Casey vs Caillou

Suggested by Anonymous Caillou is a tough kid but he’s not ready to fight someone like Casey. She’s just at a completely different level than he is. She has her Pokemon at the ready and I wouldn’t be surprised if she would win in a fist fight as well. She already defeated Charlie Brown earlier so now she will rise up the blog ranks once more with the win over Caillou. Can anyone stop her? Casey wins.

Caillou vs Katrielle Layton

Katrielle Layton is a pretty solid detective. She may not be much of a fighter but she can certainly move fast and is quick at making snap decisions. Caillou was never really good at that kind of thing and would be getting outmaneuvered the entire time. He really doesn’t stand a chance against Katrielle Layton and would need to get some kind of edgy CW series where he’s all grown up to compete. It’s not unheard of for this to happen but I’m going to assume that it just won’t. Katrielle Layton wins.

Caillou vs Charlie Brown

Suggested by Sonic Caillou finally makes his debut on the blog! He’s a pretty tough kid, but at the end of the day he is only 3-4 years old. There’s not much that he can do against an 8 year old like Charlie. Charlie doesn’t like violence, but he can certainly defend himself when necessary. He handles kids like Caillou with ease and this is one time where everything will finally go Charlie’s way. Charlie Brown wins.