Darth Zannah vs All Might

All Might returns for another win. This time he’s up against Darth Zannah. The trouble for Force users is they can’t manipulate objects that are more powerful than them or ones that are too heavy. Just try restraining a powerful hulk like All Might. His strength would simply be too vast and he would completely destroy anything trying to bind him. That’s the dilemma that Zannah faces here and I don’t think it’s one that she will be able to break free from. All Might is just too powerful. All Might wins.

Darth Zannah vs Rey

Suggested by iKnowledge Rey is a skilled fighter as we clearly saw in the Star Wars trilogy. That said, I don’t believe she would be able to take on Zannah. Zannah had more proper training and really became an expert fighter. While Rey should have some resistance to her mental assaults, it will be a decent distraction during the fight. Ultimately Rey can surpass Zannah if she continues to improve but at her current level this is not a fight that she can hope to win. Darth Zannah wins.