Esdeath vs Megatron

Megatron is a powerful Decepticon and he has more firepower than most of the other Transformers. His durability isn’t bad either, but his lack of speed is where Esdeath will destroy him. She was able to keep up with a berserk Akame and Esdeath’s ice abilities will prevent Megatron from staying far away. Megatron’s lasers would likely break through her ice shields, but Esdeath won’t need to rely on them thanks to her great speed feats. This is one of those times where speed trumps power. Esdeath wins.

4 thoughts on “Esdeath vs Megatron

  1. Or you know, he can tranform into a fighter jet and there isn’t any way he out running that. And he actually tranforms into a fighter jet with a multitude of weapons. Her trump card won’t mean anything as she can’t stab him. Also, her ice won’t do anything to him as he takes gun fire from very advanced weapons on a daily basis that would absulutly destroy Esdeath intantly. You also make it sound like Megatron would just stand there and let her beat on him. Don”t make the argument of time stop because it wouldn’t do anything but prolong the fight. Megatron takes this.

    • Even as a jet Megatron won’t be fast enough to stop Esdeath. Her reaction times are also top notch. He wouldn’t be able to hit her and her attacks would really counter his abilities. She wouldn’t need time stop, but Megatron is really outmatched here both in speed and special abilities. He has power, but it won’t help since she can’t hit him.

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