Godzilla vs Dracula

This is a tribute to the recent Godzilla film as well as the Billy The Kid vs Dracula crossover. While it is true that Godzilla spent a lot of the film getting kicked around by Ghidorah he ultimately still did pretty good. Dracula underestimated his opponents and generally looked unimpressive. This won’t really be a close fight as Godzilla can just power up and melt the vampire. At that point, it’s all over for the iconic vampire. Godzilla wins.

Dracula vs Ken Kaneki

Suggested by Destroyer Dracula is a tough opponent for anyone and his healing capabilities make it difficult to destroy him. That being said, he is still not going to last very long against Ken. Ken has taken on opponents who would strike fear into the vampire and regeneration doesn’t mean much when you are completely outmatched in attack power and speed. Ken Kaneki can stick to charging right at Dracula each time and he will still claim an easy win. Ken Kaneki wins.

Vincent vs Dracula

Suggested by LightningEllen Dracula has returned to try and place the fear in another opponent, but good luck scaring Vincent. His design is even more intimidating than Dracula’s and he is a very powerful fighters. With his twin guns and a demonic super form that was featured in Dirge of Cerberus, I have a hard time seeing Dracula land any real hits in. Vincent is incredibly fast and his attacks leave a large trail of destruction in their wake. A glancing blow will deal massive damage to Dracula and whether his end is met through a barrage of gunfire or a few quick stabs from Vincent’s claws, the match will be over. Vincent wins.

Dracula vs Cloud

This is a tribute to Dracula Came Back From The Grave. Definitely another run of the mill Dracula film and as always the main vampire looked bad as well. He just has a habit or tripping and falling onto lethal objects. You never get the impression that he is even remotely on Cloud’s level if we’re being honest here. A single Limit Slash will take Dracula down for the count. Cloud could probably even beat Dracula without his sword, that’s just how good he is. Cloud wins.

Dracula vs Vegeta

This is a tribute to Dracula: Prince of Darkness. He may be a strong vampire, but this is Vegeta we’re talking about. When it comes to strength and ability he is on a whole other level. A single blast of his would decimate the planet and Dracula simply wouldn’t be able to block or redirect such an attack. Dracula wouldn’t even be able to see it coming to be honest. Vegeta wins.

Sonic vs Dracula

Suggested by Anonymous Dracula has some heightened physical abilities along with hypnosis but it won’t be enough to take down someone like Sonic. Sonic is a whole lot faster and combat savvy than Dracula, not to mention his charisma. Dracula will have a very hard time even keeping up with such a dangerous threat. I didn’t want to say it, but this could be Dracula’s last rodeo. None of his options will be effective at all against Sonic and that is a huge issue. Sonic wins.

Dracula vs Elecman

Suggested by Blake Dracula is a tough customer for the average opponent thanks to his super human speed and strength. That being said, he hasn’t fought anyone quite like Elecman before. Elecman is faster than Dracula as it is and he also has the clear advantage in a long range battle. Dracula will have a hard time getting his fangs anywhere close to Elecman and the thunder navi has his sword at the ready to stop such an attack as it is. Elecman wins.

Dracula vs Cell

Suggested by Anon Cell is back and it’s time for another easy win. Dracula may have some mild strength and speed enhancements, but they really won’t do him a whole lot of good here. Cell still outclasses him in every possible way. This fight will end up being very one sided since Cell can simply destroy the whole solar system. That’d be a nice and easy way of defeating Dracula without even putting himself at risk. Of course, how risky is any action when you can regenerate half your body being blown up? Cell wins.

Dracula vs Nemo

This is a tribute to Dracula Untold! Dracula was certainly formidable in this film. He probably should have won the final battle with greater ease, but he still did a pretty good job during most of the film. That’ll be enough to earn him the win this time and he ends up taking down Nemo for the count. Nemo wouldn’t last a second against such a fighter! Dracula wins.

Dio Brando vs Dracula

Dio Brando is back and now he’s up against Count Dracula! Dracula is a pretty tough individual and he usually comes equipped with some basic super strength and healing abilities. That won’t be enough to impress Dio Brando. Dio Brando is much, much, much stronger than Dracula physically and one connecting punch should be able to end the match. Brando is a feared individual and he’s earned this throughout his many battles. Dio Brando wins.