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Dio Brando vs Dracula

Dio Brando is back and now he’s up against Count Dracula! Dracula is a pretty tough individual and he usually comes equipped with some basic super strength and healing abilities. That won’t be enough to impress Dio Brando. Dio Brando is much, much, much stronger than Dracula physically and one connecting punch should be able to end the match. Brando is a feared individual and he’s earned this throughout his many battles. Dio Brando wins.

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Dio Brando vs Thor

Dio Brando is a pretty tough opponent and he has a lot of physical power. Thor will definitely have a really tough time fighting him and Mighty Mjolnir just won’t be enough this time. Thor won’t be able to keep up with Dio Brando’s speed and while his power may be about on par with Dio’s, Thor just doesn’t have the lethal abilities that Dio Brando has at his disposal. Dio Brando wins.

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Dio Brando vs Sonic

Sonic has the edge in speed and he’s obtained many power ups over the years. He has the 7 Chaos Emeralds and he can also transform into Darkspine Sonic. I don’t want to underestimate Dio Brando, but he just won’t have enough skills to win this round. Sonic massively speed blitzes him for the win and Dio Brando just won’t have any defense against him. Sonic is just far too skilled to lose this round. Sonic wins.

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Dio Brando vs Shadow

Shadow has abilities that are beyond most people’s comprehension and his speed is immense. Dio Brando’s been on a roll, but he’s finally met his match. Dio Brando has some pretty high levels of super strength and his ice abilities are good as well, but Shadow’s raw speed will be the deciding factor in this round. Dio Brando has taken his first loss in this battle. Shadow wins.

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Dio Brando vs Zim

Zim is a pretty tricky character and he’s always ready for some action, but he won’t be able to win this round. Dio Brando is far too powerful for him and one good punch would end the battle in an instant. Dio Brando is definitely on a roll right now and he doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon….or are we missing something? Dio Brando wins.

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Dio Brando vs Hobbes

Hobbes is a pretty bold creature and many have heard of him. That being said, you likely know that he won’t be winning this round. Hobbes was never made to be an expert fighter and he won’t be able to defeat someone that could probably give Superman a good fight. Dio Brando is definitely doing well on the blog and he’s steadily climbing up the blog ranks. Dio Brando wins.

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Dio Brando vs Calvin

I bet that Calvin is a nice kid and all, but he still won’t have a chance against Dio Brando. Dio Brando is just too powerful and he’s taken many opponents down with ease. His super strength is pretty fearsome and his speed shouldn’t be underestimated as well. Calvin doesn’t really have any battle experience and he’ll go down pretty quickly. Dio Brando wins.

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Frogger vs Dio Brando

Dio Brando is back and now he’s up against good ole Frogger! Frogger may be good at dodging fast objects, but he won’t be a match for Dio Brando. Dio Brando is very fast and he also has a high degree of super strength. He can heal from any attack that Frogger may dish out, but Frogger likely won’t get a chance to use any. Dio Brando wins.

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Dio Brando vs Luigi

Luigi may be a very brave fighter when he needs to be, but he won’t be able to defeat Dio Brando. Dio Brando’s speed will allow him to dodge all of Luigi’s attacks and even if he were somehow hit by one of them, he would not take any damage. Dio Brando’s regenerative abilities are far too potent for Luigi’s level of power. Dio Brando wins.