐Ÿ˜‰) accept the fact that he is out of league compare to mio who is universal level.

    • Time travel is definitely a good option although it wouldn’t work as per blog rules. Otherwise you could always just go back to before the fight started and try again or go for the baby approach. As for the rules, if you’re strong enough you can bend all of the rules. That’s where Naruto’s raw power comes in. He was able to slice into the moon after all, I think he can break any law that comes his way

  4. Her erasure existence can resist all the durability of anykind of power until the opponent is completely vanish into the world. It doesnt matter how strong his will is he cant resist being erase. This is where your part is wrong no matter how many bijuu bomb he make he cant escape the dimention that she make its her law and shes the only one who can undone the law that she make no raw power nor hax can defy her rules once the law is given he cant get out no matter how powerful the bijuu is its like your walking in an endless desert without getting near to the border.she can make his power vanish in an instant. No matter how dense the cloak or durable it is it can resist by the power of her angel. His screwed when she unleash her trump card. He has strong will and raw power aswell but that wont do unless he has hax up in his sleeves but no only raw power thats where he screwed her attack power is universal her speed is ftl. By the way he’s not the one who slice the moon it was toneri he just use kuramas power to defend against it. Her dimention can literally erase all the cosmos and even her own dimention at her whim. By the way does he has defense against for spacequake? Her first spacequake destroyed china and Mongolia that result of killing 150million people in a second? Even bijuus power is not enought to destroy china in a single blast or mongolia maybe some of the mountains he can destroy but not a large continent in a single attack.

    • Erasure just isn’t as all powerful as it appears to be. It certainly won’t be scaring off someone like Naruto. He’s been around the block quite a few times in his day and let me tell you that he always overcomes the challenges. All these kinds of erasing abilities and laws have limits even if they aren’t shown in their series. It just means that the characters never quite faced someone quite as powerful as Naruto. He could certainly take down China with a single attack. By the end of the series I would actually say that Naruto is probably a planet buster if we scale it all properly. He’s only gonna keep on getting stronger from here as well. His lightning fast speed will also help him dodge Mio’s attacks so he won’t even need to worry about taking them head on. All of these factors mean that Naruto should have a relatively smooth victory. Her hax are good, but at the end of the day physical feats will always beat hax.

  5. If your strong enough and had resistance against time (immune to time) manipulation and law manipulation, reality warping, erasure ofexistence maybe he can win but no thats where he totally screwed she can just use her time travel to kill him when he was a baby and goes back in time without being affected by it coz she has the power to change everything and alter everything. He cant bend the law with his will its like turning a balloon to a fruit. Raw power its not the same as hax power dont let your mind be mix up. Your making him fight to a god that he has no chance to win no matter how raw power he has. Dont compare this to GOW(god of war) coz they are only country level just like naruto.

    • If we go outside the blog rules then sure, her time travel would be a way where she can win. Time travelers in general can’t really lose since they can just go back in time at any point. Ignoring that, there’s no way she can stop Naruto. Raw power is better than Hax power. No worries, I’ll keep God of War out of this since those guys are pretty weak tbh. Naruto has the 6 Paths power and 9 Tails mode, there isn’t much that he can’t do at this point.

  6. Those who can rival her is ywatch from bleach, kaguya otsutsuki(maybe), and those who has the power to surpass god but i dont see naruto can fight her at his level (low tier) even if he has the power of god but doesnt have hax then he still screwed. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Well, I do agree that Ywach would destroy her pretty quick. That guy’s incredibly powerful though. I’d put Kaguya under Naruto to be honest, but she was a pretty impressive fighter. I need to re-read her fight again

      • Ywatch isnt even that strong tho…she can just spam her spacequake to turn him into a dust. Spirits can see and detect unknown being whether they are far away or invisible. Her mana is infinite she can redo everything even the galaxy until she desire it. Kaguya otsutsuki isnt even that strong tho even madara can kill her instantly.

      • Eh, well Bleach in general is a far stronger verse than Naruto. The guys in the Espada arc could take down Naruto’s strongest fighters which is impressive. I would also agree that Madara can beat Kaguya

  7. Ain soph aur can it is an instant DEATH it ignore the durability of the opponent unless he has a powerful barrier can deflect it but the summoner will not be affected by it.

    Ain soph can ignore the durability of his power and disperse his power at her whim coz shes the embodiment of energy whether she close it or let it flow and can alter everything at her whim coz it is her dimention no one or even the angel can defy it.

    Ain can ignore the durability aswell until the opponent or cosmos is erase.

    • That attack would need to hit Naruto though and with his speed that won’t be an easy feat. Naruto is really in a league of his own at this point. His skills are quite literally out of this world and he continues to get stronger and stronger. Often times the only real defense against him is simply to not even fight at all. Ignoring durability is a pretty good skill so the question will also be if it can actually punch through Naruto’s attacks. I’m a little skeptical of that myself, but I won’t say that it is impossible

  8. If he can defy the law or rules why cant he defy the dimention that kaguya made( gravity dimention where they cant stand up straight) if he has a strong will he can defy it and attack her without any problem. he has the power of 9 tailed beast and the power of sealing kaguya but struggle to walk and kill her in her own dimention that doesnt seem right to bend the law at his will ๐Ÿ˜‰ which he doesnt have anyway.

    • The gravity was just pretty tough for him. Even Kaguya was having some difficulty. It wasn’t so much a law that he couldn’t bend, but it was just how the verse was. Also, Kaguya was impressively powerful and was basically fighting Naruto on even ground. She’s not an easy opponent for anyone to defeat.

      • See?!his will power is useless against those who had via hax at their disposal. Even mio takamiya can alter the gravity without affecting her and kill him without getting sweat. She can just shut his power with her michael(lock and unlock) without killing him and thats where hes screwed all the way to the cosmos. Ain soph doesnt have limit she can reality warp everything and anything and even alter everything endlessly(infinite).no matter how fast he is even he evade raikage’s lightning attack and madara’s lightning beam(i guess ๐Ÿ˜…) No need to evade AIN(doesnt have limit too) coz he cant escape anyway. As far as i know he can only destroy mountains but not an entire continent which mio can tank her spacequake endlessly and destroy the cosmos with a single word(ain).

      • I wouldn’t say that it was powerless, more that Kaguya’s will was greater than his. The lock part sounds good, but with the 9 Tails Fox inside of Naruto it’ll be very hard to actually seal his abilities. Naruto is just in a league of his own. As for AIN being unable to be dodged, that’s because it’s a classic reality warp skill right? Naruto will be able to react to any such changes in the atmosphere around him and that’s bad news for Mio. Changing things ultimately isn’t quite as useful as breaking them so in that sense she will really be playing catch up to Naruto. He’ll be the one to score the winning blow.

  9. Ain isnt a reality warping its erasure of existence permanently he cant escape being erase no matter how durable naruto is. Her michael can lock and unlock things even power or energy source without problem and even the earth rotation. Naruto doesnt have hax to defend against such as strong hax even if he can react to it that doesnt mean he can evade it. Ain its like a passive skill it doesnt need to be hit by it,it only need to be command by the holder. Mio takamiya can erase all the cosmos including naruto if she wants to or spam her spacequake endlessly(she doesnt have limit on how much she use her spacequake or her other abilities). Kaguya is not that much of a fighter she always rely on her dimention to trap them but doesnt have total control on her own dimention(gravity)

    • True, but Kaguya did have that one moment where Naruto tried hitting her with a combo and she blocked all of the attacks. While she doesn’t usually fight close quarters, she definitely has the skills as needed. Naruto doesn’t have hax, but he’s defeated opponents with such skills in the past and he can do so again. Mio is not going to be doing anything to such a powerful opponent. She can’t count on erasure to win and will have to get up close. I can’t overemphasize how dangerous a tactic that would be since Naruto is basically lightspeed at this point.

  10. Lightspeed meant nothing once you are trap in her own dimention or use zaphkiel to decelerate him and accelerate herself. she can make him weak and blitz him. Tohka, origami, yamai sister and yoshino who is good at close quarter but get defeated easily and blitzes the yamai sister ( hurricane sister) whose faster than tohka and yoshino but she out classes them in terms of speed, raw power and hax aswell. Her dimention her own rules no power shall escape in her dimention. Tohka who has a strong “will” to fight for the other but get erased in an instant. Kaguya sure is strong but not strong enought to fight mio who is capable of destroying every universe. With just one word if she desire it to happen. Since she’s the originator of every spirit she has access to other spirits power like accelerate herself with the help of zaphkiel, use raphael to accelerate her even more using the wind and metatron to gave her speed and michael’s lightspeed ability and stopping the earth rotation and kill all the living being in the planet with michaels power and devour every life span using zaphkiel’s ability or time stop which naruto cannot resist and break molecular bond and intangibility.. Etc. Naruto sure is screwed when she spam her spacequake.

    • Right, but getting trapped in the first place will be difficult when Naruto is so fast. He can get himself in and out of tight spots in the blink of an eye. It’s what he has been doing since day 1. I also still say he is probably strong enough to bust a hole in the dimension before anyone even thinks to get any funny ideas. Mio’s powers are good, but again it does come down to the will power. Tohka’s will just wasn’t strong enough I suppose. At the end of the day the hax abilities are only as good as the opponent allows them to be. So long as you fight back then victory is 100% guaranteed.

  11. How can he escape to her dimention when the world is already under her dimention? Her original world(spirit world) she can place it into the earth and surround the world with monochromic design. He cant even get out of kaguya’s dimention how can he possibly get out of mio’s own dimention? No need to put him into her dimention coz she can bring the dimention into him whether he likes it or not :). Theres no guaranteed in winning when you only have raw power when the opponent has an insane hax. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • If she brings the dimension to him then Naruto will charge through and break to the surface. His power would let him stop any obstacle that stands in his way and I don’t think even Mio would want a piece of that action. His Sage powers mixed in with his 9 Tails chakra just make Naruto unbeatable. Hax is still not as good as raw power although it certainly has its uses. That’s why I just can’t see her managing to take down Naruto here

  12. I dont think naruto has the potential against an ominipotent opponent that has resistance against all power who can erase and has universal manipulation. With just one word the universe will get erase in a blink of an eye. your underestimating an opponent who can single handedly erase everything at her will. How can naruto destroy her own dimention when no one can even touch it nor destroy it, it will simply goes back to the attcaker their attack :/ seems kinda weird tho.

    • Well, omnipotent abilities like that don’t really cut the mustard. She can’t make the whole universe get erased as long as Naruto’s still in it. I mean, I guess they’d be fighting in an empty void at that point which wouldn’t even be space since it would all be gone. In an aerial fight it would get a little more dicey for Naruto I suppose since his specialty is definitely ground based combat. Naruto just needs to be in the general area of the universe and he can break it. One thing I definitely don’t doubt is Naruto’s raw power when it’s crunch time.

  13. Lol your overestimating naruto so much when he cant even do that in reality ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‚. He cant even resist the power of kaguya how can he be able to resist the power of mio? ๐Ÿ˜‚. So? your saying is naruto is unkillable? Even thanos can kill him in an instant with a “snap” hahahaha. All of naruto has been fought is not even in the level of mio(universal buster). ๐Ÿ˜‰ mio can accelerate his age’s until his dead, he is not even immune in time hax nor her energy manipulation.

    • Hey, Naruto ultimately did beat Kaguya though even if he did have some help. Naruto isn’t unkillable, but he can’t be stopped with a snap or anything like that. You have to try and beat him physically which is nigh impossible. It’s very difficult to accomplish this, but it’s definitely not impossible either. I could agree that Naruto isn’t universal, but neither is Mio if we’re talking physical power. Her hax make her universal, but otherwise in a straight fight she can’t hope to compete at such a high level. Naruto isn’t immune to time hax, but it really won’t be causing him all that much concern

  14. Lets say even if they fight in the void for eternity naruto is just a human being he ages, limited stamina, need water, food, sleep and he dies while mio has infinite stamina, doesnt need to sleep, food, water, and she doesnt age’s aswell(immortality). While they are killing each other mio decided to leave him in the void and goes to her own dimention to let the time decide his faith.

    • Yeah Naruto definitely ages, but the fight won’t take that long. Naruto’s destructive ability ensures that this will be a quick fight win or lose. Mio doesn’t need to sleep, but she’ll definitely get mentally tired as Naruto chases her all over the place. She can run, but she can’t hide

  15. She can hide in her own dimention๐Ÿ˜‰.naruto doesnt have an ability to go to another dimention or should i say no one can come into her own place(just like obito who has his own dimention ) . Fyi she has infinite stamina๐Ÿ˜. Killing him when he was a baby wont cause him that much? Hmm๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜‚. Yeah he beat kaguya who is a planet buster oh great ๐Ÿ™‚ but not mio ๐Ÿ˜‰. Making her hax a universal level is enought to prove that he cant beat her in a sense of just raw power or lightning speed coz shes a lightning speed+ ๐Ÿ˜‰. Universal level hax can erase those who are below them(naruto include) or above them if im not mistaken๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™‰. if he have immune to erasure existence,law manipulation and instant death that ignore the durability of the opponent then maybe just maybe he will win this fight.๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜

    • So we’re saying that Mio can win if she’s able to hide in her dimension until Naruto grows old and dies of old age? I dunno, that doesn’t really feel much like a win to me. I would also argue that Naruto would still be able to break into any dimension she would want to hide herself in. Naruto could probably also catch her before she manages to hide in the dimension so that would be game over for her. It’s like the saying says, you can run but you can’t hide. No matter where Mio goes she won’t be able to stop Naruto. Naruto surpassed lightning speed a long time ago

      • mio can turn herself into a phantom and any attacks of naruto will go through her without any pain into her body

      • That is handy, but it’ll work best against physical attacks. I have my doubts on how well that would work against chakra moves like the Rasengan

      • When did naruto gain such power to break a dimention?? ๐Ÿ˜Œ as far as i know he didnt even break through kaguya’s dimention and even escape from it even though he has the sage power, kurama’s power :). Even if he manage to catch up with her how can he possibly be able to take her down when she’s in her phantom mode? ๐Ÿ˜€ any physical attack or magic will only goes pass through her ๐Ÿ™‚ she always start with her second angel to manipulate the law”no one can hurt me”. Shes immortal the only thing that will kill her is her own trump card.

      • Naruto’s been getting stronger and stronger with each fight. For Kaguya I wouldn’t say that he was ever in a position where he felt like he needed to break her dimension. For the most part he just went along with the flow and things turned out okay so it ended up being a pretty good plan. Phantom mode won’t work against his sage skills or chakra abilities. I’m thinking those should allow him to deal some massive damage in an instant.

        Being immortal just means you won’t die of natural causes, but you can still be eliminated. Trust me, Naruto isn’t playing here so he’ll be going for the win. As for the law, it has its limits and Naruto’s attacks would soon deal damage

  16. Then as for mio since shes a god her power will rise up to the point she will flick her finger into naruto then kaboomm”

    Trust me he wouldnt stand a chance against mio :). Lets say he gain a massive power up but thats it he only gains raw power to physical attack, but doesnt have against to destroy a dimension. Since she’s the embodiment of mana she can shut down his chakra power and sage power if shes willing to do it. She activated her 2nd angel for 30 years straight i dont think she doesnt have any limit or whatsoever…

    Chakra abilities doesnt matter to her she can turn it into a plushie or food with her haniel,haniel can copy anything even the opponents abilities. Rasiel can give information about his power and other abilities or even rewrite the reality. Michael is conceptual manipulation can lock and unlock everything even his chakra (if neji can close the chakra flow her michael can lock it without any problem). Zaphkiel can go back in time or jump in the past to kill him when he was a ๐Ÿ‘ถ or accelerate his age to turn him into an old citizen until he perish. Mana manipulation she can also absorb mana/chakra at her will and turn it into a strong barrier. She can spam her spacequake or 1 spacequake is enought to put him in his place.

    Hmmm.. Along with the flow? Then how come he didnt rescue sasuke at that time (when sasuke was separated to naruto) to fight together and seal kaguya right away when you said he has the power to go to dimention???๐Ÿ˜• they almost get burn(lava dimension) if it wasnt for his truth seeker orb that save his comrade. If naruto has the power to go to dimention or even break a dimention he will not hesistate to destroy kaguya’s dimension for his comrade sake but he did wait for kaguya’s dimention hopping to open to be able to escape from her dimension . Law manipulation can alter everything and anything even his chakra power and sage power to disperse it once and for all and he will be useless as sakura. Face the fact :).naruto is gonna be a big threat to her maybe she will be a little hard time with him but erasure existence is enough to put him in his place.

    • She’d have to catch Naruto to do that and I’m not sure if she’s quick enough. His durability is also out of this world so he won’t be going down easy. I’m also not sure if she can shut down his chakra so easily. Having Kurama inside lets Naruto use 2 different chakra sources so like in the same way that genjutsu doesn’t really work on him, I don’t think Mio could shut him down.

      Her reality transmutation is handy, but she won’t be able to just turn his Rasengan into a pizza with ease. Naruto’s attacks are chaotic in nature and constantly changing. It’ll be hard for her to keep a bead on it and Naruto will just shift gears if he is getting into trouble. She has a lot of good techniques, but the main problem is just that Naruto is a lot faster and stronger than Mio. Her various hax just won’t be enough to stop him by this point.

      Naruto was still joking around a lot during the Kaguya arc and wasn’t taking things as seriously as he should have. He knew things would work out and ultimately he needed the dimensions so he could finally take Kaguya down. Destroying them would have prolonged the battle and put the others at risk. When Naruto doesn’t have to worry about his comrades then he can really go all out!

      • Naruto doesnt need the dimention to bring down kaguya if he has that much power to begin with he wouldnt struggle against obito and madara or even kaguya he would have finished them in an instant. But no naruto’s level is not that of a top notch even he has the sage power and kurama’s chakra he is not that much of a threat to them. 1v1 with kaguya naruto is definitely in a ground lying over while his body parts are scatter. First things first naruto dorsnt have resistance against any kind of hax 2nd he is not saitama to defy the law of nature 3rd she can parry him in a close combat coz sge has sandalphon(sword) anaph( ain soph branch of tree that can be use as a weapon to fight a close quarter battle) 4th she dorsnt need to bring down her ain soph to use her other ability coz she has infinite mana at her disposal she can spam her other abilities 5th michael’s power is unlock and lock it doesnt matter what is inside of him she can lock it in a matter of second just like how mukuro did to kotori to stop her power from rampaging. 5th he needs an IMMUNITY to defy all of thoseeeeeee whivh he doesnt havr in the first place.

      • So I think a lot of the debate comes down to the hax. Naruto doesn’t need immunity because you just can’t warp someone out of existence if they don’t want to go away. As for close quarters combat, I don’t think she would have the speed to stop Naruto. Her sword is definitely impressive but she’ll need a whole lot more than that if she really wants to claim victory. As for locking things away, Naruto’s Fox will definitely help to prevent that and his natural abilities are at an insane level anyway so that’ll back him up further. We can’t sleep on this kid, he’s been taking enemies down for ages and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

  17. I dont think mio has a limit on how she will spend her mana on releasing a different angel Simultaneously. Since she did that when she fought isaac wescott.

  18. At the same time Mukuro raised her voice, a โ€œholeโ€ in space opened up in front of her, swallowing in the tip of her staff.


    Mukuro yelled out while turning her staff.

    The Angel of the key was extremely powerful. Whether tangible or intangible, anything could be sealed. โ”€โ”€Even if the object was the Spirit of Originโ€™s Angel .

    It certainly seemed to be an impeccable first response towards an unknown enemy. Howeverโ”€

    โ€œโ€ฆโ€ฆ! Donโ€™t do it, Mukuro!โ€

    Tohka found herself semi-consciously crying out.

    Despite not knowing the reason why. Despite not having any basis for that.

    However, Tohkaโ€™s instincts and intuition sounded a sharp alarm.

    At that momentโ”€


    Mukuroโ€™s eyes opened wide in astonishment as she leaked out an anguished voice from her lips.


    Staring at Mukuro, Tohka soon found out the reason.

    She had stabbed the back of her neck through the tip of swaying through the hole that had opened up in space.


    โ€œโ€ฆโ€ฆItโ€™s useless.โ€

    As Tohka held her breath, Mio whispered softly.

    โ€œโ€ฆโ€ฆDidnโ€™t I say it? Here, the neighboring world has already overwritten this world. โ”€โ”€This is my world. Everything, all logic, all natural laws are different from the world you know. In my world, attacking has become impossible. โ”€โ”€Just like how people cannot survive underwater or apples falling from trees cannot disappear into the sky.โ€

    How the heck will naruto attack mio if the angel of Mukuro cannot even shut down mio’s angel (mukuro’s angel is a top notch when it comes to seal, it has the power to break the molecules of tangible or intangible being or even their power to seal it permanently). Anything she imagine will become reality.

    • Naruto will keep on attacking without letting up. The longer Mio wastes energy putting up her laws, the more exhausted she will be when she has to let the power down. She just won’t be able to keep up with Naruto in close quarters which is ultimately what is going to cost her here

      • Exhaust?? She cast her ain soph for 30 years how the h*ck will she be exhausted? She didnt sleep aswell for 30 years just to make her goals to come true. He needs to find a way to kill her or else she will be unstoppable (well she is).planetary devastation would work i guess but he doesnt have that ability. Bijuu bomb wont work aswell coz her barrier is so strong that no one can even penetrate it it can even tank a nuke just like mana’s territory that can tank a gigaton level but mio’s barrier is much(20x) thivker and stronger.

      • Well, a nuke is impressive, but I wouldn’t say that it is quite as powerful as a direct Bijuu bomb. I think stalling won’t be a viable tactic for either party here. Really, the match will likely be over very quickly either way as both opponents charge in and try to deal maximum damage right away. Naruto can shoot out a few Bijuu bombs and that should give him the firepower he needs

  19. Btw, did you forget Impmon vs Pikachu (if that’s what i requested)? It’s ok if you did we don’t have a perfect memory

  20. Okay, I have seen that this argument has been going on for about 2 months now.
    I know both the Naruto Fandom and the Date A Live fandom. So let me just say this right now.
    Omnipotence (from Latin: Omni Potens: “all power”) is the ability to be almighty in every sense and aspect.

    The user can achieve and do absolutely anything without any limit or condition, including the conceptually impossible and logically impossible, like “bigger than infinity” or “making a squared circle”. They possess all powers and everything beyond them, existing on level inconceivably above/beyond any other power/concept.

    It’s one and only wielder (there can be only one in each fictional continuity, hence the “Above All”) is fundamentally invincible, completely immune to all other powers, and able to defeat the combined might of all creation and its mightiest beings just by wanting it, without the slightest effort.
    First, off when she uses this:
    Death Manipulation (Her second power, the angel of death is able to kill instantanously all living and even non-living things like robots, energy and even objects. Her power is described to reduce everything into zero and ignore durability)
    You know how the Truthseeking orbs ignore durability regardless of anyone’s strength, ability or durability. Those orbs disregard that and thus giving a hard counter to the opponent.
    Ain Soph Aur(ไธ‡่ฑก่–ๅ ‚ (ใ‚ขใ‚คใƒณใƒปใ‚ฝใƒ•ใƒปใ‚ชใ‚ฆใƒซ): Banshล Seidล lit. Sanctuary of All Things In Creation) A flower containing a silhouette of Mayuri at the center of the petals. Following the command to bloom, the flower constantly emits particles of light that instantly kills everyone that comes in contact with it, except for those protected by an Astral Dress or a strong enough . Her light of “absolute death” can’t be countered by any defense regardless of the Durability and the composition of it, even things that have no life can be killed by imposing “death” on them, this light killed, Nia Described this ability as a “light of absolute death” that “reduces everything to zero in the blink of an eye.” Even if Naruto uses KCM 1, 2, 3 Or even 6 paths sage mode he will still be affected by this Law because it’s inevitable.
    If we are talking about an OMNIPOTENT being we are talking about the ONE ABOVE ALL. It’s INEVITABLE. The Rasengan, Bijuu Dama, or any of the attacks that Naruto dishes out would not effect her. AT ALL. Sure he survived the moon being cut in half by Toneri. But we are talking about someone who went up against Isaac Peram Ray Westcott on of the main villains of the DAL series who is able to destroy solar systems and galaxies for fun by just using a Rewrite Ability? An immortal being that cannot die unless you have an angel called Kallabah, or You are Divine Entity. And that’s not even the fullest extent of his ability AT ALL. Mio literally flat out said to Kurumi Tokisaki, nothing can’t defeat her, even if Kurumi had Zafkiel the Emperor of Time. If Hagoromo did not give Naruto and Sasuke 6 paths, they wouldn’t be able to even go against Madara nor Kaguya. And Kaguya was STILL a struggle for Naruto even if HE DID have 6 paths Sage Mode. Existence Erasure isn’t still something that you can mess around with.
    If he spawns 100,000 Clones those clones would be wiped off the face of the earth. Want to know why?
    Henet [่•พ็ ฒ (ใƒ˜ใƒใƒ„ )] Summons a small palm size flower bud that releases a concentrated energy beam of particles from Ain Soph Aur. Anything that comes in contact with the energy beam will instantly die regardless of any defense.
    This is like putting Yukari Yakumo against Naruto when you know that Boundary Manipulation will strive. We are putting this into that consideration that “anything has a border.”
    Naruto literally died when he got Kuruma pulled out of him. She could literally just say, ” Hey lemme just take the tailed beast out of Naruto” and just like that he’d die.
    Sealing her will not work, unless your Shido Itsuka. Planetary Devastation will not work.
    If Naruto even uses 6TH PATHS: MASSIVE RASENSHURIKEN and she gets hit she’ll say. “ok” like it was nothing. She literally took an attack from FUSION FULL POWER TOHKA which is literally CLASSIFIED as NO JOKE. WHICH CONSISTED OF INVERSE TOHKA AND REGULAR TOHKA FUSION INTO ONE ENTITY.
    Therefore Mio Takamiya would win. Don’t get me wrong I love Naruto but in situations like this when we are talking Omnipotent being something that is boundless and inevitable, we already know who is going to win.

    • Definitely a very impressive write up. You certainly got a lot of info here and bring up good points. Ultimately her abilities do sound pretty impressive, but she is hampered a bit by the fact that some of her abilities wouldn’t work as normal. Typically she can win because her laws overwrite anything, but I still believe in good ole fashioned will power for negating such advances. She would then have to focus on her energy attacks like the light of destruction, but Naruto is a little too fast for that to work. Her durability feat for taking a hit from Tohka sounds good assuming it was more of a physical hit and not just resisting cosmic talents.

      Mio sounds really tough, but ultimately while her abilities have a lot of hax and get around the issue of not having the physical/projectile abilities to handle Naruto, I don’t think she could make up the difference

  21. Mio Survived a Direct Attack of Tohka after It Absorbed the Energy of All Sephiras including De Mio (A Minimal Univesal Attack +) so Naruto has No Way to Harm It. On the subject of Speed โ€‹โ€‹The Thing is even more doomed, if Mukuro could already be standing behind a black hole, Tohka in Volume 20 The entire Universe Created by Mio Sephira started … At least Massively FTL Which already left Naruto far behind in speed (and every saying that Mio is faster than Tohka) … It is enough for Mio to launch a Universal Power + attack and the fight ends with an Over Kill

    • That’s a pretty good feat for Mio to be sure. Of course, that’s different from the concentrated attack of a Rasengan. I’m not sure Mio would really be ready for it. As for standing behind a Black Hole, due to how her abilities work that may not have really been speed per say. I looked into Mio quite a lot, but I’m jut not seeing the direct combat feats needed to try and take down someone like Naruto.

      • A Rasengan is very powerful but it is not an attack of Universal + destruction like that of Sandalphon, besides Mio could use its laws to keep Naruto immobile and launch a Ray of Energy from Metraton or Sandalphon (I emphasize again that Sandalphon cut a Universe into Moments and that is already Massively FTL +) Naruto could not Survive or Dodge something like that, It simply does not have how to defeat a universal being (or good Multiversal because layers of erasing two universes are mentioned) that moves me faster than him and has several Skills that help her even more

      • Keeping Naruto immobile will be difficult since he is a Jinjuriki. The Fox can take control of him if Mio tries to paralyze him so there is always one person keeping the body moving. Cutting the universe does sound really good, but the range would be the question. Kuwabara from Yu Yu Hakusho could cut across dimensions, but it technically wasn’t a big threat most of the time since it was easy to dodge.

  22. it that mean Naruto can fight dbz fighter like berus the God destruction who also have ability erasure to? so you say Naruto can beat Omni king who can destroyed multiverse mere swing his hand because it no fighter like other character dzb.you to underestimate character who have ability erasure you out existence like Omni king and same go mio.why Naruto can’t tank the spear like thing who kill obito and his clone body without leaving trace by kaguya ? .

    • He’s lose to someone like Beerus because of the difference in physical abilities though. Beerus is massively FTL and a planet buster. Naruto wouldn’t be able to land a hit. Omni king can’t fight beyond wishing people away which is why he would go down for the count.

      Naruto ultimately did take Obito and the others down. Remember when he punched Madara so hard the guy basically lost in one hit? Naruto is crazy powerful and even Kaguya wasn’t ready for him

  23. i do not know Naruto have abilities like resist law ,dimensions escape and erasure abilities. as far i see Naruto do not have kind durability to handling those hax except sasuke who have control space time with rinnegan sharingan..i not agree with you putting end this match without look what kind abilities mio .what happen it mio acess all angel full abilities .can Naruto resist time stop zafkiel ,can Naruto resist rasiel who can control future .i guess not just like who kurama can ‘t resist sharingan like obito and madara same other bijuu to.

    • It’s because with erasure abilities anyone should be able to resist it. If you want to destroy someone you gotta do it with some kind of destructive power or a different ability to use. Time control is another gray area like that where it won’t really work. It’s something I end up confronting in a lot of different medias

  24. not anyone who can resist this abilities.mio can turn you into nothings before you can land hit.You say kaguya are not ready for fighting Naruto because her to powerful to handling ??. Why not Naruto one on one with kaguya not need help from sasuke ,sakura and kakashi .Them three just sit and eat some Ramen in susanoo watch naruto fight kaguya by himself it Naruto can solo kaguya not need seal from sasuke.

    • At the time Naruto wasn’t yet at the peak of his power so he did need a little assistance. I’d argue that Naruto still handled the brunt of the work though. Without him landing all the big hits and pressuring Kaguya throughout the whole match it is fair to say that things would not have gone so well. Naruto was definitely the MVP here and I’m sure he treated them to some ramen afterwards. Turning people into nothing just isn’t a viable strategy

  25. the law abilities can’t be break more that willpower you know. Why Naruto can’t resist gravity under kaguya control and please tell me which episode ,chapter manga or lightnovel Naruto can have counter and resist law ,death and erasure abilities.

    • That gravity was really impressive. Naruto not being able to stop it is more a testament to Kaguya’s strength than Naruto’s weakness. Naruto hasn’t shown that he can resist erasure, but he doesn’t need to. It’s an ability that just doesn’t work outside the confines of the series. It’s really just a cheat code

  26. are you say it mio are weakling who can’t wound or kill Naruto even mio have power to destroyed anything and warp reality like godlike power ?? or because she not close combat fighter like Naruto ?? .So tell me did you read lightnovel date a live till Volume 20??or date a bullet ( same universe ) till Volume 3 (ready be translate) ??.

    • I haven’t read those light novels, but they definitely sound fun. I wouldn’t say that Mio is a weakling. She’s certainly a formidable fighter in her own right, but I just don’t think she would ultimately be able to put up much of a fight against Naruto. Naruto is too powerful and fast. Mio’s physical stats aren’t at a high level like that even though she has reality warping at the ready

  27. A dimension is not the same as a universe in all Cases, in addition to your Logic Naruto could defeat beings like Beerus without problems because it is even inferior to Mio in terms of Physical Characteristics and power refers (By the simple fact of Mio has demonstrated better feats than this). The Fox even if he takes possession of a naruto would still not be able to move (Well, the Manipulation of Mio Affects Everything that is not her), even if he moved, he cannot avoid a Massively FTL + Speed โ€‹โ€‹attack like Mio’s and less Resist them. These are Multi-Universal level

    • Beerus still outranks Naruto in all physical stats though so that’s why Naruto wouldn’t be able to defeat him. He doesn’t rely on the deletion ability or anything like that, he can just run up to Naruto and take him down real quick. That’s the scariest kind of opponent.

      Mio still doesn’t appear to have great physical abilities. Her powers are mostly around reality breaking and manipulating the things around her. Such abilities won’t be able to do a great deal to someone like Naruto

      • Mio Physically also beats Naruto, she is stronger and faster than Tohka which you can move to Massively FTL + Speeds and You can Destroy The Universe with Sandalphon, Mio Being Physically superior to Tohka, I could finally perform all those feats without problems what de Plano already puts it on top of Naruto and Beerus also Naruto can not survive an attack that destroys two Universes Like the ones that Throw Mio, Simply nobody from Naruto could defeat Mio or even face it, Mio wins by the simple fact of having Universal physical aspects and a massively FTL + speed

      • Okay, now we’re getting somewhere with the physical feats. Is she really FTL without reality warping and teleportation though? Combat speed is really the key part here. Naruto’s proven himself time and time again while I haven’t known Mio to be a hand to hand fighter. That’s because with her abilities she never really needs to get up close and personal like that. I would be a bit surprised to see her getting into fisticuffs

  28. If he fights physically, he is in volume 20 I don’t use a single ability to defend himself and I attack Tohka with pure blows, those who managed to beat her in speed (Tohka is massively FTL +). Mio can also merge with the Universe will give Impossible Strikes to dodge because it becomes Omnipresent and Naruto does not have an attack that affects the entire universe to harm Mio in that State. mio wins

    • So with the universe part we get back into the abstract nature for Mio. Here she will have a hard time because since she is everywhere she can also be hit at any time. Naruto can charge an attack and launch it with 100% chance of landing the blow. That will be what makes this really tough for Mio. As for the volume 20 part, that sounds really good with hitting really fast, but I wouldn’t necessarily put that above Naruto’s barrages.

  29. You are literally saying that Naruto can Hit an Omnipresent Being who does not even have a Physical Body … Naruto would have to destroy the Universe to harm Mio, which he obviously cannot do because he does not have attacks that can encompass That Rank. Naruto’s bombings cannot hit her while she is omnipresent and even if they do, Mio resisted attacks that can destroy the universe like those of Sandaphol, also attacks that manipulate concepts like Michael’s, zero absolute attacks like Zadkiel’s attacks, attacks Destiny like Rasiel’s. Naruto can’t do anything with attacks as poor as Rasengans or Godoudamas. Mio moves to Massively FTL + Speeds, Naruto cannot Hit or Dodge it because it is not so Fast as for that … Simply Mio is at a level Too high for someone like Naruto

    • An abstract being like that is an easy target for Naruto. Without a physical body Naruto would be able to disperse her with his chakra moves. It really seems like Mio’s strength is in the fact that she is abstract so she can do things like moving at speeds faster than light and shattering universes, but when it comes to physical abilities she can’t quite keep up. Naruto would have the edge here and that’s where he would be getting his critical victory. Mio’s level is too high in a sense with her abstract abilities, but it wouldn’t translate well in a fight

  30. Are you still ignoring what I say? I already told you several times that Mio can fight Hand in hand with Tohka without using his powers, Mio’s Strikes are comparable to Sandalphon’s (Universal level Strikes) and at the same time he could move and Hit Tohka without Reacting, Mio Is Faster and Stronger than Naruto for Too Much, That You Don’t Read the Novels and Speculate on What Mio Does Is Another Thing … She Crushes the entire Naruto verse with a Finger

    • No, but you seem to keep mixing her reality feats with her physical ones which are very misleading. When you do that it’s tougher to separate each feats. We have to look at the combat ones and completely ignore the astral stuff. The Universal level strikes for example seem more abstract so then I’m not sure about the hand to hand. Likewise with the destroying the verse with a finger. I haven’t read the novels yet, but from the research I’ve done it doesn’t seem like she’s at such a high level

  31. let’s see … Are you saying that Mio’s blows are based on astract attacks? because I already told you many times that in his second fight with tohka, Mio did not use any astractant Skill to attack and only used Physical Strikes so that “You are confusing physical blows with the Abstracts” is a Falsehood. In any case I could say that you are speculating and inflating Naruto saying that this could resist erasing existential only by “having willpower” which is nonsense because a Hax’s does not beat that way, at most the force of Will frees you from mind control or things like that, but never from deletion Existential, Reality Warping, Law Manipulation, Destination Manipulation, among more Hax’s that would simply end up narrating a single movement because they affect the entire Universe. Naruto is currently Lunar or Planetary Level if we exaggerate the Character, This can not defeat a being that Physically and Skillfully is on a Multi-Universal Scale as it is Mio, It can Remove Powers, Eliminate the Concept of the Chakra leaving Naruto as a Human or simply Erase it from existence as if it had never been born or Well, It gives you a Universal Level Strike with Sandalphon or Any Other angel to finish it Definitely without Possibilities of Surviving

    • Right, but her fight with Tohka didn’t seem to be so high level. The reason why you’re saying the attacks are universal seems to be because Tohka is capable of taking such hits, but those are abstract feats. Mio did manage to fight with Tohka, but that’s more city level than universe.

      Naruto using willpower is legit though. Willpower can always beats hax which is why when I’m writing reviews I tend to take points away from the characters when they allow themselves to be mind controlled. You really just can’t do that. Being mind controlled is just not good.

      I’d agree that Naruto is basically planetary level, but the good part for him is there is no abstract stuff involved. You can’t just remove someone’s powers, that goes back into the whole willpower thing.

  32. You still ignore all the times that already explain to you that the Force of Mio exceeds that of Tohka, who can split and destroy the entire universe using his Sword, denying that the Force of Mio is universal is a fallacy to lower the level. The Willpower does not make you immune to Deformation Skills of Reality and others that are capable of ignoring Conventional Durability also Naruto willpower is not unbreakable, This Cay completely defeated before Pain and the only reason why I raise was for Hinata, so Naruto and his willpower do not work against Existential Erase, Reality Warping or manipulation of the laws (That without telling that characters with much more willpower like Kurumi, Shidou and Mukuro can not reverse their hax’s or fend off them) I’ll just say it again … Mio Wins by being superior in every way to the Blonde Ninja

    • Willpower is absolute, it always has been. There’s no ability that can stop it so long as you believe. That being said, this only applies to hax and not physical feats.

      Mio sounds really impressive to be sure, but I’ve been reading a lot about her and Tohka. While they seem to be impressive fighters and I saw some city level stuff in there, I still don’t see any physical feats that are universal level. Certainly nothing that makes her so much more powerful than Naruto. I don’t doubt that she would put up a great fight of course, but even with her powers unsealed Naruto just seems a lot faster and stronger.

      • I suppose you will continue to ignore Tohka’s feat by splitting and destroying the universe of a Sword …

      • It sounds like a real cool feat of course, but sometimes universes get pretty abstract. Did her splitting the universe deal any damage to the enemy she was facing?

  33. Mio who is capable of dispersing the mana, or chakra all over the world since shes the embodiment of all and can manipulate it but still manage lose?? to a boy?? Is this somekind of joke? Mio can physically destroy everything with just a mere thought but still lose? You sure are a fanboy of naruto ๐Ÿ™‚ a mere boy who has a little bit of power vs a girl who is omnipotent and can gradually erase everything in her mind just by thinking it but still lose :/ how? I dont see anything that naruto has against such god even in his ninetailed form :/. death hax is enought to put him down no need for the rest of her prowess.

    • Naruto’s not just a boy at this point though. Over the years he has trained a considerable amount to the point where he can be called a man. Naruto rose to the occasion and even became the Hokage. At his current level his abilities are extremely high. Back in part 1 of the series he only had some power and would have lost to someone like Mio. At the current stage? I don’t think he would.

      Mio can’t think him away, we already got past that part. The death hax won’t work either. Mio would need to win with physical attacks and I don’t think she really has what it takes to land the finishing blow that way

      • Physical attack is not even necessary in the fight when he is facing a god. god can do ehatever they want or whatever they feel like to satisfy them. Yeah he trained a lot time to time but that doesnt mean he can overpower everyone just by his will :). Her erasure existence its not even the same with dbz though thats why he cant do something about it nor even touch it. She can physically hurt him with her sandalphon,anaph and other angels. Btw how can he resist her power? I dont get it? Care to explain? She always start with her “no one can hurt me”it means that any form of attack or magic wont even penetrate her. Angels contain destructive power where she can destroy everything at her will. His current stage is not even a threat to her for it cant do anything to seal her nor defeat her with brute force.

      • gods tend to be fairly weak because they have no physical attacks. You need physical moves of some sort if you want to take on the top level fighters.

        Willpower cant stop everything but it does give you a fighting chance at the very least.

        All right, so Mio has her whole “I can’t be hurt” ability, but that has its limits. Perhaps in her verse nobody can hurt her, but really that’s just a powerful shield. It’s similar to Superman and his aura. He may seem invincible to most, but then you get a character like Doomsday who can wound him. It’s the same concept with Naruto. He has enough power to break through her defenses. He can resist her abilities because they are made to wish people away and do all kinds of crazy stuff, but at the end of the day that just isn’t enough to really claim the win here. It will only delay the inevitable. Naruto won’t go away unless he is physically stopped and that is a tall order for any fighter. This is Naruto we’re talking about and giving up just isn’t in his ninja way.

  34. Even if he use his shield to protect himself from death hax that wont do at thing cause it still have an effect it will erase everything to zero. Even his will is useless if the 2 universe collide no mere will power can resist the power of a god thats is proven in dbz.Even if you force it that he can will power everything nothing will change, fact is a fact death hax is absolute.

    • You can’t erase everything to zero without a defense. Even when the villains tried using hakai on Frieza and Vegeta they were able to block. Anything that tries to reset you to 0 can be blocked if you have sufficiently powerful abilities at your disposal

      • Hakai its not the same with “ain” ain its a void ability that doesnt have any physical form unlike hakai its a concentrated magic, its shape its like a sphere surrounded by dark magic.

      • I’d argue that having a physical form gives Hakai more credibility in a fight though. Having no physical form at all just ends up holding you back because there’s less power there

      • EXACT, You say so yourself, very few could survive that and Naruto is not one of them, Naruto I think you survive an Explosion of a moon or ONCE AND ONLY ONCE to the explosion of a planet but never a blow layers to split the universe and destroy it

      • The trick would be landing the hit on Naruto though. It’s like a sword slash so it’s difficult to get a speedy opponent like Naruto in the blast range.

  35. “no one can hurt me” it means that you cant penetrate her in her real form because all the brute force that she is going to take will only pass through her since naruto relies so much on physical strength so far that even if he use some bijuu bomb it will only pass through her aswell just like a ghost without physical form but only as an astral form. Im sure he cant overpower this concept even if he would she can bend the law or even create one if its needed. Having physical erasure ability its easy to dodge and counter just like what freeza did on dbz but since mio’s erasure ex doesnt have any physical form its very hard to deal with and hard to react over it even if he use his speed to escape from it, it will erase him from existence no matter what coz it doesnt need to touch or approach the person but erase him from the timeline coz he doesnt have any immunity against such power. Mio’s capabilities so far is off the chart that she can rival the other anime gods just like kaguya otsutsuki, ywatch from bleach and so on and forth, naruto is not a threat or big deal to her coz he cant overpower her with just brute force or speed coz she can make herself stronger and faster with the help of her other angels. “gods tend to be fairly weak”? Then they are no god,god can overpower anyone and everyone thats why they are called “god” , yeah sure kratos killed a god but that god its not even as strong as the god that we know and they dont have any hax but only element magic. Just like you said erasure existence its like a wish where everyhing can come true even if they want to erase some people. She can restart him from zero from where he was a dust and will return to dust since naruto doesnt have any at his disposal to counter it, even if he tries to use his shield to block it, it will disappear to zero.

    • So it sounds like we’re back to the erasure stuff and that’s what’s really not going to work against Naruto. Even if Mio makes herself intangible and tries to erase him from the timeline it’s just not going to work. To win this fight she’s going to have to actually fight with Naruto. That means she is going to have to become physical at some point and Naruto has the massive edge there.

      gods are typically weak in media because they grew lazy from watching things unfold all the time. I can’t think of a time where they were actually able to step in and take names aside from something like DBZ. Usually that’s why they hire humans to fight their battles for them. Trust me, it’s just the easier way to go about it. So Mio won’t be able to disappear things to 0 or anything like that. Naruto just won’t let it happen

    • Itโ€™s hard to say if the damage hits everywhere with the same power though. Since it split the universe in half it sounds like the rest of it was unscathed. As long as Naruto stays out of the actual line he should be okay

      • To start that attack, even though the universe departed, it was completely destroyed shortly afterwards, so it would still be universal and Mio may well launch that same attack that is omnidirectional to cover the entire universe … Naruto is more than Dead

      • That definitely sounds pretty impressive although I wonder if she would be able to make it go omnidirectional. Since the universe was blown away it sounds like it did launch pretty quickly but I believe Naruto and his Rasengan could block the brunt of the blast pretty well

  36. I dont know where did you get the idea of he can rasengan everything when if its doesnt work that way though….. :/

    God tends to use his army instead to fight the enemy not to be lazy but not to waste their magic power on nonsensical matter. And how will naruto wont let it happen?? With his will power?? Sheer force?? And how will naruto prevent his death from erasing him from existence? When he doesnt have anything against at his disposal?? By speed?? lol no matter how much training he did he will get erase or spam her death hax. ๐Ÿ˜› accept the fact that he will get erase lol no will power or sheer force can disobey her erasure ex unless they have against To counter it since naruto verse doesnt have any ๐Ÿ™‚ :D.

    • Rasengan is a perfect defense since it’s pure energy. It can repel attacks while also dishing out heavy damage of its own. It’s part of why I have so much respect for the move against just about anything. It doesn’t mean that it will beat everything without a doubt, but it’s often Naruto’s best option.

      Will power is precisely what Naruto will use against the hax. I’m telling you, hax doesn’t work against any character worth his or her salt. They can just resist and the only way to ultimately take down a fighter like this is with physical/energy abilities. Hax will only get you so far. Naruto wouldn’t be erased and Naruto would have to get overpowered with speed and power. That’s not something I’m confident that Mio can do

  37. Every spirit knows how to fight physically just like kurumi tokisaki,tohka yatogami, yamai twins, kotori itsuka and origami tobiichi since most of spirit(just like yoshino, natsumi, miku, nia, and mukuro) rely on their angels to do the works for them.

    • Relying on others to do the work for you will inevitably result in you getting rusty though. Perhaps it is something that you can rely on for a while, but eventually it will result in your downfall

    • It’s not as if Naruto would be blocking a universal attack directly though. It’s like if a giant rock is about to crash into the solar system and you just block the part that is about to smash your house. It’s all about focused power being enough to disperse something that is omnidirectional. Mio wouldn’t be able to focus the full attack on Naruto due to its scope so he would be in good position to block it right away.

      • “Itโ€™s not as if Naruto would be blocking a universal attack directly though. Itโ€™s like if a giant rock is about to crash into the solar system and you just block the part that is about to smash your house. Itโ€™s all about focused power being enough to disperse something that is omnidirectional. Mio wouldnโ€™t be able to focus the full attack on Naruto due to its scope so he would be in good position to block it right away”

        Man I guess you didn’t attend those physical lessons during school. Your example is illogical, do you really think that stopping the part of the rock that’s about to collide will stop the entire disaster/

      • Yeah I only had to take Physics once and the whole thing was pretty crazy. I passed with flying colors of course but there was a nice curve. You still just need to stop the main part tho

  38. So you are saying that Naruto is capable of dispersing a multi-universal attack that moves at massively luminous speed and would again have the Force to harm a being Whose resistance is at Multi-Universal Scales? … So how on earth do you lose? Against a God Of Destruction of DBS? according to your logical naruto it could disperse any attack of Beerus or Jiren in the same way that it does with one of Mio because these are similar (Only those of Mio Destroy more and are faster) … I see that you have an absurd favoritism For both anime that you ignore all logic and do not come to me with “Beerus beats Naruto for having greater strength and speed” because Mio Igual has superior physical abilities and denies his victory

    • I admit, it does sound pretty impressive when you put it like that. Even so, we have to consider that Mio’s attack won’t be able to stop Naruto. Her big universal attack is all about sending a wide wave of energy that destroys everything, but Naruto is just trying to stop it at a single point. After blocking that he would be able to land a good hit on her as well. I’m not saying it would be easy, but it would be possible.

      Naruto wouldn’t be able to defeat Beerus. While you are correct that it would be the same principle, it wouldn’t matter because Beerus is so far ahead of Naruto. Naruto just wouldn’t be able to stop his attacks and Beerus destroys him in speed and strength as well. You can’t even compare the two because they are in different leagues. Put it this way, Beerus could end whole solar systems with a single blast at only a fraction of his full power. How can anyone hope to match someone like that? He is one of the few gods who lives up to his reputation

      • Westcott with only his presence destroyed a place where there was a where there was a solar system in addition to which he was about to destroy two universes with a casual attack … mio is just as strong as him, so mio of a blow would destroy the system Solar along with Naruto and with that he already wins

      • All right, but this is starting to sound a little dicey again. So just by existing Westcott was able to destroy a solar system, but is it where there was going to be a solar system in the future or was it already there? There’s a big difference depending on what the answer to that is

  39. Mio was with Shido in the alternate Universe to the human, Westcott when Transforming caused the Sun and the Planets of that place to be destroyed

  40. If i were you i will read the light novel to enlighten yourself from the things that you are not able to understand even in a simple things.

    • This argument is still going on? Damn, okay. I had the chance to finish a few episodes of Fate/Grand Order today but I guess I’ll just step in again about Mio Takamiya.

      No matter how great Naruto’s willpower is it doesn’t exceed that of an Omnipotent goddess that is capable of killing 150 million people with just a simple space quake, that simply destroyed the borders of Eurasia. If Isaac Westcott’s calculations were correct about Mio the space that had lasted half a year, would’ve been covering the entire earth. Spacequakes are known for the distortion of the space-time continuum as a whole and ignore conventional durability. Meaning that if Naruto was in the radius of a single space quake from Mio herself he would die, since these catastrophic openings in space are literally enough to eradicate an entire city as shown in the first episode of Date A Live. If naruto was to “hold a spacequake” his existence would never be seen again on this planet.

      Naruto cannot simply hit an omnipresent being. An omnipresent being is an entity that is everywhere at the same time surely you can understand that. Meaning if Naruto was hit in all directions from Multiversal+ attacks he wouldn’t stand a chance against Mio even if he tried to run away.

      And yes Tohka’s strikes are multiversal strikes that Mio had clashed with, during their battle.

      About Isaac Peram Ray Westcott, we aren’t joking about by him just existing in a timeline he is capable of destroying an entire solar system with one Demon King. When he had access to Beelzebub, it said that if Isaac were to touch anyone he would kill them by just touching them. If Naruto were to get touched by Isaac, his chakra flow would be disturbed an addition to him dying in the process. “Discovering his limits, Westcott claimed he is now equal to Deus and nothing can stop him now as he has the power of all Spirits in the universe, making himself the strongest being in the existence, the most common traces of his powers were among omniscience (infinite knowledge), omnipotence (unlimited power), omnipresence (present everywhere), immortality, divine simplicity and control over all aspects of creation and life itself.”
      By just using Belial biodiversity and life on earth were wiped out. With all the spirits powers combined no one was able to kill Isaac until the Angel of Death had stepped in, killing Isaac for playing with God’s powers.

      Using Qemeitel he was able to do these following things:
      “Westcott summons a demonic void without a physical form capable of illuminating the entire world with darkness instead of light, this darkness covers the entire world into eternal darkness, causing the planet to die without solar light.”

      “Erase whomever or whatever Westcott desires from reality, abstract elements like colors, oxygen, living beings of the existence, human memories, light, planets, stars, and even entire galaxies.”

      Naruto wouldn’t even be able to get close to Mio as a matter of fact. Her Astral Dress is so strong that it can stop attacks before they even touch her, and Tohka was only able to pierce it when she drew from the powers of all the other Spirits, including Mio herself.

      • The spacequakes sound pretty tough for sure so Naruto’s best bet would be to counter them with an attack of dodge as opposed to blocking outright. The city getting blown away like that sounds dangerous, but Naruto can also deal damage like that as well.

        The Astral Dress sounds like a great defense, perhaps even better than the Chakra Cloak. That being said, Naruto’s attacks are meant to land directly so I believe he could pierce those defenses with ease. His Rasengan is perfect for thisl.

        As for covering the world in darkness, Naruto’s chakra will help him really stand out so matter how dark it gets. He’s literally a beacon of hope for the masses.

        I think the main part of the comment that sounds like Naruto should have a tough time is because he can’t hit an omni character right? His chakra will let him land hits just like how he tagged Madara even in ghost mode. Naruto’s fine with landing hits on opponents who aren’t physically there so Mio wouldn’t be any exception.

        Definitely a great write-up though. I think Mio would give most opponents a tough run for their money

    • The reality stuff is impressive, but wiping things from existence doesn’t work. I even have it listed as a disclaimer in the blog battle rules because of how I don’t think it really works. The way I see it, you should always be able to resist such abilities

    • I’d argue that this wasn’t really an attack feature though because since she was born into the universe it sounds like she had control over it and that’s partially why she could overwrite and delete it. She wouldn’t be able to do that to someone else

  41. Now you said physical strength right? Each spirit knows how to fight physically. Let’s use Tohka as an example. Tohka herself is actually capable of attacking 10 to 15 times in a second, and in her Inverse form, she was able to attack 50 to 50 per second. This was shown in the first episode of Date A Live. As shown here: http://i.imgur.com/VUyYkG9.gif

    So imagine that same gif but it’s on an omnipresent level.

    • That is a pretty good example and probably the best feat I’ve seen yet. That being said, this is Tohka and I’m still wondering if Mio is physically ready for such a fight. Tohka sounds like she is always fighting physically so that helps her a lot with experience. Once you get to an omniversal level you sometimes lose out on the actual physical aspects of the power/feats

    • The Astral Dress is a great defense, but it’s not going to be enough to totally prevent Naruto from approaching. He was able to get past Gaara and Sasuke’s perfect defenses in the past

  42. I dont know where did you get all the idea that naruto can tank a multiversal attack when its clear that he doesnt have a chance even if you force that he can defeat her in physical strength when it wont do anything in the first place. Rasengan?? Seriously?? To deflect a large explosion that can end the world?? Are you being serious?? Is dis for real?? Like how?? I cant understand your logic in so many ways…. And how the heck he can withstand the dark and light coming from both multiversal that can erase everyone from existence? Did you forget when kaguya otsutsuki used her infinite tsukuyomi did naruto resist the mind manipulation?? No he was wrap in a big flower jutsu effect(๐Ÿ˜‚) coz he cant resist it he was illuminated by the light of infinite tsukuyomi. Lets say mio doesnt know how to fight physically but ignoring the effect of her angel and saying that naruto can resist all of it?? Is dis a joke?? Are u being serious?? Naruto is not a god that can defeat another “GOD” no matter how millenia does he train he will never get to her level. Thats a fact. I need proof that he can resist being erase and withstand all of her effect even being suck the life out of him, mind manipulation, time manipulation, conceptual lock, immunity against all angel, and withstand the blow of multiversal attack ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I mean, deflecting an attack is a lot different than stopping it. It wouldn’t need nearly as much power to do the trick and that’s something that should definitely be well within Naruto’s power. He’s just stopping the point of impact that would have affected him as opposed to stopping the whole thing. After looking through the feats it really looks like part of why Mio can destroy multiverses and such is because effectively she has dominion over them sort of like The One Above All type situation. As a result, I’m not sure if she’s absolutely ready to do that in a neutral environment.

      It’s true that Kaguya was doing good but Naruto’s supposed to be resistant to any Genjutsu thanks to the Nine Tailed Fox. I’m thinking it would have been able to snap him out of it even if Sasuke hadn’t blocked for him. At least that would have made sense to me. Naruto’s basically beaten gods in the past like Kaguya.

      My only proof for how he can not get obliterated with a thought is that power always trumps hax. Just look at someone like Jiren who resisted time skip. If you have enough power then you can basically do just about anything and that’s something Naruto has in spades. If Mio is going to beat him she is going to have to go with physical options

  43. Why are you comparing a DragonBall Character to a Naruto character? Those feats do not correlate with each other and they never will. Just because DBZ has done it that doesn’t mean that Naruto can just do an asspull on Mio. Those are two respectively different animes. That concept and idea of “OH BECAUSE SOMEONE HAS DONE THIS IT HAS TO ASSOCIATE FERGVFDW.” It’s being circle jerked around the internet. No, that’s not how it works. Give us proof on how he can resist Existence Erasure, Law Manipulation, Reality Warping, Space-Time Manipulation, BFR, Conceptual Manipulation, Void Manipulation and all the other abilities that she has because “WILLPOWER” is simply out of the question. Your favoritism for these fandoms is noticeable. I don’t even talk about Date A Live that much anymore simply because I’ve lost interest in the light novel but its stuff like this gets me pissed off. Thinking that “willpower” is enough to triumph over something like Omnipotence? What utter nonsense.

    We’ve already said this before ALL SPIRITS can fight physically and if you can’t get that through your thick skull then I don’t know WHAT will. Mio is a primordial deity who is mainly responsible for the creation of all the spirits. Primordial meaning that she existed before Naruto’s time. And to answer the “effectively she has dominion over them ” no that isn’t true. When she was summoned she didn’t HAVE control over the physical realm. When she was summoned she distorted space and time which caused the “GREAT SPACEQUAKE.” Naruto CANNOT ASSPULL and say, “LET ME USE A BIG BALL RASENGAN” on something that is SPATIALLY CATALYSIMIC and would warp him out of space and time, bypass his durability completely, and OVERPOWER the Rasengan. In short, do you know the SPACE-TIME CONTINUUM mathematic equation? She WARPS the 4th dimension. The Spirits that exist in the alternate dimension that is said to be the neighboring world and would occasionally appear in this world. On these occasions, there would be a large bend in the walls between the dimensions, causing a phenomenon known as a spacequake to occur. Whether it was on a large or small scaleโ€“ the area where the Spirits would appear would be absurdly destroyed, as though a bomb had exploded Fighting physically with Mio is blatantly asking for suicide in every aspect. if you look at her statistics in her strength stat, you will see a 999 on which is the max stat. Which means that she is SSS+ in strength. If you take a look at the consistency you will also see the same stat. Taking a look at her Intelligence she is Nigh-Omniscient with Rasiel. Which would give Mio access to knowing Naruto’s weakness she would curb stomp them. Naruto has only fought on the moon with Toneri as a high feat that is next to the other stuff that he is competent in doing in THE LAST era or the Boruto Era. I’ve already given you various examples of physical combat. I’ve even given you her STATS in that CATEGORY. The only person that Mio fell to was Tohka Yatogami and Naruto isn’t at the level of Tohka AT ALL.

    Naruto needed plot armor to defeat Kaguya and Madara. Even when Pain attacked the Hidden Leaf he needed plot armor. He would’ve DIED against PAIN. He DID DIE against WAR ARC Edo Tensei SAGE MODE Madara along with Sasuke. The GOD OF WAR fandom shouldn’t be disrespected like this and it’s depressing. Kratos is known for taking down deities, etc. Naruto has come close to defeating planetary or solar system level gods. NOT MULTIVERSAL deities. I apologize for the insults but come o

  44. is this still going on? Friend, please … Not one Naruto would have help from Sasuke, Madara, Kaguya, Hashirama, Kakashi, Nagato and the entire ninja world could even beat a Spirit like Kotori or Origami … Much less could with Mio

    • The whole ninja world? Once we throw Sasuke in there then this gets blown even wider. With his sharingan there is almost nothing he can’t do and physically he’s about on par with Naruto as well so it’s pretty tough for Mio to approach him either

      • The spirits have a huge mental defense that prevents them from falling into mental controls or illusions, a sharingan or a Rinnegan would do nothing against mio and this could erase Sasuke from existence with a thought and this can not escape another dimension because mio can put a law that prevents it (The same did when Mana tried to escape from it) besides Mio As I said is Ridiculously stronger, faster, more resistant and destructive than Naruto and Sasuke together

      • The spirits have high mental defenses, but the same was true for Naruto and he was nearly controlled. I don’t believe they would be able t stand up to Sasuke’s optical jutsu. Then you have to consider the fact that he can swap places with objects which makes him difficult to tag. He has enough will power to not be erased and Mio’s best shot would be the laws, but laws were made to be broken. I’d put Sasuke as being faster than Mio. The power is a tricky one, but he can summon his Susannoo to even the scales

  45. I’m not UNDERESITMATING Naruto’s strength. I’m stating facts about his feats. Since I’ve watched the entire anime. He DEFEATED a GOD ( THE TEN TAILED JINCHURIKRI ) that potentially had the power to obliterate the entire solar system with the Final Truthseeking Orb. He wouldn’t come close to touching Mio. The hypocrisy is real. You just said that Mio cannot fight physically and cannot square up with Naruto on neutral grounds when we’ve said to you she can. I suggest watching the anime, reading the light novels or reading a wiki that debunks Mio’s abilities. I assure you if this was an Isaac vs Mio thread that everyone would say that Isaac stomps Naruto regardless of what he’s capable of doing because he’s the God of the Demon Kings and someone who surpassed Mio in their fight. His attack potency is planetary while Mio’s is multiversal going to back to what we said before Mio and Tohka had clashed with each other on a multiversal scale. NOT planetary. Hell Tohka shook the entire earth by just implanting her feet onto the ground. It’s to show the difference between Naruto’s strength and The DAL universe as a whole. Yes, he’s defeated many gods but this one is way out of his league, to begin with. As you can see in the poll up there no one has chosen Naruto to win. There is a reason why for that. Kurumi and Nia have stated that she is superior to everything. For her, it’s like Theodore Tugboat with kitchen knives trying to take out a graff Zepplin. No pun intended but still.

    • Yeah in the poll Naruto’s definitely getting destroyed. I don’t know enough about those two characters to comment on that part, but lets take another look here. As you mentioned, Naruto’s crushed gods like Kaguya, Madara, and the various movie villains in the past. He’s come close to splitting the moon in two with his punch and has a lot of great physical feats throughout his career.

      Mio shaking the planet by landing on the ground certainly sounds really good and may be the best feat we’ve mentioned yet. What’s a good fight where she really cuts loose? I’ll look up the battle and see how impressive she looks. Keep in mind that ordering people to die or wishing them to go away won’t really help her case at all. What I need to see are physical abilities the likes of which even Naruto couldn’t stop and that’s always been a very tough character to surpass. He is the Hokage after all

    • Yeah that’s a lot of pretty cool powers for sure. A lot of them revolve around her laws and ordering people or attacks to die though. Without that while she still has a lot of ability, you can see why she would be a little more limited. I’m just not sure I would trust her to win in crunch time. I’ll go more in depth in the other comment

  46. Willpower is of no use against a Power … That’s Ridiculous, Sasuke is no faster than Mio, She can Move Infinitely times faster than Light, Sasuke does not. Susanoo is of no use, It only serves to increase Sasuke’s endurance a little more and I let him use his Techniques at a greater Scale, but it would be the same thing that happened in his fight against Jigen, Mio of One Strike would destroy Susanoo and throw an attack of Multi-Universal Scale so that Sasuke cannot Survive even Going to Another Dimension and that of “The Laws Made to Break” is already a very bad excuse …

    • Willpower has always trumped everything. Historically that’s what has always been enough and there’s really nothing that can hope to stop it. Not to say that it is the only thing you want to have, but it does prevent you from losing to hax as opposed to actual ability.

      Laws Made To Break isn’t something to be taken literally as the only reason or anything like that, but it does help to remind us that there are no absolutes here. If something doesn’t seem to be possible then that means we just haven’t figured out a way to do it yet. There’s always a way…somewhere.

      • The Willpower cannot stop everything … Naruto with All His Willpower Was Defeated by Pain. if it wasn’t for Hinata and Minato, he would have died or El Kurama would have possessed him, Mio erases him and Ya, his Willpower is not Infinite (Moreover, he also broke with Obito and Hinata had to help him)

      • True, but he lost to Pain physically, there was no hax involved. Otherwise the willpower would have been enough. Willpower is a perfect defense against abilities that try to wipe you away but they won’t do much if you are outmatched physically

      • Hold on willpower has always trumped everything? Are you an idiot? You still have the thought that faith could surpass everythings in the existence even gods? Not to put too fine a point on it, you have watched too much animes (also reading mangas and light novels). You really need to stop daydreaming and get back to the reality right now..
        Also did you really pay your attention to your history class?

      • Willpower is still the best thing you can have though. What would you rather have, a rocket with your name on it or the willpower to just survive it?

        I didn’t have to take History fortunately, I prefer to look towards the future

      • its more than enought if were talking about omnipotent hax that any of the character friom naruto verse dont have anykind of this hax in the first place.

  47. Naruto was physically superior to Pain, he was even beating him, it wasn’t until he used the Bansho Tenin that he managed to defeat Naruto, so Naruto lost against a Hax’s of Pain, the same series shows that Hax’s >>>>>> >>> Willpower :b

    • Naruto was dominating, but they were pretty close so he was taken aback for a second. Naruto was going to get up and wash the floor with Pain though except he was outnumbered and outgunned

  48. Every thing that naruto throws at her it will be meaningless regardless of what kind of power he has or hax it will never come close to being an multiversal omni. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I’d like to see Mio try and defend against a full powered Rasengan. Naruto’s also been shown to be able to fire off a bunch of them nowadays so she can’t get by on just blocking one

      • She can counter that one easily without any sweat :). If she can stand in the middle of her “SPACEQUAKE” that said to be able to destroy an entire world( said by isaac wescott) by just her presence without any struggle and kill herself with her hax(multiversal hax) and that tiny little full powered rasengan wont do a thing in the first place ๐Ÿ˜› its not even gonna scratch her or even penetrate her barrier.

      • I picture her using the spacequake in a similar way to One Piece characters emitting Haki. It will be tough for Naruto to penetrate such a dense energy pressure vacuum but it’s not like he hasn’t done stuff like that before. I don’t believe Mio would be properly equipped to try and stop him and if it comes down to endurance it’s hard to stop Mr. Willpower himself

  49. The opinion you have is not very valid when Mio has better physical and Hax’s exploits, because you want to deny it with bad excuses of “Willpower” and so on, Naruto himself would have been defeated by Hax as the infinite Tsukuyomi if it were not because Sasuke’s susanoo covered him … Naruto can’t beat a Girl with Massively Luminous Speed, with strength and endurance of the Multi-Universal + level that can also control Reality, time, Space, laws, life and death besides being able to erase the entire existence of a single thought. No attack by Naruto would harm Mio and even if he does it by miracle because he does not know … Mio was damaged, she can regenerate even faster than Madara so it would not be a problem, This fight looks where you look at it, the Mio wins and denying it would only be for Fanboyism

    • I don’t want to deny hax outright, but you have to admit that at the end of the day physical feats are best. At the risk of being thought of as a fanboy I have to say that Naruto still wins here. Naruto has lost several times in the past and been outpowered by various foes but that doesn’t mean that Mio would be able to take him down. The single thought thing sort of brings us into a loop, but it wouldn’t have any effect on Naruto. Mio’s best bet is to keep on regenerating and fighting Naruto at high speeds, but since she is so reliant on her cosmic abilities she wouldn’t have the experience needed to challenge him. This is why she would ultimately be defeated

      • Those who overpowered naruto is not even at mio’s level and will never be and it proves that naruto cant handle mind manipulation when they release the infinite tsukuyomi and if it wasnt for sasuke he might be dried up like a leaves and that concludes it mio is the winner :). Look how many naruto fans even i disagree on your opinion when its so very obvious that fighting a multiversal+ is impossible in the first place and at the end of the day naruto cant resist any of her hax by just mere “willpower” i will agree if he has immunity against all hax even if he has he will never beat a multiversal+ by simply rasengan every opponent he encountered.

      • Naruto is usually pretty good against the mind though. He’s certainly not unbeatable or anything like that and I wouldn’t try to make that case, but on the whole he usually can take the win. This would be a very tough fight for him, but hax aren’t going to be able to stop him. Naruto has a good amount of experience against tricky fighters so I don’t believe we need to worry about him running into any difficulty here

      • But how is physical feat is better than hax? You know that physical feat depends on physic and such while hax completely ignore it.

      • Physical is something you can always count on while hax is something that is situationally effective. There will be times where it isn’t enough while physical power has always got your back

  50. You have no argument to deny that Naruto cannot be defeated by a Hax, in the series itself this has already happened, when I fight with a Clone of Itachi this got him into a Genjutsu and Naruto could not do anything, Sakura had to save him by giving him a chakra to Free, Against Pain The same thing happened, I use The Bansho Tenin (A Hax to control gravity) and With that more its black bars that Suppress the chakra It was what I won, Against Madara it would have also fallen if it wasn’t for Sasuke to cover it with Susanoo Saving him from the infinite Tsukuyomi, Against Obito and his Kamui He was also going to lose if it weren’t for Kakashi who could cancel the Kamui, Even in the Naruto News He was defeated by Jigen, which Seal him, Naruto WAS DEFEATED SEVERAL TIMES BY HAX And now you say that Mio can’t do it? In other words, she can use any of the hax mentioned here to win the fight. Jigen A Otsutsuki Inexperienced Naruto and Sasuke defeated together, just being faster and destructive, Mio is much stronger and faster than Jigen, and she could not do that “no experience”? … Mio if you can fight Fisicamente , he stayed and even surpassed Tohka in a physical combat and Tohka is an incredible physical combat fight, Mio wins this fight for the simple fact that he has everything necessary to do it

    • All right, so lets talk about Jigen. Jigen didn’t win through hax, he was just physically overpowering both Sasuke and Naruto. That’s the best kind of feat and it’s what I’ve been trying to get at from the start. If you’re simply the stronger fighter then you defeat your opponents and there is no guesswork or a need to rely on hax. It’s just how you fight and that’s Mio’s only chance here. The thing is, her physical feats don’t seem as impressive. Notice how every time we start talking about her physical feats her cosmic ones quickly show up and to me it seems like this is because she doesn’t have a lot of physical feats. Perhaps I’m mistaken, but that seems to be the general idea and it is a little concerning for her side

  51. And i forgot that naruto couldnt even budge when he was trapped in a shadow jutsu and the rest of his team when he was fighting 2 otsutsuki ๐Ÿ˜› thats a normal hax but he couldnt do anything ๐Ÿ˜› if it wasnt for boruto he might be dead by now xD hahahaha…

  52. 10 star mio is basically multiversal+ where she can erase all of them at once which naruto cant do anything besides rasengan. Naruto will never EVER! be close to mio at base form or even in her phantom form nor her abilities even of you make a lot of excuses that “naruto is god, cannot be affected and he is superior in physical stat” which isnt gonna do anything in the fight once it start,mio spam her spacequake coz this one can literally erase all of naruto verse. Mio controls the infinite law,infinite cosmos which naruto is only a mountain level or planetary level. Mio wins with just spamming her SPACEQUAKE.

    • Never’s a pretty strong word. Naruto gets stronger every year with bigger and better power ups. Mio’s Spacequake is impressive since it’s planetary level, but Naruto’s been shown to blast through the moon and tank blasts like that. His Rasengan would be able to block the attack

  53. But physical attack is not enought to put her down when his scale is just planetary only. Even if he trains for more than a hundred years or something its not enought to surpass her level(multiversal+). Since when naruto’s rasengan block a planetary attack? Naruto blocked toneri’s slashing sword that cut the moon in half just twice because he concentrated all of his power in his hand to deflect it but how about if mio spam her spacequake?can he block it continously?without draining his power? I dont think so,even if he used kurama’s chakra it will drain him aswell but mio has a counter for that MICHAEL( lock and unlock conceptual)

    • So, Naruto blocking the sword with his hand is telling because that’s not nearly as powerful as blocking with a Rasengan. From that we can reasonably say that Naruto could take on planetary hits with ease. It would be like when Luffy used armament haki against Hordy and managed to get through all of the water sharks. Naruto would just need to keep it active as he flies towards Mio and lands the punishing hit

      • Blocking with all of his compressed power into his hand is different from rasengan your a naruto fan you should know better that it cannot do anything than just destroy building with that. Even if you force that he can hurt her( which is so very impossible) the result is still the same mio take this with ease by using 1% of her power.

      • It is different, a Rasengan is even more useful in such a situation. That’s because the Rasengan is also focusing all of the power into his hand but now he’s also got actual chakra power supporting it as well. It would be very hard to get past that and he can destroy way more than buildings

  54. Give me a citation or site that naruto can hurt INTANGIBLE, RESISTANCE HAX, CAPABLE OF BLOCKING MULTIVERSAL ATTACK and RESIST CONCEPT or else you’re statement is invalid to agree on.

    • Naruto hits a being who isn’t even in this dimension at the time. His chakra resists concepts and is the perfect counter to that Mio ability you were talking about

      • Did you know that the concept that mio possessed is multiversal+? He can resist such minimal concept from his power but when it comes to universal or multiversal+ warper he dont have a chance of beating a being who is capable of changing or alter everything at their whim even their powers. Even if naruto can see or feel a being from another dimention she can literally forbid him of using his power.

      • Okay, but we’re getting back into abstract stuff. She can’t just forbid him from using his powers. Naruto has no reason why he would listen to her and would just keep on fighting. Nobody stops Naruto when he’s on a roll, not even someone like Mio. Naruto’s abilities are just out of this world and can only be stopped with physical abilities. He probably wouldn’t even understand the concepts

  55. You literally ignored the other examples of Naruto losing against a hax … Besides I already said a thousand times that Tohka can fight at Massively luminous Speeds and can destroy the universe with an attack of his sword, Mio defeats it … If that’s not good Physical power for You because there is a problem

    • Well, Naruto has definitely lost in the past, I won’t try to say that he has not. That being said, he has gotten a lot more powerful over the years.

      Okay, lets pull on this thread real quick. Can you give me a scan of Tohka using her massive speed or destroying the universe? If you give me the name of the opponent I can also look the fight up on Youtube. I gotta make sure this doesn’t get into abstract meta type stuff

    • Life manipulation? Well, chakra is basically life so Naruto would just keep on powering up and resist the life drain abilities. Mio would also be too distracted to worry much about it while Naruto is launching attacks left and right.

      • How will naruto resist life manipulation? Even if he keeps powering up his just making mio take more on his life and powering her more.

      • Naruto would be able to resist by holding his chakra tight. It’s like when someone tries to siphon off his chakra and resists. It is the same concept with Mio trying to take his life force away

  56. Its in the date a live LN that whoever is in her dimention no one can defy her angel even transforming and regaining their power she can disperse it in a matter of second.

    • Sure, but this is a neutral dimension in a sense. Think of the arena as Final Destination from Super Smash Bros. Mio can create some dimensions if she would like, but it wouldn’t get her any closer to beating Naruto.

      • Lol even if its neutral if she place her dimention in that place she can make that her own dimention where he wouldnt stand a chance in getting near her. Spam him with law hax.

      • Naruto won’t sit around while she does that. He’d be throwing jutsu left and right and I don’t think Mio would be able to take over the neutral dimension

  57. I think he’ll only listen to physical feats. Spirit physiology is extremely extraordinary and the spirits themselves can manipulate that at their behest. For example, an Astral Dress, or a simple Angel. Physically Tohka was able to shake the earth by just stomping on the ground. Kurumi was able to blitz Isaac during their fight between them someone that transcends her capabilities. Although during The Second Spirit of Origin Era he was basically a ” god ” as he can kill someone by just touching them as a matter of fact. I don’t really have to go in-depth as to what Mio’s physical feats are and it’s Multiversal+, Naruto’s, on the other hand, he’s only planetary.

    • All right, so does Mio have any real fights against opponents where she uses her abilities? Shaking the Earth with a stomp sounds really promising, which volume was that in? The other parts seem to be about other characters so are you saying that these feats are applicable through power scaling? I’d like to know if Mio has actually done things like Kurumi and Isaac because if she hasn’t then that is a bit tricky. Naruto is basically planetary so that’s true, we just need to see if Mio is multiversal. In my experience only DBZ characters and the final Gurren Lagann have really reached such heights without cosmic mumbo jumbo

  58. Kurumi’s ulterior motive was to find the Second Spirit and Kill the Primordial Goddess because Mio had ” killed her best friend Sawa.” There are other reasons too that as well as avenge the other spirit entities, that were also humans prior. Kurumi had been searching for the Second Spirt Nia because the nigh-omniscient angel, had prior information on Mio and presumably the creation of the first spiritual deity in existence. Nia also having a nigh-omniscient intellect, she straight up told Kurumi, ” No matter how many people you kill, it’s all going to be for nothing. You are no match for her even with the powers of the Zafkiel, Emperor of Time you will -not- stand a chance against her. ” And the latter statement was true because Kurumi and Mio had fought before and Kurumi got decapitated, meaning that her efforts of “trying to make the ideology of the spirits come to a close ” would be obsolete and impossible.
    Taking a look at her physical attributes that being her strength stat, Mio transcends that because again if you take a look at Ratatoskr’s Daily Observations, that being Spirit Data, Mio ‘s strength falls into 999. Kurumi’s is like 109 or something like that.

    And yes we have already explained that Mio IS multiversal. Since New Existence Tohka and Mio Takamiya were shown to be clashing at a MULTIVERSAL LEVEL. Every stat is multiversal.
    As by just standing in the physical realm where humans reside, by just causing a spatial catastrophe like a spacequake is enough to:

    A. Cover the entire planet.
    B. Cause a disturbance in the spatial and 4th dimensions and send anyone out of space and time.
    C. Eradicate the boundaries and borders between Eurasia and some other places. Not only that there were MORE OF THEM around the entire earth with lasted for HALF A YEAR.
    D. Negate any forms of durability, and destroy time and space.
    and E. By just standing there Mio was able to create and destroy W O R L D W I D E universes.

    • Having stats at 999 can sometimes be less impressive than at 500. 999 means you are probably just a cosmic being so your stats are maxed out by default, but you may not be that tough. Look at the One Above All, most people would say his stats are all at 999 as well but the guy can’t beat an average human. I think Mio’s multiversal clash sounds like her best bet so I just need to try and find that fight and make sure it’s more of a real clash and not just two cosmic beings trying to write each other out of existence. The spacequakes sound pretty good though.

      • Yeah mio clashed with tohka in a multiversal stat which naruto cant achieve by just standing and getting die without knowing that he is already erased. Try reading LN so that it can enlighten you. Spouting nonsense that he can “HURT” or ” DEFEAT” a multiversal being its like your saying captain america can defeat thanos on 1on1 :3

      • Multiversal beings can be hurt just like any other. The only advantage they have is that typically they can fly, but that’s it. I really don’t know what Mio can hope to accomplish against Naruto physically except for her fight with Tohka. That seems to be her main feat so far

      • That wont work either coz once you make physical contact from the light of her ain soph aur it can reduced the defense of chakra and life to ZERO. She used this ability on object( like robot and paper hax) and people.

      • Physical contact shouldn’t be a problem since Naruto has been shown to be able to wrap himself in chakra. That provides a natural defense against enemy attacks and it should more than suffice here

  59. Spirits are capable of trancending themselves into their true form which give them more raw power(10x more raw power) but mio is already a multiversal+ what if she inverse herself๐Ÿ˜€

    • Going into the true form is risky if it’s more of a spiritual entity though. Without a physical body to fall back on it’s almost like jumping into a trap. At that point Mio wouldn’t have any way to defend herself against Naruto. He would be able to blitz her with various jutsu

      • Like bruh blitz her in her normal form i dont think so ๐Ÿ˜› hahaha. Its not risky to go back to their true form coz tohka already did it and she doesnt have any physical body ๐Ÿ˜› so basically mio can do it without physical body. ๐Ÿ˜› multiversal+ and going to transform herself into inverse form which added more raw and hax shes basically can end all life form from other dimention.

      • Naruto’s blitzed a lot of people though. Even Sasuke was surprised at his sheer speed back when they had fought so I don’t think it’s completely out of the question. As for Mio trying to end everything from another universe, I don’t think that’s going to be the right answer for her. She’d be too far away from the actual fight and Naruto would be able to resist the instant death

  60. Naruto’s Anger =/= A Primordial Demon King

    If Naruto is going to be tilted at Mio since shes a cosmic entity then why do all of this LOL.
    I’ll have you know that if Mio was to EVER submit to her Demon King counterpart. Naruto would DIE. Not even Naruto but the rest of the verse would perish immediately.

    • Naruto tends to get tilted easily, but it’s fine because that raises his attack power and causes him to go all out. I don’t know about the rest of the verse perishing either. Sasuke has a ton of optical jutsu at his disposal which make him tough to defeat

      • Tough? He doesnt even come close to mio’s 1% power. Optical jutsu??sarreh but sarreh every spirit have this called “RESISTANCE AGAINST MANIPULATION,LIFE MANIP,CONCEPT MANIP,MIND MANIP,ILLUSION MANIP” So basically it wont work๐Ÿ˜‚ Coz
        They have WILL POWER ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜‚

      • 1% is pretty strong. As for the resistance will power, that’s a fair point. I could see that blocking the optical jutsu, but it wouldn’t be easy. Sasuke’s dealt with a ton of fighters over the years so he won’t be going down without a fight. The Will Power will be tough to get around though

  61. Now you see if there is a reverse flow in spiritual energy in a said spirit entity, it opens a pathway to the form most Date A Live fans know as the “Inversion”, the “Inverse Form”. According to the Omniscient himself, this -IS- the extraterrestrial entities ” true form. ” For example, Tenka is the true entity of Tohka. Should a spirit experience a prolonged feelings of negative emotions, the ending result wouldn’t be so pleasant. Now if we are taking Shido Itsuka out of the equation to prevent this from happening, in Naruto’s case this WILL be an extremely alarming situation. As we reach levels of Multiversal+ parameters of catastrophe.

    In Date a Live Season 2, we see Inverse Tohka finally make her appearance. In this case, she was holding back, otherwise, the entirety of Tengu city would be destroyed. When the inversion occurred, we notice that everyone in the war had shit their pants as Tohka was a completely different person. Except for the ones who wanted the Inversion to happen. Isaac Westcott and Ellen Mira Mathers. Now let me make this EXTREMELY clear. If SHIDO was not there to stop Tenka, a genocide would’ve occurred, and we see that nearly happen during this time frame. Inverse Tohka had massacred Ellen with no difficulty at all. She came out of that fight unscathed after Ellen blew up the entire ceiling of DEM Industries. As for the city, however, well that’s something that you need to see for yourself. Mind you this is Tenka holding back, as she had gone toe to toe with Mio on her own. Inverse Origami was stated to destroy the entire DAL timeline that had branched off into a new one after Shido and Kurumi had played with time for a little while.

    But let’s just get to the Demon King counterpart of Mio’s angel since Isaac showed us it’s capabilities:

    Qemetiel or โ– โ– โ– is the evil counterpart of Mio’s main angel, Ain. Unlike the real Ain, the powers of Qemetiel is a polar opposite of the former that creates life and creation.
    Westcott summons a demonic void without a physical form capable of illuminating the entire world with darkness instead of light, this darkness covers the entire world into eternal darkness, causing the planet to die without solar light;

    Erase whomever or whatever Westcott desires from reality, abstract elements like colors, oxygen, living beings of the existence, human memories, light, planets, stars, and even entire galaxies.

    A’athiel (Gokushi Saidan, lit. Altair of Extreme Death) is considered as the evil counterpart of Ain Soph Aur of Mio Takamiya (since the user is a person of pure evil). A’athiel is a Demon King with a physical organic body, it manifests as a demonic flower that emits particles of darkness rather than light (one that is used by Mio).
    A’athiel’s particles of blackness are used as small drops of water that comes out of a rain of darkness that corrupts living beings that are touched by the particles. It also can be used as “needles” of darkness that pierce through the body of the enemy, melting them to the bones.

    After having success in stealing the power of Mio Takamiya, Westcott finally becomes the Spirit of Origin, which means he gained the power over all Spirits and Angels of Kallabah, the tree of Life. However, apparently due to his dark nature, Westcott gained power over Qliphoth, the tree of Death. It’s a demonic tree capable of distorting the laws of reality within its boundary.

    Since the corruption of Mio’s power was conducted by his dark nature, the power of Ain (Ein Sof, or Eyn Sof), in Kabbalah, is understood as God prior to any self-manifestation in the production of any spiritual realm, probably derived from Ibn Gabirol’s term, “the Endless One”. Ein Sof may be translated as “unending”, “(there is) no end”, or infinity), was Inverted to Belial, which means the personification of all evil in the existence, the Devil.

    Westcott claimed he is now equal to Deus and nothing can stop him now as he has the power of all Spirits in the universe, making himself the strongest being in the existence, the most common traces of his powers were among omniscience (infinite knowledge), omnipotence (unlimited power), omnipresence (present everywhere), immortality, divine simplicity and control over all aspects of creation and life itself.

    During this time Isaac Westcott had brought the entire universe to its end. But with all of this known, this is STILL Mio’s Inverse and Demon King counterpart. The answer is already clear. I have given you all the sources of information. Naruto as much of a badass he is he cannot stand a single chance against Mio. He cannot even fathom, nor last a second while he’s in her presence. He’d get smashed into oblivion.

    • What I got from this is that Mio got wrecked by this Isaac guy and had her powers drained. She is still not sounding impressive here. Furthermore, blowing up the ceiling is something Naruto could do way back in the 3 Sannins arc and since that seems to have been supposed to have been an impressive feat at the time, it further shows me that Naruto would win this. In terms of physical feats Mio is just lacking for the most part and has to rely on hax and non physical moves. Containing the world in darkness is good, but Naruto is the light of the universe that shines through at all times.

      Mio’s corruption wouldn’t work either since Naruto is pure of heart. He’s fairly resistant to hax and since his physical abilities are so good I really don’t think he will have a problem here

  62. Your forcing your excuse that he can counter her hax then none of naruto character can beat her in terms of physical and hax. Throwing jutsu left and right wont even scratch her coz she has a WILL POWER AND SHEERFORCE and has resistance on PHYSICAL ATTACK plus add her intense physical stat that can burst planet in a second or even universe in a thought.

    • Jutsu doesn’t rely on will power. She can’t just counter a Rasengan through will power. You can counter genjutsu or Sharingan that way, but physical chakra attacks are another matter entirely. Trust me on this, I’ve been following Naruto ever since Shippuden came out and it’s the same across all medias. Will power trumps all hax abilities but not physical stuff. I’m not sure if she could physically destroy a universe

      • To tell you prankly no rasengan can hurt her coz she has will power to counter that Shes been gaining much power and will power throughout the LN.

      • Mio is strong, but willpower doesn’t come into effect here. That only works against hax and cheesy powers of that nature. When it comes to physical abilities then all you can do is cross your fingers and hope for the best

  63. Mio’s love for shiji is so great that she didnt sleep for like 50YRS STRAIGHT. Love always win against all and thats a fact.She will do anything to make her shinji comeback to life.

  64. Ok, again. Like I said before. Spirit Physiology is very extraordinary in its own way. Mio doesn’t lack in physical attributes, physical combat, or anything in that matter. Again, for the 15th time, Tohka and Mio had clashed on a multiversal level. And isn’t that the craziest thing I’ve heard in my entire life that “willpower” can simply triumph over Omnipotence. If Mio were to enter her demon king form Naruto will lose, it’s fated to happen. And about that 50 years stuff, Mio is a primordial goddess who has existed for who knows how long she is an immortal entity. And I don’t think you understood what I had written. Isaac Westcott IS multiversal. Here’s a link for that: https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Isaac_Ray_Peram_Westcott

    What you said about Mio not countering a Rasengan “with willpower” is not true at it’s finest. Jutsu is something that Ninja in the Shinobi World has. Hmm, I wonder what Chakra is connected to… that’s right “LIFE FORCE.” I’m pretty sure high-class jonin and other ninjas have countered a POINT BLANK Rasengan. So that argument is flawed.

    That’s like saying:

    ” oh hey through willpower I can do asspulls that are completely nonsensical and through plot armor, I can win anything ”

    Back to what I was saying prior, about Naruto’s Universe, there will be no light after Mio activates her Demon Kings. Naruto doesn’t need to get “corrupted’ as you said it, for Mio to kill him. Naruto and THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE -will- be covered by primordial darkness no matter how much Naruto tries. That consists of, Biodiversity, Planets, The Entire Solar System, and The Universe. Mio has Life Manipulation and as you said before the chakra that resides within him is connected to his life force. And without that “chakra” Naruto would be powerless.

    So let’s say that Mio had or any other of her abilities for that matter. Matter IS physical. Humans are made out of matter correct? Mio can use her Matter Manipulation that extends at a MULTIVERSAL+ level again, to defeat Naruto by, ” DECONSTRUCTING, AND OR DESINTERAGRATING MOLECULES, EVEN PARTICLES.” Or she can just use and lock the concept of Chi, Chakra Manipulation or anything in that category. Chakra is connected to Life Force so in terms of Life Manipulation that’s a definite stomp.
    Back to the physical combat. EVERY SPIRIT FIGHTS PHYSICALLY. And if you take a look at that STAT, ” UNIVERSAL LEVEL. ” Taking a look at stamina, ” LIMITLESS. ” You act as if spirits can’t fight physically.

    Kurumi had blitzed the stuffing out of Bandersnatch through physical combat.

    Tohka punched Origami. Tohka also destroyed an entire tunnel by just stomping, along with shaking the entire earth.

    • The Tohka and Mio clash just seems suspect because it’s the only really impressive Mio scene and is so much higher than her usual city busting moves. Just seems like an outlier even if it is purely physical. As for willpower triumphing over Omnipotence, anything that isn’t physical or pure energy based is subject to getting wrecked.

      Isaac has a lot of good multiversal feats, but most of them are fairly cosmic so I’m not sure about that going very far at all.

      I’m just saying that the Rasengan is immensely powerful. It’s hard to see Mio really being able to do anything here. Naruto is way too powerful. Even if there is no light left in the universe Naruto gloes really bright in his chakra mode. That will give him a natural defense to Mio’s attack and all the darkness would do is hurt Mio since Naruto can still track her through her energy. She can’t actually take away Naruto’s chakra even if she hides the outsides away from him.

      She can’t just deconstruct him like that. It starts to get in the meta part again so I’d say you are underestimating Naruto’s pure ability here. She also can’t just take away the concept of chi so yeah lets get back to physical combat.

      Universal physical stats, limitless stamina? There’s no such thing as limitless. I’m sure it’s at a pretty high level though. Shaking the whole Earth and ending tunnels are pretty good. I do think Mio is very powerful but I don’t think she is quite ready to deal with Naruto yet. He’s a little too powerful

      • what are you talking about mio can wipe out all of existence i dont see naruto countering that shit

      • Stephen A Smith? Mio won’t be able to wipe everything out. At best she can blow up large chunks of the universe, but Naruto has focused power. He would be able to counter her in close quarters combat

  65. Like whut??he can counter an omni attack?? Seriously??hahahaha… Since when?? Naruto struggled fighting on kaguya and the rest of otsutsuki (planetary level)without the help of sasuke and sakura he wont stand a chance. Your being too much exaggerated on naruto its like your putting too much credit on him. She can wipe literally every naruto character with just a thought dont make an argument that doesnt give proof whether he can counter any of her hax in the first place give a cite that he has immunity in any of mio’s hax.

    • Naruto does deserve a lot of credit, but I don’t want to overdo it either. The thing is, most attacks are energy based at the end of the day so you can disperse them or counter with more energy. It’s possible for a concentrated island blast to go through a planet busting one if you’ve got the right angle. Naruto’s Rasengan is a very direct concentration of energy so it wouldn’t really have a problem cutting through just about anything. Mio would be in real trouble here if she tries to go direct.

      As for wiping away Naruto with a thought, that won’t be happening. Naruto can resist using his will power and you just can’t blow someone away like that, especially not someone like Naruto. Naruto’s been taking down opponents for as long as I can remember and will power has always been one of his strengths.

  66. That will power your talking about will be meaningless in her presence. Fear can lose hope and will power if they encounter much higher superior entity. Then naruto’s rasengan will be deflected aswell if were talking about energy base she can omni spam her halvanhelev in any direction if he can withstand all of it if he last long.

    • True, you can definitely lose your will power if you’re scared enough. Naruto doesn’t get frightened very easily though. Most likely he will see Mio and chuckle a bit because he knows he is in for a bit fight. Naruto likes a challenge so if anything he’ll be happy that she isn’t an opponent he can just steam roll through.

      Mio’s omni directional attack is really good, but the problem is that she’s spreading her power out so much. Naruto doesn’t have to worry about that because the Rasengan is a direct attack so it’ll cut through anything that she tries to throw in his way. That’s part of what makes Naruto such a powerful fighter. Nothing gets in his way for long

  67. He cant deflect her energy beam that easily it should be equal force to make that happen since naruto is only a planetary level only, he cant deflect it so easily since mio is on another level multiversal+ entity. This is a simple logic but you cant even comprehend it :/

    • It’s simple logic, but you gotta see my side of the fence. A Planetary level fighter can beat a universal one if the conditions are right. Mio’s going to be shooting her energy blasts off every which way which will severely limit her abilities. What is she really going to do against a man who has spent his whole life training up one jutsu to end all jutsu? His Rasengan will plunge ahead and destroy whatever stands in his way. Nobody is stopping this ninja!

  68. Naruto is at stake here .if he confront her directly he will be dead as soon as he move his feet from the ground. Rasiel is an all knowing(omniscience) it can give her his weakness and information that she needs to eliminate him in an instant. Dont underestimate mio so much when he cant even be in her level :). BFR him then boom.

    • Rasiel won’t be of much help here because Naruto has no weaknesses. Part of why he is so impressive is because Naruto has the edge in any fight that he is in. The only way to beat him is to completely overwhelm him in physical power. That is not something that I’m confident Mio can do. I’m not trying to sell her short here or anything like that, but she’s got a ways to go if she wants to really defeat Naruto. He’s already proven himself time and time again

    • Naruto’s not an immortal or anything like that but he has been shown to have crazy impressive offensive abilities. He also doesn’t fall for hax or anything or that nature which is why I would really grant him the edge in combat here. He’s just not going to go down

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