Kafka Hibino vs Rappa

Suggested by Destroyer Rappa and Kafka are both very physical fighters but I think it’s safe to say that Kafka is on the higher end when it comes to strength. He’s blown up incredibly large Kaiju with a single punch and his speed is also unreal. It’s hard to see Rappa being able to keep up with someone like that for very long. He’ll enjoy the fight but it would be his last. Kafka Hibino wins.

Gecko Moria vs Rappa

Suggested by Sonic Rappa is an excellent hand to hand fighter but I don’t think he is quite ready to take down someone as powerful as Gecko Moria. While Moria may be lacking in physical abilities a bit next to a lot of the other Warlords, he can still fight when needed. It isn’t his first option but it’s not that he can’t fight, the guy even went up against Kaido once. I think Rappa would ultimately be overwhelmed if these two had to mix it up. Gecko Moria wins.

All Might vs Rappa

Both of these guys really prefer to settle their fights in fisticuffs. That said, there is a huge difference in power between these two. All Might in his prime could blow away buildings with his punches and could probably level a city. Rappa’s hits deal a lot of damage but on a far smaller scale. It’s also hard to see them doing enough meaningful damage to stop All Might before he loses consciousness. Rappa’s definitely a great character but he isn’t quite strong enough to win here. All Might wins.

Rappa vs Tengai

These two villains were forced to team up in what was a very reluctant setup. They’re polar opposites. Rappa enjoys a good fight and punching as hard as he can. Meanwhile Tengai can create a powerful barrier that is difficult to break. In a way this fight could be a stalemate right? I’d say not in the long run. Rappa’s punches were shown to continue to get more and more powerful as the fight wore on. Meanwhile Tengai would not be able to keep up his barrier forever and has no way to injure Rappa. Ultimately the barrier would shatter and then one punch would end this. Rappa wins.