Julius Belmont vs Endeavor

Suggested by Sonic Endeavor is a fighter who burns brighter than most but it’s hard to see him even needing his full strength here. Julius has a lot of good gadgets and is solid at close quarters combat but he really doesn’t have the speed or strength needed to match Endeavor. Julius would just get burned to oblivion if he even got too close to this hero, that’s how wide the gap in power is between them. Endeavor wins.

Endeavor vs All Might

All Might was the #1 hero in his world for a good reason. His abilities are completely off the charts. Endeavor really has no chance in a straight fight. Not only is All Might able to endure his flames but his speed and power means he never has to be hit. He can use wind pressure to keep the flames off of him and then dispatch Endeavor right away. In his prime All Might is just leagues beyond anything his fellow heroes can do. All Might wins.

Hulk vs Endeavor

Suggested by iKnowledge Endeavor is the number 2 hero in MHA and definitely one of the stronger ones. Whether you consider the guy to be a hero or not, he has definitely mastered his flame abilities. The Hulk can take a lot of punishment, but not enough to come out on top here. Endeavor’s speed is far greater and his attacks will be able to overload Hulk’s healing factor. Hulk’s stamina will keep him in the mix for a lot longer than he would have been otherwise but at the end of the day he’ll still be going down and isn’t fast enough to land true counter blows. Endeavor wins.