Spongebob vs Zombie

Suggested by Destroyer Spongebob Squarepants is one of those icons in media who always fights hard. You can count on him to stay in the mix no matter who the opponent is. While toon force won’t help much here, Spongebob still has a whole arsenal of weapons and abilities at his disposal. The zombie won’t be able to do much and is too slow to really counter him. Spongebob wins.

Katrielle Layton vs Spongebob

Suggested by Anonymous While Spongebob isn’t quite as strong as many would think since Toon Force can only go so far, he is still strong enough to beat the average human. When he’s not using food related blasters Spongebob has some real ones and a lot of blunt objects thanks to the video games. Katrielle can certainly out think Spongebob, but she still wouldn’t be able to keep up with his offensive powers. Ultimately she would go down here. Spongebob wins.

Spongebob vs Penguin (Animal)

Suggested by Destroyer A Penguin is a pretty resourceful animal but that won’t save him against Spongebob. Spongebob has taken out dozens and dozens of opponents over the years. He may not be the strongest lead around but he does have a car and a handful of random gadgets from over the years. I don’t believe a Penguin would be properly equipped to deal with any of that and would quickly be taken down. That’s the difference in their abilities here. A Penguin won’t be able to handle Spongebob. Spongebob wins.

Dorothy vs Spongebob

Dorothy is a skilled fighter with her various arms and heightened physical abilities. She definitely did a good job of helping her team through the various matches and making it look easy. In comparison Spongebob has some good durability but not much else going for him. He is probably wondering why he is even in this match but I just randomly thought of him and put it in. Blame NYC train delays for his loss. Dorothy wins.

Spongebob vs Pride

Fullmetal Alchemist - 49 - Large 08
Pride is a powerful villain who uses the shadows to his advantage. Spongebob can try to dodge them for a while, but one hit is all that Pride needs to take Spongebob out of the fight. Spongebob is nimble, but not even he is that quick and the shadows will engulf him at some point. Spongebob has taken another loss, but it feels like this could be his final one for a while. Pride wins.

Spongebob vs Cobra Commander

Cobra Commander is the leader of a mighty organization and he has a lot of tech at his disposal. A simple energy gun would allow him to take Spongebob down for the count. Spongebob couldn’t really endure that level of attack and he would just have to take a graceful loss. Spongebob continues to lose match after match! Cobra Commander wins.

Spongebob vs Nemu

Spongebob is back once again and he’s definitely not going to go down without a fight! Unfortunately for Spongebob…he doesn’t really have any cool abilities at his disposal. Nemu could quickly dispatch him with a single strike and that would be the end for our famous underwater hero. Hopefully his losing streak will end here. Nemu wins.

Lust vs Spongebob

Spongebob is back once again, but he isn’t ready to tackle such a skilled opponent. Lust was able to give Roy a pretty good fight and she’s especially good at close quarters combat. That would usually be Spongebob’s forte, but he’s thoroughly outclassed in this showdown. He’s just going to have to accept a graceful defeat. Lust wins.

Spongebob vs Battra

Spongebob is back, but I’m afraid that victory won’t be arriving at his doorstep anytime soon! Battra will prove to be too much for this warrior. Spongebob doesn’t have the speed needed to give Battra a good fight and he’s also lacking in the raw power department. Baatra would just need a single laser blast or stomp to win this round. Battra wins.

Spongebob vs Vakishim

Spongebob is back and he’s ready to roll! Unfortunately for him…most characters don’t really go “on a roll” against Vakishim. Vakishim’s abilities are just too much for Spongebob at this point. One good punch would be enough to end the match. Maybe Spongebob will get a win soon…but I wouldn’t count on it! Vakishim wins.