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Dio Brando vs Piccolo

Much like with the Vegeta battle, Dio Brando is simply outclassed here. Piccolo can easily overpower or outspeed Dio Brando. Brando’s abilities won’t be potent enough for him to survive a Special Beam Cannon attack or a quick combo from Piccolo. Piccolo can move at insane speeds so he will be able to land some hits on Dio before the guy even knows what’s happening. That is the true power of a Z fighter! Piccolo wins.

15 thoughts on “Dio Brando vs Piccolo”

      1. I agree. DBZ characters are OP. I think if they were in JoJo’s universe, they defeat Dio with ease. Probably the humans, like Yamcha could also defeat him.

      2. Yeah, Yamcha’s still strong and if you count filler, he was able to reach Ginyu Force level, which is pretty impressive since he was still technically a human. Those guys were no joke.

      3. I remembered that, I was surprised to see that. Too bad now he doesn’t fight anymore but who can blame him. The bad guys in DBZ keep getting stronger in every saga.

      4. Definitely, he wouldn’t really last a minute anymore. At least thanks to plot hax, in the latest movie Roshi was able to hold his own against a lot of underlings even though his power level is probably only about 50-100 by now so in theory, Yamcha could have taken that opportunity to make a cameo. I guess his popularity wasn’t high enough and he’s enjoying early retirement.

      5. I haven’t seen the movie but Master Roshi looks epic and Yamcha could have the opportunity, even Tien joined the fight.
        Going back to Dio, if people wanted Dio to win, Dio has immortality and has the ability to freeze blood; based on Phantom Blood. I still need to finish Phantom Blood.

      6. Piccolo can regenerate limbs, but his blood freezing over would definitely be a problem. I wonder if powering up his Ki on the inside would be a way to jumpstart his blood flow or if I’m just stretching logic there. It’s something I could picture, but it’s not as if something like that has ever happened before.

      7. I was thinking about that too. What if his ki helped kept the blood flowing hamon. I wonder if ki and hamon have the same properties. They both have energy from inside the body.

    1. Someone was actually a big Dio Brando fan on the blog so he requested a lot of fights with the guy, they just happened to backfire a lot of the time. Are you saying that Dio is Goku level or Piccolo here?

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