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Dio Brando vs Goku

Suggested by Random Dio has his famous stand at the ready and he’s fairly formidable when it comes to strength as well. That being said, he can’t handle Goku. In Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue form he is basically invincible as his speed and power are amped up to an unbelievable level. Dio just wouldn’t be able to comprehend the speed at which Goku is moving. Goku wins.

16 thoughts on “Dio Brando vs Goku”

  1. Tough match really. As you bring up, Goku is really fast, almost certainly faster than The World, but DIo can freeze time. Can Dio do that before Goku hits him? Under normal circumstances, no, probably not, but then before he knows what it does, Goku would probably let Dio use The World, wanting to fight him at full power. As seen on a few cases, even comparatively weak attacks can harm Goku if he’s caught off guard (Krillin throwing a rock at him, Sorbet’s laser, the list goes on. Even so, I don’t think he could kill Goku in one timestop (especially since projectiles seem to stop in midair before reaching their target, giving Goku a chace to dodge the whole “throw a bunch of knives at you”, maybe even the Space Ripper Stingy Eyes), and after seeing him do it once, Goku would probably recognise the whole time-stopping deal thanks to experience of the likes of Hit, so after that Dio would have lost his biggest edge. Didn’t see much direct evidence that Blue is much faster than his other forms (correct me if I’ve forgotten something), mostly just stronger, and adding the fact The World is also really really fast and Dio is a vampire who can regenerate injuries, I don’t think it’d be a cakewalk by any means, but I think Goku’d have the edge.

    Of course, if we’re stretching the old composite rule, Dio also has The World Over Heaven from the Eyes of Heaven game, and maybe even Kars’ Ultimate Lifeform powers and his other Stand “The Passion” from the Jorge Joestar novel (it WAS an official publication, bizarre and non-canon as it was. What is the composite rule stance on officially-licensed books clearly not part of the main canon, written by a different writer but with illustrations by the original mangaka?). That’s a whole other kettle of fish, and I’d question if even Goku could deal with all that insanity.

    1. Well, I’d say that the book’s definitely legit with the composite rules as even if it’s non-canon as long as it’s official then it’s okay. That being said, I don’t think the timestop would work on Goku since he has been shown to have enough raw power to simply negate it as with Hit. It supports my long standing theory that with enough raw power you can break through time hax/reality hax/any sort of ability like that. As Goku has broken through time before, he likely wouldn’t really feel its pull here.

      Now, I’d say that Goku Blue is a lot faster than his other forms because it did allow him to keep up with Golden Frieza. In general, whenever a DBZ character’s power level goes up their speed does as well. The only real exception to that is the buff Saiyan form. Beyond that, each transformation increases all base stats by an incredible amount. Throw in Goku’s Mastered Ultra Instinct and Super Super Saiyan God training and zenkai boosts since he first got it and Goku’s power level is absolutely crazy

      1. Dio can take a few hits due to his regen, but not many. Sooner or later, he would collapse from exhaustion, thus giving Gokuthe win by virtue of higher stamina.
        Signed, Super Dark Shadow.

      2. Yeah, I can agree to that. Goku’s hits will overwhelm any form of regen eventually simply because of how overwhelmingly powerful he is

      3. I mean as far as I saw, Goku didn’t nullify Hit’s power, he just predicted where he was going to be after the time skip was done. That said, Jiren kinda broke a similar but related one of Hit’s time powers with sheer force. I guess whether you can break through those kinds of powers depends on the series and the powers in question

      4. As the fight went on Hit was also unable to restrain Goku as long as he wanted though. The sheer force of Goku’s power level was basically bending time to his will and he’s gotten way stronger since then. Like Time Travel, time hax does definitely vary between forms of media but as we’ve seen it as least work once then it stands to reason that any form of hax can be overcome by power if you ask me

      5. So JJ-noveo Dio has a version of The World that can stop time for a whole hour, a second Stand called “The Passion” that lets him predict movements and all the powers Kars gained as the Ultimate Life form, most notably immunity to sunlight, the ability to morph any part of his body into any life form and regenerate near-instantly. And then there’s The World Over Heaven from the Eyes of Heaven game, which lets him rewrite reality on anything his fists touch (proven to include a projectile with infinite spin and Gold Experience Requiem).

        I tell you one thing, that’s a fight I’d love to see animated

      6. Those are definitely a lot of cool abilities. Goku will really have to stay on his toes here and take the fight seriously right away. Sounds like that book was definitely really useful for extra feats for Dio. It would definitely be a blast to see this fight animated.

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