Dark Bunny vs Dracula

Suggested by Sonic Dark Bunny is a pretty fun Arthur character. The guy has the flair of a character like Batman while also throwing his own spin on things. He isn’t quite ready to take Dracula down for the count though. Dracula has been in many different incarnations over the years and always has more strength than the average man. His ability to change into a bat may not be too helpful but Bunny will still be overwhelmed here. He just doesn’t have enough gadgets to plot a comeback win. Dracula wins.

Dark Bunny vs Space Godzilla

Suggested by Destroyer Dark Bunny is a strong crime fighter who tries to uphold the peace and tranquility of his city. The problem is that he is merely human while Space Godzilla is a Kaiju. A single hit will be enough to end this confrontation once and for all. Space Godzilla wins.

Batman vs Dark Bunny

Dark Bunny was a character that was inspired by Batman and he does a pretty good job of being cool. That being said, the gap between these characters is extremely large and I don’t believe that Dark Bunny would stand a chance. It would simply not be possible for him to beat Batman since the dark knight surpasses him in all skills. Batman has more experience and more gadgets as well. Batman wins.

Dark Bunny vs The BioLizard

Dark Bunny may be pretty skilled in hand to hand combat, but he doesn’t really stand a chance against a foe as formidable as The BioLizard. The BioLizard can shoot many energy blasts at once, which will quickly overwhelm the hero. Dark Bunny hasn’t appeared too often in the Arthur show so he’s definitely lacking in the gadgets department. The BioLizard wins.

Dark Bunny vs Palkia

Dark Bunny is back yet again, but I’m afraid that it’s just in time for another loss. Palkia has a lot of attacks at his disposal. He has dozens and dozens of attacks that he can use to take down Dark Bunny in a single shot. Dark Bunny won’t be able to hold his own against such an opponent. Palkia wins.

Dark Bunny vs Cyber Shredder

Dark Bunny is back, but now he’s up against the Cyber Shredder. Cyber Shredder is definitely more fierce in battle. I don’t think that Dark Bunny will be able to fend him off if it came down to a hand to hand fight. Cyber Shredder would also win this battle from afar. Cyber Shredder wins.

Dark Bunny vs Destroyer

Dark Bunny may seem like a good detective and fighter, but it won’t be enough to take down Destroyer. The Destroyer has a laser blast that would destroy Dark Bunny in a single hit. Destroyer’s physical strength is also a lot greater than Dark Bunny’s and one punch would end the fight. Destroyer wins.

Dark Bunny vs Lazerman

Dark Bunny is a pretty nimble bunny and with his car he can do many things. Of course Lazerman’s far too powerful and fast to take down Dark Bunny. Dark Bunny just couldn’t win. One day Dark Bunny will be back and maybe he’ll even get a win, but in this match it’s Lazerman’s time to pwn. Lazerman wins.

Batman Beyond vs Dark Bunny

Batman Beyond is a pretty good fighter. With one strike he can take down many opponents at once. Dark Bunny may be a crime fighter in his own right, but in the end he lacks the high tech gadgets that Batman Beyond has at his disposal. With this loss Dark Bunny drops down the blog ranks. Batman Beyond wins.

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Crazy Bus vs Dark Bunny

Dark Bunny is back for another win. Crazy Bus is hardcore, but he lacks the power that Dark Bunny has. Dark Bunny could break Crazy Bus after a lot of dodging. Dark Bunny has no more matches left in the arc and may not be back for a while. Of course Crazy bus still has one more match to fight. Dark Bunny wins.