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Zebra (Toriko) vs Kars

This is a pretty interesting battle. Zebra would be able to effortlessly defeat Kars in his normal state, but Kars does have ultimate mode at his disposal. This drastically increases his abilities, which makes this more of a challenge. Speedwise, Zebra would likely have the edge and I’m sure that he could hold his own in a fist fight as well. Kars’ light blade would be lethal, but Zebra should be able to avoid it until he seals the victory. Zebra (Toriko) wins.

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Bass vs Kars

Kars is a pretty tough fighter and his fierce attacks would take down many fighters. Unfortunately for him, Bass isnt your average fighter. His power and speed are leagues ahead of the competition. He only needs a single punch to dramatically end this match. This isn’t the last that we will see of either of these fighters. Bass wins.

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Dio Brando vs Kars

This was a pretty close battle and both of these fighters are extremely powerful. Dio Brando has the edge in their initial forms and his “The World” Stand is very powerful so Kars wouldn’t have had a chance if not for his ultimate mode. In that form, his regeneration can stand up against Dio Brando’s and more importantly, his speed surpasses that of Dio’s. With his bright sword swings, Kars will be able to take the lead as one slash can be fatal. A prolonged battle would work to Dio’s favor, but I believe that Kars will be able to end the match before it takes too long. Kars wins.