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Dio Brando vs Akuma

Now this is a battle that certainly has the potential to change once I read JoJo, but from what I’ve seen/heard, Akuma is just a lot more impressive physically. He’s insanely powerful and that was before he got to appear in Asura’s Wrath. That upped his power levels exponentially and he also has a number of projectiles at his disposal as well. Dio Brando simply won’t be able to keep up with Akuma and he will be overwhelmed by the sheer savagery and hand to hand combos that Akuma has at his disposal. Akuma wins.

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Akuma vs Bass

Akuma is an experienced hand to hand fighter and he’s definitely at a higher tier than most of the others. Bass’ barrier can absorb a lot of Akuma’s attacks and his speed allows him to get past Akuma with ease. Akuma is clearly outmatched in this fight and he won’t be able to deal any damage. Bass is just too powerful! Bass wins.

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Ancient Ogre vs Akuma

Akuma is quite possibly the strongest Street Fighter character out there and while Ancient Ogre is indeed formidable, they aren’t really in the same league. The Ancient Ogre is a being to be feared and his power reaches up to the cosmos….but one good hit from Akuma should take him down. One hit may be stretching things a little bit, but it would certainly be a quick fight and not one that the Ancient Ogre would be able to win. Akuma wins.