Katrielle Layton vs Spongebob

Suggested by Anonymous While Spongebob isn’t quite as strong as many would think since Toon Force can only go so far, he is still strong enough to beat the average human. When he’s not using food related blasters Spongebob has some real ones and a lot of blunt objects thanks to the video games. Katrielle can certainly out think Spongebob, but she still wouldn’t be able to keep up with his offensive powers. Ultimately she would go down here. Spongebob wins.

Katrielle Layton vs Charlie Brown

Suggested by Anonymous Katrielle is a pretty skilled detective but she doesn’t usually mix it up with the other characters in a fight. Still, I would trust her in battle more than Charlie Brown who really has no experience in such things. Not to mention that she is also quite a bit older so she would easily have the edge physically. I don’t really see a way for Charlie to turn the tables here so that would really be game over for him. He’s a nice kid but not quite ready to win this fight. Katrielle Layton wins.

Katrielle Layton vs Emma

Katrielle Layton returns here but she’s definitely not a match for Emma. Emma may be a lot younger than Katrielle but she lived in a much more dangerous environment. You had to fight in order to survive and that’s exactly what Emma did. She knows how to use a gun and can move quite fast. Katrielle won’t be able to keep up and her detective work won’t impress Emma. Emma has always hung out with geniuses after all and is fairly intelligent herself to keep up with them. Emma wins.

Caillou vs Katrielle Layton

Katrielle Layton is a pretty solid detective. She may not be much of a fighter but she can certainly move fast and is quick at making snap decisions. Caillou was never really good at that kind of thing and would be getting outmaneuvered the entire time. He really doesn’t stand a chance against Katrielle Layton and would need to get some kind of edgy CW series where he’s all grown up to compete. It’s not unheard of for this to happen but I’m going to assume that it just won’t. Katrielle Layton wins.