Shirai Kuroko vs Misaka

Shirai Kuroko is a skilled fighter with her teleporting skills and she is more skilled in combat than she lets on. Against another opponent, Kuroko’s hit and run tactics would do very well. It’s just not an efficient strategy when your opponent can emit electric sparks and zap anyone who gets near her. That really takes away any strategy that Kuroko could think up, which ends the match. Misaka wins.

Megumi Wakamiya vs Shirai Kuroko

Megumi is one of Kuroyukihime’s friends while Kuroko is a friend of Misaka. They both share similar traits and they aren’t very good characters. Kuroko is slightly better since she actually gets serious when the going gets tough, but Megumi hasn’t really had a chance to appear for very long. It’s possible that she may surpass Kuroko, but for now, Megumi won’t be able to win. Shirai Kuroko wins.

Shirai Kuroko vs Scarlet Rain

Shirai Kuroko is a teleporter and Scarlet Rain’s personality reminded me of her. These two have vastly different abilities, but similar personalities so I figured that it was time for a match. Shirai Kuroko’s teleportation is very useful, but Scarlet Rain has a high degree of super speed and super strength. Scarlet Rain is also a master of long range combat and she has many attacks at her disposal. Scarlet Rain wins.