Accelerator vs Dante

Suggested by Sonic Dante has super speed and high speed regeneration which are both really excellent abilities. He should be able to take a lot of the punishment that Accelerator can dish out but only for so long. Gradually his abilities will begin to weaken and that’s when Accelerator will really begin to have the upper hand here. His vectors is just such an absolute ability that Dante can’t hope to dodge it and Accelerator is fast in his own right so he could dodge Dante’s attacks long enough to win here. Accelerator wins.

Excel Minazuki vs Accelerator

Excel focuses on being the best while Accelerator has always been at the top. Both of them are quite powerful in their respective verses but Accelerator’s vector mastery will allow him to block and redirect all incoming abilities. Excel will be completely out of her depth here since none of her head on attacks would be able to reach him. Accelerator wins.

Accelerator vs Sephiroth

Suggested by Sonic Sephiroth is incredibly fast and may surpass Accelerator in that area. You can barely even react to Sephiroth swinging his sword, but beyond that Sephiroth’s ranged attacks will be less useful here since Accelerator can reflect them all. Accelerator was pretty limited for a time when he needed the network to connect, but on his own he can use his abilities without worry and for a long time. I don’t believe Sephiroth will be able to keep up and since one touch from Accelerator can mean death Sephiroth can’t afford even the slightest mistake. Accelerator wins.

Accelerator vs Dr Doom

Suggested by Destroyer Accelerator has been through quite a lot over the years. Despite having his mind crushed and physically taking a beating his powers have only improved. He can send most opponents away with a glance or a single movement. While Dr Doom has a lot of abilities and gadgets of his own they won’t ultimately be enough to stop Accelerator. As long as the kid can envision a way to win it’ll ultimately happen. Accelerator wins.

Accelerator vs Kazuki

Accelerator is back and he’s up against a pretty tricky candidate. We never really got to see Kazuki’s super form in action for very long since the series ended basically just as he obtained the ability. With more screen time I think it would be a blow out win in his favor, but as it stands then it gets close. I think he has the speed and power needed to get around Accelerator’s vectors. Stopping his punishing attacks would be incredibly tricky and his regeneration also ends up helping him quite a lot as well. Kazuki wins.

Ms Marvel vs Accelerator

Accelerator is the strongest Esper in Index. He can manipulate vectors in a way that works like Graviton’s barriers. You can’t hope to stop him with direct attacks since they will just be bounced back. The best way to stop him is a bunch of sneak attacks or to just overwhelm the guy. After all, a single good hit will take him out if you get past that since he’s no more durable than your average teenager but that’s a lot harder than it sounds. Ms. Marvel does have a lot of power up her sleeve but I think she won’t quite have the speed to pull this off. Accelerator wins.

Accelerator vs Kirby

This is a bit of a random match, but I saw it being debated and I can’t believe that there would ever be a debate. Kirby is strong to be sure, but Accelerator is much faster than him and a single hit would be lethal. None of the abilities that Kirby has absorbed in the past will be of any use to him here…it’s game over for him! Accelerator wins.

Misaka vs Accelerator

Accelerator is one of the strongest characters in the Index franchise and I would say that he really is the best fighter there. Misaka had a big fight against him back in the day and even her legendary Level 5 abilities were no match against his power. Accelerator’s control over vectors has become very precise and he can level a city with ease. A rematch wouldn’t go any better than their first fight. Accelerator wins.

Touya Kamijou vs Accelerator

I can’t say that I ever cared for Touya Kamijou. His name is too similar to Touma’s and he doesn’t take things as seriously as he should. He gets defeated by a kid/teenager and it’s thanks to him that some dangerous things take place during Touma’s vacation. Maybe he’ll become a cool character someday, but he’ll have to settle for being crushed by Accelerator for now. Accelerator wins.

Accelerator vs Mugino

Accelerator is the strongest Level 5 Esper that there is and his convincing victory over Misaka definitely proves this. Mugino was also able to give Misaka a good run for her money, but her abilities are not well suited to fight Accelerator. Bending vectors and shifting energy blasts is what Accelerator does best so this should be a quick win for him. None can stand up to his power! Accelerator wins.