Saten Ruiko vs Charlie Brown

Suggested by Sonic Charlie Brown is a nice kid but he’s not ready for a fight like this. Saten may be a Level 0 in the Index world but she is still able to fight and run with decent speed when needed. One swing of her baseball bat would probably take Charlie out for the count. He’s just not going to be able to keep up with those punishing attacks. Saten Ruiko wins.

Katrielle Layton vs Charlie Brown

Suggested by Anonymous Katrielle is a pretty skilled detective but she doesn’t usually mix it up with the other characters in a fight. Still, I would trust her in battle more than Charlie Brown who really has no experience in such things. Not to mention that she is also quite a bit older so she would easily have the edge physically. I don’t really see a way for Charlie to turn the tables here so that would really be game over for him. He’s a nice kid but not quite ready to win this fight. Katrielle Layton wins.

Caillou vs Charlie Brown

Suggested by Sonic Caillou finally makes his debut on the blog! He’s a pretty tough kid, but at the end of the day he is only 3-4 years old. There’s not much that he can do against an 8 year old like Charlie. Charlie doesn’t like violence, but he can certainly defend himself when necessary. He handles kids like Caillou with ease and this is one time where everything will finally go Charlie’s way. Charlie Brown wins.

Casey vs Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown is back and while he’s definitely a noble kid, I don’t think that he has what it takes to win this round against Casey. Casey has got her pokemon and in a hand to hand fight I’d definitely go with her. Charlie Brown doesn’t have great balance and his punches don’t look that strong. Casey wins.

Charlie Brown vs Bass

Charlie Brown may be making his debut fight on the blog, but nobody can say we’ve been going easy on him! Bass is the ultimate being and with a single blast he can unleash power on a widescale! Charlie Brown may be a good kid, but his speed isn’t enough for him to win this round. Bass wins.