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Dio Brando vs Akuma

Now this is a battle that certainly has the potential to change once I read JoJo, but from what I’ve seen/heard, Akuma is just a lot more impressive physically. He’s insanely powerful and that was before he got to appear in Asura’s Wrath. That upped his power levels exponentially and he also has a number of projectiles at his disposal as well. Dio Brando simply won’t be able to keep up with Akuma and he will be overwhelmed by the sheer savagery and hand to hand combos that Akuma has at his disposal. Akuma wins.

5 thoughts on “Dio Brando vs Akuma”

  1. I agree. Asura’s Wrath gives him FTL+ reactions and speed with large planet level destructive power. Savagery, power and skill beats looks and cockiness anyday in my book. Thats why Piccolo and Vegeta can also smash Dio.

    1. This all depends if Akuma can survive Dio’s attacks while time is stopped and if he can injure him fast enough to beat his vampiric regeneration. I don’t know a lot about Asura’s Wrath though…

    1. Definitely not annoyed about debating without the composite rule. I think Dio would definitely have a real good shot at winning in that case. Akuma is not supremely powerful in the main SF series as nobody there is really high tier. Dio has some ice powers I believe and probably has the usual super speed and strength of an anime character as well. I’m inclined to think that this could be enough to defeat normal Akuma, but it would definitely be a very close fight.

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