Zebra (Toriko) vs Bass

Bass is back once again and I have to admit that Zebra is a little out of his depth in this round. Zebra is a pretty powerful opponent and he does have some decent hand to hand skills, but Bass can just blast him from afar. Zebra will never be able to catch Bass and his attacks won’t break through Bass’ defenses. Bass wins.

Zebra (Toriko) vs Kars

This is a pretty interesting battle. Zebra would be able to effortlessly defeat Kars in his normal state, but Kars does have ultimate mode at his disposal. This drastically increases his abilities, which makes this more of a challenge. Speedwise, Zebra would likely have the edge and I’m sure that he could hold his own in a fist fight as well. Kars’ light blade would be lethal, but Zebra should be able to avoid it until he seals the victory. Zebra (Toriko) wins.

Sunny vs Zebra (Toriko)

Zebra certainly got a lot of hype in the Toriko series and the mysterious aura around his character is pretty intense. Sunny’s hair strands make for powerful weapons and they can make quick work out of many fighters. That being said, Zebra (Toriko) has the edge in this round because of his physical abilities. His long range abilities are also superior and the sounds should be enough to overpower Sunny in the end. Zebra (Toriko) wins.