Casey vs Caillou

Suggested by Anonymous Caillou is a tough kid but he’s not ready to fight someone like Casey. She’s just at a completely different level than he is. She has her Pokemon at the ready and I wouldn’t be surprised if she would win in a fist fight as well. She already defeated Charlie Brown earlier so now she will rise up the blog ranks once more with the win over Caillou. Can anyone stop her? Casey wins.

Casey vs Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown is back and while he’s definitely a noble kid, I don’t think that he has what it takes to win this round against Casey. Casey has got her pokemon and in a hand to hand fight I’d definitely go with her. Charlie Brown doesn’t have great balance and his punches don’t look that strong. Casey wins.

Casey vs Ash

To be honest, this may be the battle we’ve been waiting for! It symbolized that Ash was ready for the big leagues. He had made it to Johto! Casey is a pretty powerful trainer, but in the end she lacks the hardcoreness that Ash’s team has. With his Charizard he could take down most of her pokemon easily. Ash wins.