Madara vs Esdeath

Esdeath makes her debut here from the recent Akame Ga Kill. She’s certainly a powerful fighter who can be a threat from close or long range. Her ice abilities are quite lethal and she’s no slouch in the speed department either. That being said, Madara is simply too powerful to be defeated here. Madara has the massive edge in raw speed and power so Esdeath will have a really tough time landing a blow in or dealing any meaningful damage. Madara wins.

36 thoughts on “Madara vs Esdeath

    • Depends on which version of Madara as well.

      Yes time stop is the only way she can win except she can only use it once and she generally only uses it to get out of impossible situations. Because of that she may use when it’s too late and Madara is superior to her in every thing else. Now if Esdeath had full knowledge and Madara then Esdeath may go for time stop to win.

    • Here is the problem even if she successfully executes it.

      Madaa’s izanagi was shown to rewrite reality his death even after few days. So Esdeath doesn’t have anything else.

      • Granted though, being dead for a few days would definitely count as a loss in the battle. Think of it as losing the fight, but winning the battle. That being said, I do think his physical feats and insane durability still allow him to claim the win.

  1. It looks like I can’t reply directly.

    In that case Madara rewrites reality almost immediately then.

    Which version of Madara anyway? Not that it matters anyway.

    If she was in Narutoverse she would be clearly kage level though. Then again only few Akame characters would be that level. I can see the Gundam being higher.

    Mid-Kage level overall. I think Can plausibly tkill high kage tier or more with time hax if done right.

    • Yeah, it’s an odd quirk of WordPress after a certain amount of replies have already happened. It’s composite so Madara gets his strongest form, whichever you deem that to be. I know some debate which form of his is the strongest although I definitely think it is hid Juubito form. I definitely agree that Esdeath is Kaga level. I’d take her over some of the members like the Mitsukage, Second Hokage, possibly the Third Hokage, the Mu guy, etc.

      • Yeah Akame Ga Kill verse is not very powerful with few notable hax but that’s it.
        The only kage level members I can think of are

        Evolved Tatsumi
        That Gundum

        I say Prime Kurome, Current Wave perhaps too.

        Seryu has kage level of fire power but her skills are more like Jounin.

        Leone I rate her elite jounin or higher.

        What do you think?

        2nd Hokage only because he lacks most feats.

        Muu? Well his dust and invisibility gives him the advantage.

        Mizukage is like low kage level so I can understand.

      • I admit that I don’t even recognize the names of most of those fighters. I haven’t seen the show so for Akame, Tatsumi, and Esdeath I just had to go and do some research to locate their feats. I can see the others being Kage level if they’re able to match up well against the likes of Akame and Esdeath. The series is still going right? I’m sure that the characters have definitely gotten a lot tougher in the meantime then.

        Muu’s invisibility is good and particule style shouldn’t be underestimated, but he didn’t seem all that impressive physically. Mizukage was definitely pretty weak for a Kage and I’d say that power-level wise she shouldn’t really be considered on that level.

      • I wouldn’t say she’s 2nd hokage level. I think the 2nd hokage would beat Esdeath.

  2. Yes the manga is still going but it will end. Yeah there

    Esdeath is likely the strongest character minus Evolved Tatsumi or Akame with her Trump card.

    The Gundam in the manga is somewhat more powerful and Prime Honest seems to be able to actually fight. He caught a thrown spear by Leone in the latest chapter.

    Well match up is a general broad term. Prime Kurome refers to her best puppets in her prime condition before she got wounded by Chelsea.

    I reckon most of the Jaegers or Night Raid or more on the lines of Elite Jounin to Jounin however.

    Current Wave refers to him using two teigu.

    I also forgot about Susanoo as well.

    Hidan is supposed to be kage level too but everyone refers to him weakest of it if true, in some ways I see him more of an elite jounin.

    Muu doesn’t fight close range. Also, his body was tough enough that he wasn’t completely disintegrated by Naruto’s planetary rasengan.

    For Kage level Naruto character I dare say she needs time hax to beat them solidly because while her ice powers are dangerous I say Naruto ninjas can dodge it.

    • Agreed, some of these Naruto guys are insanely fast like Sasuke, Madara, and Naruto. I would definitely put Esdeath at Kage level in speed as well, but time hax is definitely necessary to take on the truly top tiers. It’s cool that Esdeath has managed to keep herself in the top 3. That definitely bodes well for her feats.

      • Well Esdeath did evade Budo’s lightning in the manga. So did Tatsumi and Akame. So yes most likely.
        I will also add on to Muu that he has sensory and invisibility and because he always flies I can only see time hax the real only effective counter measure. He also has very good reflexes thanks to sensing, he even evaded KCM Naruto.

        Not sure how she would defeat 2nd Mizukage mainly because of his water oil nature. Freeze and shatter? Not sure if that will work.

        Naruto top tiers have changed a lot though because of the 4th ninja war arc.

        What is your definition of Naruto top tier? Because there is also the god tier level lots of Naruto fans like to use nowafays.
        The Kage level ninja?

      • I think a few good ice stabs should still be effective against Mizukage. He may have some mild resistance to ice blows, but I don’t think it would protect him from direct attacks and I believe that Esdeath is much faster than Muu. He has good reflexes, but I don’t think he could ultimately counter any of her blows.

        I’d say that Naruto top tiers would definitely include Naruto, Madara, Sasuke, Tonri, the other two Kaguya type villains from the movies and Obito’s final form.

        Next I’d say would be the Kage tier fighters like Kakashi, Raikage, Itachi, Kaguya, 4th Hokage, 1st Hokage. After that then the lower kage/maybe Elite ninja level guys like Tsunade, Sakura, Danzo, and probably some more guys out there.

  3. “I think a few good ice stabs should still be effective against Mizukage. He may have some mild resistance to ice blows”

    He is water and oil so he will not be harmed. Maybe freezing and shattering might work but I am not sure. Plus oil is not water when it comes to freezing. Also, Joki Boi.

    “I believe that Esdeath is much faster than Muu. He has good reflexes, but I don’t think he could ultimately counter any of her blows.”

    Muu in real life carried swords but we never saw him use it. If he could dodge KCM Naruto who was purported for his insane speed he shouldn’t have problem with Esdeath not to mention it’s most likely he will fly. His dust release will force Esdeath into a defensive a lot unless Esdeath summons an ice pillar above him. Have you never read when Onoki erased a forest? Muu can do that too in theory because they are on similar power level.

    “I’d say that Naruto top tiers would definitely include Naruto, Madara, Sasuke, Tonri, the other two Kaguya type villains from the movies and Obito’s final form.”

    I think you can add more tiers like at least one which you kind of did but I think you can split even more. Even within kage tier there is a vast difference between Tsunade and top tier kage like Pain or Minato or Itachi. There are those above Pain like Nagato. And there are those above that like Hashirama or regular Madara. Hashirama would destroy Nagato who is like a half tier above Pain who is already pinnacle kage tier and yet HAshirama would lose to any juubi or rikudo level characters. Hence my first statement.

    Even within your top tier list it varies. You can add 8 gates Guy or Kakashi with rikudo chakra to the mix.

    “Next I’d say would be the Kage tier fighters like Kakashi, Raikage, Itachi, Kaguya, 4th Hokage, 1st Hokage.”

    Kaguya doesn’t belong there for obvious reasons. 1st Hokage and regular Madara are too far above kage tier.

  4. EMS Madara and above curb stomps Esdeath,even with time freeze he can wood clone like Hashirama did to Madara when he stabbed him,cover himself in susano’o,extract her soul with the human path,and much more. There’s no way Esdeath will ever have the advantage.

  5. EMS Madara doesn’t have wood clones but he can substitute,use a shadow clone,or even move when time is frozen. Tatsumi moved a little and Madara is way stronger.

  6. This is a tough one. Madara has some powerful jutsu and then we have Esdeath who can freeze people and time briefly. If Madara was mortal, Esdeath would have to have to quickly take him out with her time powers and kill him. In the other hand, Madara is so strong he is a one man army against other ninjas. He can even fight blind after being revived from the Edo Tensei.

    • Madara’s pretty much immortal by the end so that would also make it hard on Esdeath since it’s very difficult to end Madara in a single hit no matter how powerful the blow is. She is certainly fast though so I don’t doubt that she could put up a pretty decent fight

  7. I did some research and Madara CAN put Esdeath in genjutsu. You’re probably like “But how,you need chakra” well in my research regular genjutsu like kurenai’s genjutsu wouldn’t work. But dojutsu genjutsu can work. In the data book shisui’s kotoamatsukami inserts chakra through your eyes into your brain,so that means tsukyomi,izanagi,etc can work. What about the regular dojutsu genjutsu like sasuke did to danzo? That also works because in the data books it also says you need to have natural energy to be caught in regular dojutsu genjutsu. So that means Madara can put a tree under genjutsu. So if Madara overwhelmes Esdeath and she uses time stop he can already have her in a regular genjutsu and figure out how time stop works. At this point Esdeath ain’t doing crap to Madara. Don’t get me started on six paths Madara or rinnegan Madara.

      • This is a unfair battle. I understand why you put them up against each other because they both are op in both their universe but Madara is on a whole different level compared to Esdeath. Madara’s perfect susano’o destroyed a mountain range just by taking out the sword,how’s Esdeath competing with that? A more fair fight would be Obito when he fought minato and summoned the 9 tails in the leaf. I still think Obito would win ’cause kamui is a BIG deal.

  8. The only reason I said she can’t beat the second hokage is that he’s way too strong for her. He shook the entire uchiha hideout just by lifting his finger. He’s smart and so is Esdeath but if she freezes time he can use a water clone or substitution and there goes her once a day trump card.

    • 2nd Hokage is fairly tough, but I think you may be underestimating Esdeath here. I can’t say who would win in advance of course since I don’t want to spoil the outcome, but this would not be an easy match

      • Both of them are strong but like I said he lifted his finger and shook the ENTIRE uchiha hideout and sasuke was crapping his pants,the same sasuke that has EMS and EMS sasuke can beat Esdeath. Yes she’s strong but naruto characters are on a whole different level. But who knows Esdeath is really smart but I wouldn’t say as strong as the second hokage.

      • Well, Sasuke would have wrecked him, but I think he was just surprised that such an old guy could fight at such a high level. I definitely would take Sasuke in a fight over both opponents for sure since his physical abilities are on such a high level. Definitely would make for a good fight

  9. Madara (from the Hashirama fight without the 9 tails) and Hashirama could take out the ENTIRE Akame ga kill verse. I’m sure you’ll agree they can take out Esdeath + the jaegees,night raid,the hero from the north,the emperors giant imperial arm,etc…at the same time.

    • That’s definitely pretty impressive if so. I don’t know too much about the Akame ga Kill verse aside from a few of the characters so I couldn’t say one way or the other. It would definitely be a fun battle though

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